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Deeply in love with this flowers 🌸 .
Location: Yazd - #Iran . .
👉 #tourism_iran .
Photo by: @alirezakhatibiii .
هتل کهن کاشانه یزد و گل های صورتی رنگ کاغذیش 😍🌸 .
پ ن: 😍😍 چقدر خوشگلن اخهههههههههه

The colours of paradise 💙 Have you been here? 😎
Tag your travel buddy right now!! 😍
Photo by @diokaminaris

@kerridoggett and I literally walked around the city alllllllll day today (and had about 8 coffee and food pit stops along the way! as you do... 🥐🍳☕️🍪 haha 😛)
...and of course we had to finish the day with a photo in a red phone box! ☎️😛 #tourist
PS. If you guys know a good aerial yoga class to visit I would love some of your recommendations!! 😃🙌🏼

I cannot believe that I am still in UK! Cornwall is just a dreamy paradise that is located quite far away from London, that is why it took me so long to visit it here! We took a sleeper train Paddington- Penzance and while sleeping pretty comfortably arrived here in the morning. We rented a super saving car in Penzance right at the train station for 2 days just for 16£ and spent 11£ on petrol for around 150km. There is a lot to see in Cornwall - a number of castles, small fishing villages, dramatic cliffs and fantastic landscapes! This time of the year is just perfect for Cornwall and I encourage you all to visit this county. So excited to share with you more locations and where we stayed!
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Kaputas Beach, Kalkan, Turkey 🇹🇷 Ph: @iamtravelr #umaviagem

Never stop exploring! ✈
Tre pezzi di arcobaleno, la mia nuova compagna di viaggio e una nuova avventura dietro l'angolo. Seguitemi sulle stories, domani lasceremo l'Italia insieme!
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"I have the European urge to use my feet when a drive can be dispensed with"
~ Vladimir Nabokov

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