You are confined only by the walls you build yourself. ⁣

Life is hard but I’m trying. We are all trying. Trying to be enough to give ourselves the lives we want. ⁣

Honestly I’m trying at a LOT of stuff. Trying not to yell at my kids to hurry up the morning after they kept me up all night. Trying to be kind to my husband and pay attention to him and not my computer when he walks in the door after work. Trying to hope for and see the best in people even when it seems like they’re showing me the worst. Trying to be high energy and creative when I feel the opposite. Trying to be healthy- mind and body every damn day. ⁣

Life is hard. I struggle with anxiety regularly, daily, because the thought that I am not succeeding at all of those things at once is crippling. Some days everywhere I look is a failure of mine. Some days I’m not enough in my own eyes. ⁣

But I’m trying. Every day. ⁣

#mentalhealth #anxiety #toughdayokay #trying #dothehardthing #everyday #wallart #youareconfinedonlybythewallsyoubuildyourself #pdx

Another tough day but still ok. Ollie always the best hype man haha. Still miss the kitten tho. #justanotherday #mansbestfriend #doggos #damnitollie #hopethekittenssafe #itscoldoutside #axietyrelief #toughdayokay #cruising #endtotheday

My heart broke a lot of times today, Lola Ima is gone forever plus your church is being criticized, accused by people who have no idea what's going on but acting they are logical ones enough to throw distressing, cursing words and apparently, some of them are my friends. :) Meanwhile, here's an amazing picture of the sky from @nasa Because only God can make such a wonder. :) #goodnight #ToughDay #ToughDayOkay #Pampagoodvibes Ingat po sa mga kpatid na nasa Edsa. #INC #IamOnewithEVM

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