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Another babble before the year ends...
Four years ago I started accumulating these photos, I was going to concerts alone, bc I was not going to miss a show just because my friends didn’t share the same love for live music as I did (no hate <3) . The entirety of grade 11 was spent in venues alone but surrounded by hundreds of people who shared the same love. Feel free to check out this lil thing, the link is in my bio

Flash forward to 2017, my amaaaazing friend @wendyhwei and I created @slateandspirit . began to go photograph artists and it started to make me happy. This resulted in the occasional 10 concerts a month while balancing a full course load for 16 straight months all while working a part time job.
In these short 8 months, I’ve learnt that the concert photography community is a tight knit group that constantly supports one another
Thanks to everybody who took the time this year to reach my page and like/comment on my photos and lending me support. I think 2018 can only get better from here. *words of wisdom - you are one decision away from a totally different life

“I'm progressin', I just heard my songs is poppin' out in Macedonia”
📸: @anthony_supreme

This is a normal order, right?? Can't control ourselves around all the goodies inside #SugarMountain - nom nom nom!! 🍭🍬🍫 #DixieDeals

Body on fleek @unamimoyo 😩

Advice from a giraffe:
🦒 Stand tall.
🦒 Eat fresh greens.
🦒 Don’t be afraid to stick your neck out.
🦒 Reach for new heights.
🦒 Be head and shoulders above the rest.
🦒 Keep your chin up.

👀🎥 @realcoleworld

#Repost @loft_in_space

💥 Corktown Chamber Orchestra
This is going to be a good show. If you’ve been meaning to check us out, this is the concert you want to be at.
📌 Thurs Nov 23 8pm
📌 Little Trinity | Toronto
📌 corktown.co
✨Beethoven 7
✨Schubert “Unfinished”
✨Bach Keyboard Concerto 4
We’re in our 13th year as a downtown Toronto collective of talented, non-professional musicians who gather weekly as an orchestra to foster a mutual appreciation for music and community. We’ve challenged several norms in the way community arts orgs manage existence. For example, none of our members are paid; there is no fee to join; and thus far we have not tapped the public purse. So far, so good. We’ve grown a lot, and are worth checking out.
Design: @paulgvandongen
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I’ve always been a dreamer. I’ve always dreamt of a beautiful, happy & loving life. It’s all I’ve ever wanted!
I never thought I had the guts to go after the life I’ve always dreamt of. I didn’t think i was worthy, but now, now I know that the life I’ve dreamt of, is mine! And I walk the path to it every single day. I can smell the beauty. I feel the love and I have the joy!
I am blessed ❤️ •

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