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3 nætter mere og det er Roskilde tid #whattowear #toughdecisions ⚡️💄🍻

Sometimes when we have a full day like today, an evaluation and therapy, and she doesn't get a full nap, I struggle. I struggle between trying to do all I can for her and if I do that, am I taking away from her? When she's hitting me and crying because she's overtired, I feel guilty. Sometimes it's really hard to find a balance and you know, I don't have experience with all of this. I'm going in blind and just hoping I'm making good decisions. I know we all feel that as parents. You just hope they eventually don't land in therapy blaming it on you 😂😂😂
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Had a blast judging the teens at the Miss SCO pageant last night! Congratulations to the new titleholders and all of the wonderful young women who competed!😍🎉 #toughdecisions #othersideofthetable

💇🏻 Yes or no?! #toughdecisions #haircut

Words can't explain how much Ima miss this kid. But I'm off to start a better future for the both of us. It's been a long rough 4 years and my life is not getting better nor am I excelling but all that is gonna change with my decision. So nikko even though I'm leaving just know that I'm not abandoning you this whole thing is for you. Better benefits better future and I hope you grow up knowing that. LOVE you son I'll be in touch every chance I get #DELLEON #FATHERSON #TOUGHDECISIONS #BETTERFUTURES #NEWBEGINNINGS

Hmmm… Ford Focus RS, or Can-Am X3 XRS. Which one should I drive home today? #toughdecisions

Ways and means hearing on sugar sweetened beverage tax proposed by House Bill 5636. My colleagues and I will work with our government agencies and stakeholders to ensure that any anti-poor or unreasonable provisions will not be included. Many countries have adopted similar measures as a health measure to improve overall well being of their citizens. Right now proposal is to place a tax of P10 per liter of soda or sweetened beverage. Many see this as too high relative to the actual price which could range from P 20-30/liter. Some beverages currently included are 3-in 1 coffee, some milk products, powdered drinks, which is why I suggested to DOf to study a content based tax which would lead to healthier beverages being produced. Right now, coffee and some milk is treated the same as soda which probably should not be the case #toughdecisions #healthypeople #waysandmeans #trainbill

Hot dinner date, but who would I rather spoon? My date or my dinner #toughdecisions


Rudy delivering some big decisions

As I was painting my nails and chismeando on FaceTime with my homegirl 💅 I remembered I have some episodes of @clawstnt to catch up on! This show is SO GOOD. I can't even. Just watch it! Another one of my current obsessions. I love the feminist vibe! Also, @rashidajones is an executive producer! My need to get up early is being eclipsed by my need to watch these episodes! 😫 #toughdecisions #nospoilers #tnt #clawstnt #chismosa #gossipnails #nails💅 #chachanails #watchitnow #niecynash #latinasbelike #girlyouknow #obsessed

You can't save someone that doesn't want to be saved. #minnesota #summer #sunset #fields #toughdecisions

Every. Damn. Day. The daily conundrum is deciding what I want more, to read or to snuggle. (PS. While I was distracted writing this, I caught him with his face in my coffee mug... like mother like kitty? 😬)

When big decisions must be made, surely this is the place to do it #dailycalm #universepleaseguideme #toughdecisions #listeningversesthinking #meditation

Trying to find peace within a whirlwind of change. I am in the midst of making BIG, important, life changing decisions. Decisions that take time to be made because they are for my future. Decisions that need to be thought out thoroughly, weighing all options, figuring out exactly what the right answer/direction is that I want to be headed. KNOWING what I want and getting very specific about what my goals are.
Being in this place of new beginning and growth has given me severe growing pains. I am doing my best to take care of myself by practicing yoga, calming my mind with music or meditation, LOVING and comforting myself, and attempting to connect with my deeper knowing and intuition.
All this in the hopes of quieting all the fear and negative feelings that are popping their heads up with their two cents on what I should do.
All I can do is listen and comfort them until they quiet down. Then I have to connect to my TRUTH, gather some courage, tell the universe exactly what I want and where I want to go, and TRUST that I am making the right decision, and taking the right next step forward. 🤞🏻🌀👁🌈
Image from the book, "The Rainbow Goblins" by Ul De Rico
#day72/100 #100daysproject #changeisgood #toughdecisions #therainbowgoblins #trusttheuniverse #rachelthehealer

Through resistance, strength is built. #toughdecisions #woodrowwilson #successeducator http://SuccessEducator.com

We all making decisions, but if we don't make them we end up been pinned down. It's ironic that the hardest one's are generally those that will improve your life, as they normally carry more risk. When it comes to decisions remember these 4 things :
1. Be Strong,
2. Don't overthink them,
3. Follow your heart, it normally knows what you want long before your mind.
4. Don't seek opinion. options from others are their own PERSONAL preferences and given on their level of risk and current lifestyle, plus they cloud your judgement

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Ride horses or ride waves? 🐴🌊#toughdecisions #surferboys

To run or not to run, that is the question?! Everyone in my life knows the @gcmarathon has been a major goal of mine for the last six months. It's all I've spoken about. I've said no to nights out, I've gotten up at 4am in the pouring rain, I've trained so bloody hard for it clocking over 830km this year. I even started training for this with two broken ribs but that was two months after the breaks and the pain wasn't anywhere near today's level.
I tripped and landed awkwardly over the weekend re-breaking the two ribs. They'd been deemed healed just two weeks ago but obviously still very weak. Anyone who sets their sights on a goal and gets so close to the big day will know how tough a decision it is for me to run or not to run this Sunday. #toughdecisions #gcam17 #running #training #fitness #goals #fullmarathon #brokenribs #whatwouldyoudo

Time to get those Choreography shoes on. Here. We. Go. #hunchbackofnotredame #POTR #summershow #awesome #toughdecisions #lovetoall #love #funsummer

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