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"These stories I claim as my own." I claim my own artistic path, I claim my aesthetic. They are part of my story. It took a lot of time, effort and emotions for me to get here. My work is deeply personal. .
This spread was made using some of the fantastic techniques in @tanyaleekahler's Messy Pages class
#vsartjournal #totemsclass #messypages #getmessyartjournal

Chickadee. Another mosaic in the "Animals of my Spirit" series.

My 2nd totems journal is slowly growing.
#totemsclass #getmessyartjournal #skull #ironlak #artjournal

Online classes, webinars and podcasts - I scribble little notes and doodle or add color as I listen/watch/learn. But .... it's a mess! I'm going to do something with them this break time. Suggestions ?
#getmessyartjournal #totemsclass #omgclassmam #lyricalbybun #gmbookbinding OK i better stop there with the hashtags. 😉

I am in awe of the stunning Spirit Animals that have made their way to your journals. Their beauty and the force of what they evoke is truly moving (artists are tagged) #totemsclass #getmessyartjournal #spiritanimals

My workspace lately. I've been working from 6am to 10pm every day in anticipation for @dansmoncrane's new Totems class that's gonna rock your socks off on 31 Oct. Trying my very best to keep the technology standards as high as the rest of it. It's been tough to not be distracted by the content and go create art. V always produces quality but she has outdone herself on this and I can't wait for you to see it too. #totemsclass

The full spread in my #totemsjournal, channeling my ancestors.(3/3)

#totemsclass in action. I was lucky enough to get an advanced lesson from @dansmoncrane new class. It launches TOMORROW. Can't wait to get my hands on the rest of the class. #getmessyartjournal #spiritanimal #myspiritanimalisadoe #addictedtogoldinksplatters


Loving every minute of @dansmoncrane’s Totems class! I’ve been taking my time thinking about my spirit animals, what we have in common & what they could teach me. I came across a description somewhere that deer are a bridge between wild & tame and I thought that was so beautiful. I’ve missed using index cards so I thought I’d use them for the #seasonofnature. Does anyone know a good way to bind them or keep them together? You can see some of my process for this and some pretty cute dogs in my story. Happy weekend! ✌🏻❤️#getmessyartjournal #packingtapetransfer #totemsclass

I am still processing the feelings I am having about my art show last night. I am so grateful for my family, friends, community, and artist community at large. My heart is filled with gratitude and my spirit with love. To have your art affirmed by others is a better feeling than I could have ever imagined. Although initially a vulnerable act, I recommend showing your part of the world what your hands and soul create. Thank you to @mayarising for believing in me and sharing your beautiful space to display my work. Thank you to @elainewarn for capturing the warmth of the evening in the first photo.

is it written in the stars?/ I finally got that final spread done for #totemsclass/ elemental magic 💜 #getmessyartjournal #artjournaling

My 2nd totems journal is slowly growing.
#totemsclass #getmessyartjournal #skull #ironlak #artjournal

Phoenix. Another animal of my spirit.

Phoenix Progress.

Work in Progress. I could not sleep because this Phoenix was emerging in my dreams. So I got up and started it. It will be a last minute addition to my show.

this is my 20 days of Totems class/ I went into this 20 days with that itch when you've invested in something and not done much with it, in this case the #getmessyartjournal class way back in something like April/ so for 20 days I did something on this class every day/ and came out with these three spreads/ there is definitely so much in this class that I'm definitely not done with it/ but happy be on my way 💜 #getmessyhabit #totemsclass

(don't call me) beautiful/ for claiming the female from #totemsclass/ had NO inspiration for the message for this lesson, then I listened to the podcast from @sorryaboutlastnight... 💜 #kds20daysoftotems #getmessyartjournal

I am getting closer to finishing all the pieces of my show. I have three more to mount on canvas. My art journals are calling me...

on my desk/ working on #getmessyartjournal #totemsclass for 20 days, beautiful plum and boysenberry tea, the long light of summer and all the paint 🖌💜

Fish Woman...close-up of a work in progress.

Fish Woman...a work that needs so much more progress. I had a great time chatting with my #getmessy friends during the #getmessyhangout Will this piece ever be done? The world may never know.

Work in progress...Woman of the Fish.

this is what 20 days of totems class has brought up so far/ my spirit animal is SO a bird (currently, probably a piwaiwaka-fantail- but I'm still thinking about which I want it to be) and I'm playing here with the idea of adornment #totemsclass #getmessyartjournal #kds20daysoftotems

Heron in Progress.

This is weird one. 😐 Following a “splatter, then connect the dots” prompt, I discovered a Sagittarian archer wearing a protective helmet. Yes, I’m Sagittarius, but no, I almost never identify with a warrior archetype. Hmm.
#getmessyartjournal #seasonofconnections #totemsclass

A little bunny has been hopping through the snow outside my window; I thought it time to paint her. Bunny in progress.

