i’m not editing anymore because it takes too much time and i’m going to get very busy when school starts. i have school to focus on, dance and football. so i wont have time for editing and i wont be as active. i’ll post edited pictures every few days! ❤️ love uu! -
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Sometimes we feel like the only way to end our problems is end our life but it's not! If something is annoying you or hurting you just try to talk with your parents probably they will understand! Kill ur selfs it's not a choice! This can sound really dramatic and tragic but a lot of people say things like it and I'm just saying if you thought sometime in your life to kill ur self just don't do it! If you guys are feeling bad or want to talk I'm always here💓 never make bullying with anyone! People are all different and all deserve be respected

my love💞
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To be honest I’ve been wanting to get one of these from @officialturnboard .. except my mom doesn’t want to get one since she thinks it’s not worth the price.. if I receive this turn board I hope I could tell her otherwise and buy more of it. I’ve been dreaming to get one of these, really! 😭😭😭

just know that i would die for youuu💞
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rip quality

Oh my, oh my
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uwu baby <3
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Sweet 💞


Sorry for not posting . This is from tca I don’t know why but lately I have been opposed with eye edits @kenzie -
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i love this audio 🤩
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a family of five.
my audio
sorry had to repost!

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