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When you still blend in with your boys 🙂#brosgiving #kappasigma #aekdb #sayless #tuck #sayless #totalfratmove #fratlife

Dudes Face when he realized what we just got lol #totalfratmove

Chad and Brad out here lookin icy❄️ #yourgirlsmcm #totalfratmove #fratboys4life

LOOP ❌ FAFT. 🎥 @oliver_cohen


*NEW RECORD ALERT* this is not a drill. Clocked in at 2.76 seconds😳 #TeaTimeChallenge

Christmas Bucket List: Throw An Ugly Christmas Sweater Christmas Party 🎄🎅🏼🎄Happy Holidays!!! Nothing Like The Perfect Excuse To Wear Ugly Christmas Sweaters!!! And What Better Of An Excuse, Other Than Christmas Parties!!! And While Were At It? It's Really Time To Take Things To The Next Level, & Throw The Ultimate Ugly Christmas Sweater Christmas Party!!! What's Your Favorite Thing To Cross Off The Christmas Bucket List While Wearing An Ugly Christmas Sweater?

And he was never seen again. (@alexhopkins22 ) #westernsavages

Happy Friday! Time to crush some Brosé with your brunch squad 🍾😎 | Dallas, TX @webroughtwine

Get a girl that can do this 🙌🏼🏅🍻


In one of the most memorable and exciting matches in IWC history, the Fraternity became three time IWC Tag Team Champions defeating Locked and Loaded in the first ever IWC Frat House Brawl... Which included kegs, cowboy boots, and moonsaults through ladders.
📷📸 @andy.bloxham

Quick story for you.
If you're a recent grad or about to graduate, I highly encourage you to keep reading.
Almost exactly one year ago today, I graduated from the University of Kentucky and it was one of the scariest moments of my life.
I didn't trip and bust my face on stage or anything (I actually took a selfie), but I knew what was coming next.
I knew adulthood was coming next.
As some of you may know, I have my coaching business that is 100% ran by me and only me.
This is cool and all to tell my friends that I have my own business, but you know what's not cool?
Having that business fail and falling right on my fucking face coming out of college.
I was terrified because I could no longer use college as my crutch to not produce results. I had to be a big boy and make big boy decisions because my back was against the wall.
It was time for me to give my all to something and finally demand the best from myself because there was no other option.
So I decided to write an entire blog post dedicated entirely to that: being scared as hell and facing that fear head-on, instead of cowering away to safety.
And this is what you need to do at some point in your life if you want to stop bullshitting yourself and living the way you want to live. .
Having the physique you want to have.
Acting like you *know* you need to act.
You know what to do, but you may just need a little extra push.
Check out the link in my bio to read the full blog post that might you provide that nudge you needed. -> @mattmcleod6
Cheers to everyone who just graduated (or about to graduate) and if you have any crazy graduation stories or fears of your own that you'd like to share, drop ‘em below.

Reply chug #thirstythursday

Oh lord 😪

Wineries and sunsets. #gopro #throwback #totalfratmove #ilovemygf

Clocked in at an impressive 3.63 seconds but still not enough to beat the reigning 3.46🤑🤑

If I don't Instagram a bikini pic in December saying how much I'd rather be on a beach than studying for finals how the HELL is Jake from SAE, who's currently failing Intro to Marketing, going to know that I'm both hot AND value my education??

Humpday deserves a brunch celebration 🍾🎊| Charleston, SC

Walking out of finals like...

There's always a weak link in every squad... (@dlui24 ) #westernsavages


Check out this awesome write up CBus Chic posted about our new custom card game The Shame Game!! http://www.cbuschic.com/the-shame-game
Back us today at https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/599386252/the-shame-game #notyourshameoldgame #gotshame #custom #totalfratmove #barstoolsports #funny #funnyshit #columbus

Guys gonna give Grandma a god dam heart attack!!!

What’s that? You want a real flag incorporated into your paddle? Say no more fams.
After a customer asked us to create a paddle inspired by the Iwo Jima statue, we decided that it wouldn’t be right if we didn’t give him an actual flag on it. Through recent orders we’ve been playing around with mixed props & media to continuously change the game. If you have an idea you’d like to see done, leave a comment! & remember, it ain’t official unless it’s #OriginalGreekOfficial

Let your presence known at brunch, no matter what it takes🍾😎| San Francisco, CA @thekurtlocker @chad_bianchi @dusedom @gray_poppa

14 sleeps till' the big day 🎄

Little Tea🔥🔥 for this chilly Monday

De•gen•er•ate: Having lost the physical, mental, or moral qualities considered normal and desirable

Ho-ho-ho 🎅🏽😉 Rutgers killed the last party of the semester 🙏🏽 I’ll see you all in the spring ✌🏼 FOLLOW @lucianovision THE GOD

More stickers = More fun #ANY📦

Orioles 2001 Tee ⚾️
Size: XL (runs a little wide)
Available on website now!

Optimize your mental and physical performance at work or on the field!
📸: @stefdwill / @hypebloc

One of the main reasons why @ohmay03 stopped training with me. 😅😅😅

Iced on the wedding day! Congrats! #ermagerts! #totalfratmove

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