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Doesn't take much to make me happy....#totalnerd

Not sure if you watched my Instagram story or not but I was rocking my new @nobullproject pullover 😍the material is out of this world #nobull #itmakesence #screenshot 😂 omg I just noticed im holding my Invisalign so I could talk without a lisp. I'm so gross 😂😂 #totalnerd

Snagged me a bronze medal at @skillsusa for advertising and graphic design 🥉 🖥 #totalnerd

@forzamotorsportofficial #horizon3 is easily the best game I've owned in the past 5 years. As most of you know I'm a #totalnerd when it comes to forza. Being on team #blkj which was an unofficial extension of @turn10 back in the day when @landinw was handling a multitude of media duties for the company. It's awesome to see and feel the wants and desires that so many of us had discussed with the franchises predecessors. 🍻 to @turn10 for making such a fun and detailed game! If you haven't picked up a copy of this do yourself a favor and do it!

*Update 2—Future Adventures* I'm Ele (rhymes with jelly). At 7 ton I am the Creative Director, pixel pusher, and animated GIF maker. In the Fall I will be packing up my presses and heading to @penlandschool to start a 3 year artist residency. I will be focusing on printing, mark-making, and design while exploring non-traditional letterpress methods. Follow along over at @eleanorannand. I can safely say that 7 ton has changed my life, thank you for being part of this amazing experience! #totalnerd #cantstopmakinggifs

If your not checking out our Instagram stories you might miss out on real gems like this. #totalnerd 👍🏼😂

Well my bro is useful.. sometimes XD
Time for some intelligence 👓....😂☕🌛
That eye roll tho :-P
#randomclick #totalnerd 💯

For the friend who said I needed to post more selfies, here I am in my polar gear, "sneaking up" on some reindeer to get the perfect shot. I'm wearing my parka like a backpack - all the cool kids do it that way in the Arctic summer. #norway #svalbard #totalnerd


Yep that's right, I bought a microscope...waiting for my Nikon camera adapter for a venture into microphotography! #totalnerd #curiousity #nerdsunite #coolhobbies #sciencenut #omaxmicroscope #trinocular #microscopy #microphotography #ygk #teamygk #kingstoncanada #kingstonontario #photography #hnainphotography

Being a mom is totally new territory for me! And to be completely honest, I pretty much WING it everyday and hope for the best!
Lately, Olivia's thing has been, major blowouts. Something I never experienced the first 5 months of her life and honestly thought I had somehow, secretly escaped 😂 Today, we had a record breaking 4 blowouts, 2 that Olivia so kindly shared with her momma--> my deepest apologies to the patrons who were eating their lunch and had to witness one of them😳 .
You can't make this SH💩T up!
However, despite the many interesting moments we seem to encounter on a daily basis, when I see this little girls face light up (even when we're both covered in poop!), I'm reassured I'm doing all the right things💯
There are MOST definitely sacrifices I make to be present with her all day.
💕waking up hours before she wakes up, to plan content for my groups.
💕checking in with challengers and my coaches during her naps.
💕responding to emails and applications after she goes to bed.
But it is ALL WORTH IT and I can't imagine it any other way. She is the BEST part of my day and thankfully becoming a coach has given me the flexibility and supplemental income, to be able to stay home with her almost full time now♥️ #grateful

Golden Glider is the name of one of our favorite villains on The Flash, Season 1. Shayera is the name of one of our favorite DC heroes, Hawkgirl. #totalnerd .
#glow #daydream #makeupcommunity #makeuppalette #pigmented

Science museum lates is the best. #london #sciencemuseum #jupiter #totalnerd #sciencebitch

Sugar and spice
and everything nice
that's what little girls are made of
Sunshine and rainbows
and ribbons for hair bows
that's what little girls are made of
Tea parties, laces
and baby doll faces
that's what little girls are made of

Happy National Coffee Milkshake Day!!! Only, mines vegan and delivers all the nutrients this mom BOD needs to keep moving and shakin ALL day long!

Annnnnndddd peanut butter powder on top because it turns the last few sips into chocolate peanut butter HEAVEN!
Ohhhh and a milkshake song, just because🎵♥️🎤🎶😎

One of the goals I've been working towards this past week, is getting up at 5am every morning. .
Why in the heck would I do that, if I didn't have to, you ask?!? .
💯 I get a head start on my day
💯 I have some time for ME 💯 I am 10x more productive, when I don't have a baby, husband and 2 dogs distracting me. 💯 Less stress throughout the rest of my day
💯 Better quality of sleep
Who wouldn't want all those things👆🏻?!
The first few days were difficult, I'm not going to sugar coat it. It sucked! But, as wonderful as my comfort zone was of getting up at 6:30-7 with my daughter, things don't grow in comfort zones and I refuse to live the same day, 365 days a year, for 75 years and call that living. .
The only difference between who you are now and who you want to be, is what you DO in between.
Comment below, with a goal you're presently working towards accomplishing!

Så fik man sig lige en 'antik' græsk vase - købt i Roskilde af alle steder i verden #græsk #vasekunst #oldlærer #antikken #dagensfund #totalnerd #old-nørd

Okay so review 7! And it's a classic- in my mind at least. The harry potter series got me into reading "big books" when I was about 6 and I honestly have never looked back since. Rowling amazing writing takes you on a wirlwind of magic and brilliantly engrosses you from start to finish. So please I beg of you, if you have only seen the films PICK UP THE BOOKS 😍 I rarely promo a series so much but this series did honestly change my life, so much so I now have a tattoo of the deathly hallows. The fact in a world of fantasy and magic you, you can related to the characters and their struggles is perfect and the fact even 20 years on after the first book there is still new theory's and subtext and can I just say POTTER MORE 😍 So please give it a read

Also im aware that my fantastic beast textbook is missing - it's currently being read 😂

#booksofig #bookstagram #booklove #booklife #bookreview #mustread #harrypotter #hp #slytherin #lifechanged #feels #totalnerd #love #jkrowling #totalbooknerd

And, this is how we roll in our house🤣👶🏻♥️😎

A very serious man with a very serious beard. @rubenm.alfredo #goodbyeweekend #graphicdesigner #totalnerd #stillcutetho

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