this little boy came into our life three months ago and stole our hearts away ♥️🐶 we love you so much bleeky

our pup went for his very first swim this weekend!☀️he was a little frightened of the waves at first, but once he was in, he LOVED it! ☺️ bleeky's a water baby just like his mama

Cool find for those of us who can't have caffeine, made from the husks of the cacao bean. Tastes slightly chocolatey.
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Digital era


We celebrated Bleeker's final set of 💉's with a trip to Burlington to visit the fam. As usual, the pup was beyond excited to see everyone 🐶👋🏻🏃‍♀️We're hoping he's calmed down a bit by the time we leave for Tulum 🌴☀️ but I kinda doubt it..

saturday morning ✨

my darling boy 💛

If you have five slices of chocolate cake and someone asks for one, how many slices do you have left? That's right - five. 🤔🍰😍 #lifeisshort #eatchocolate #ifeellikefrans

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