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Practicality — a coach’s secret to encouraging adherence from clients. Most of my clients aren’t always going to be able to eat organic, gluten-free, sugar-free, and non-GMO food choices. People want Chick-Fil-A once in a while. Or pizza or chocolate or ice cream.
So, instead of trying to eliminate the shitty food entirely (because that never lasts), I allow my clients to eat it in moderation and encourage a daily fiber goal. You can’t hit your daily fiber goal by just eating garbage all day.
ENTER: “The Healthy-Unhealthy Rule of Eating”
This rule states you can’t *just* eat a slice of pizza or a bag of chips or a piece of chocolate. If you do decide to eat one of these, you must pair it with something more nutritious: fruit, vegetables, Greek yogurt, nuts, high protein source, etc.
“But doesn’t that just add more calories?”
It can. But what it’ll likely do is make you get fuller faster (so you eat less) and the fiber content will keep you fuller longer (so you eat less, overall). All while boosting your food quality and your micronutrient intake.
I’m not encouraging to just always eat terrible food and pair it with an apple to make it healthy. I’m recognizing the practicality of most people’s eating habits and offering a *healthier* alternative that will hopefully lead to a sustainable nutrition plan in the long-run.
What y’all think? I’d love to hear any thoughts or comments. Does anyone else try this or something similar? Hope it helps. 🤗

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