Chickadee in Progress. I love chickadees. They are the happiest, friendliest, and most cooperative of birds. So cheerful. I want to be more like the chickadee.

I set myself a couple of creative goals before the end of the year and one of these was to delve into the totems class I bought off #getmessyartjournal/ as @dansmoncrane is working on a new class that sounds amazing id better get onto it so i can justify new class buying! so november is totems month for me/ a whole month of little steps to working on this class/ step one today was finding a girl for my spirit animals page #totemsclass #makeitpublicmakeithappen #kds20daysoftotems

Bird in Progress....another animal of my spirit.

Today’s “Owl in Progress.” My next “Animal of my Spirit” for my December show.

Work In progress. I have felt quite guilty about not keeping up with the #seasonofconnections. However, my show approaches, so I am going to let go of that guilt. I am pretty happy with how this owl is progressing.

WIP: Kestral Falcon Another animal of my spirit for my December show. I am heading into the second phase of this series. I am going to revisit each animal in a separate piece and make them mystical this time.

#totemsclass is awesome you guys. So looking forward to Rituals @dansmoncrane
#getmessyartjournal #cancersucks

Although I have neglected my art journal for a week or so, I have still been busy. Once school starts and I get my groove back, I will be posting with abandon. I am pretty pleased with my whale. Another "Animal of My Spirit."

Finally finished this journal spread. I'm loving @dansmoncrane 's Totems class. #artjournal #getmessian #getmessyartjournal #dragonspiritguide #totemsclass #gmtotemsclass

My daughter caught me creating another animal of my spirit. She truly understands and supports my work. I love you, @caroline_janssen 📸: @caroline_janssen

A few finds from a couple of days ago. I love the book illustrations - plus I have always found the woods here in Sweden so special (will be able to use it for both #seasonoffairytales and #totemsclass)! #getmessyartjournal #artjournal #beingcreative #coolfinds

Chickadee. Another mosaic in the "Animals of my Spirit" series.

My #poetryartjournalcollab is ready to post. I've been using the Claiming the Female lesson from #totemsclass alongside my poem of choice by Nikita Gill. I have so many more ideas for this journal that now I almost want to keep it for myself! More details in my blog post which goes live this morning.
#getmessyartjournal #getmessyhabit #rosiegetsmessy #artjournalpages #mixedmediajournal #creativelifehappylife #mixedmedia #artjournal #carveouttimeforart #doitfortheprocess #wherewomencreate #creativityfound #artjournaleveryday #cultivatecreativity #yearofcreativehabits #artoninstagram

My #poetryartjournalcollab is ready to post. I've been using the Claiming the Female lesson from #totemsclass alongside my poem of choice by Nikita Gill. I have so many more ideas for this journal that now I almost want to keep it for myself! More details in my blog post which goes live this morning.
#getmessyartjournal #getmessyhabit #rosiegetsmessy #artjournalpages #mixedmediajournal #creativelifehappylife #mixedmedia #artjournal #carveouttimeforart #doitfortheprocess #wherewomencreate #creativityfound #artjournaleveryday #cultivatecreativity #yearofcreativehabits #artoninstagram

My spirit animal has been hanging out in the tree outside my studio window all day. I'd like to think he approves of my art. It is more likely, however, that he is enjoying the baby robins and bunnies that live here.

Chickadee Mosaic. Rarely do I struggle with backgrounds in my journal. But on canvas? Eek! I am thinking of doing some watercolor washes onto paper and gluing them onto the 20x20 canvas for this background. I would love any thoughts you might have. This is another in the "Animals of My Spirit" show I will be doing in December.

Another animal of my spirit emerges. Work in progress.

I can't share the finished piece for a while, but I must say, gluing tiny pieces of paper is so relaxing and meditative. Another spirit animal in the making.

I love the fusion of emotion, ideas and techniques that happen in my art journal! #artjournal #creativeplay #creativityfound #totemsclass #getmessyartjournal #moleskine #voguemagazine #thriftshopwin

Butterfly. Recreated a spirit animal on canvas today. I must admit, I struggled more on canvas than I did in my journal.

Encouragement from my spirit animal on this last day of the Yellowstone Writing Institute.

"The Mothers" : an art journal page featuring all my direct-lineage female ancestors (mother, grandmothers, great-grandmothers, and so forth) that I am privileged to have pictures of...linked together visually.
I modified the photos' color & size for uniformity. Materials: acrylic paint, stencils, brads, twine.
#getmessyartjournal #totemsclass

I put the finishing touches on this spread from the #totemsclass #elementalmagic lesson during the #getmessyhangout with @misty.granade @by.smilinthyme @divsy @jessariels.canvas. I started another spread that I am not loving yet. I got some wonderful ideas and tips from these lovely ladies that will help it come together!

#getmessyartjournal #getmessyhabit #creativeselfcare #createeveryday #artjournaltherapy

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