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A favorite drum fill of mine from #ToTheDreamers

Goodnight and sweet dreams 😘

#tothedreamers #happygirl

Do you ever hear the saying that you are the average of the 5 people that you surround yourself by the most? I love that because it's SO real. Also, it motivates me to surround myself with those who are doing better than I am, those who are super successful and motivated and focused and disciplined. It's so easy to find these personalities in NYC, the city of dreams! Keep reaching, everyone! #tothedreamers


Dancing the night away is an understatement. CONGRATS #BESTACTRESS #EmmaStone for #LaLaLand #ToTheDreamers

Whether you think your can or you can't you're right !!! #ToTheDreamers 🎉

Just think'n bout stuff. Keep in keeping on keeping on. To the dreamers, wide eyed believers hanging on to hope by a thread. Keep on charging ahead. #priceless #quotes #tothedreamers #shoulder

You can speak things into existence without giving details. Not everyone needs to know what you're up to...
By keeping silent about your work, you will easily avoid negative vibrations from others. The negative vibrations can come from friends or relatives who don't believe in themselves..
The only person you should share your goals with are highly positive and spiritual ones who believe anything is possible. People who believe in themselves, will believe in you.
Energy is everything when it comes to creating your reality. Don't go around telling random people details , expecting them to get your big vision when they can't even see that far and can only see what's in sight...
Focus your energy on action, not on convincing others. Time will prove your words to be a reality.... #ToTheDreamers #Visionaire #JMstyle

Drove to three different sold-out theaters yesterday to catch Uncle @georgehtakei's sincerely incredible play, #ALLEGIANCE, inspired by Takei’s own experience in Japanese internment from Executive Order 9066 (that crossed its 75th anniversary yesterday). Beyond inspiring to see such incredible art from our people--this was hands-down one of the top 3 Broadway shows I've ever seen. On average, 6% of Broadway audiences are Asian; for ALLEGIANCE, 60% were. What’s just as vital, though, is how much his vision, the narrative, and characters transcend to speak to a broader human experience, spotlighting a critically dissonant period of American history. George said that ALLEGIANCE was one of his two remaining life dreams. The other is yet to come. Take your broken heart; turn it into art. Also, thanks for putting up with my stupid jokes last week. #NeverAgain #ToTheDreamers P.S. @msleasalonga and @tellyleung were seriously incredible.


A favorite drum fill of mine from #ToTheDreamers

My new guideline for life 🙌 ...Hopefully this serves as a little reminder for everyone working hard to fulfill their dreams 🎬✨🤔💭 •• #Wisdumb #HardWorkPaysOff #ToTheDreamers #FailureEqualsSuccess #LearnToFail

Randomly stumbled onto this video not too long ago and it's SO GOOD!!!🤣
I have 2 Instagram themes in mind so within the next few days I'll be starting the first theme. If you watched the live stream last night you would know what the themes are.😉❤️-Emily(@emily_bahula) @forkingandcountry #forkingandcountry #forkingandcountryfans #fkac_canada #🇨🇦❤️ #joelsmallbone #lukesmallbone #tothedreamers

To the girl who reads by flashlight
Who sees dragons in the clouds
Who feels most alive in worlds that never were
Who knows magic is real
Who dreams
This is for you.
#tothedreamers #magic #believe #anythingispossible

#repost from @beckahshae don't give up on the dream that God has placed in your heart! He's given it to you for a reason, and in the famous words of Dr. Seuss those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind😃#tothedreamers #godhasapurpose #godhasaplan #keepgoing

Because everyone deserves a place to call home, soft and sweet, way beyond that orthodox pond. // #tothedreamers

A wise man named Theodore Roosevelt once said, "Do what you can, with what you have, where you are." I think when we work with everything God gives us in the present, He allows us more tools in the future to make His work on earth even greater. Here's to the young people today, working towards achieving their dreams. For me, it all started with a phone and a cord in a small dorm room. Now I'm back at it at home. #tothedreamers #makingmusic #writing #makeshiftstudio

To the dreamers ♥️| #NewYorkNewYork

Like our cover of #tothedreamers ??? Don't have plans? Saturday, 12:00 @ Big Ticket Festival in Gaylord, MI. We'll see you there! #bigticketfestival

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