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Wunderschöne "Bannerwolke" am Schreckhorn / Beautiful clouds on the Schreckhorn

March evening postcard from Stauffacher square in Zürich, taken at 6:22pm to be precise ☺️. Actually, there are so many clocks in the city - on church spires, on buildings, on tram stops - that even if you don't have watch, you just need to look around and you'll know the time :) I know this because I don't have a watch (very unSwiss, I'm working on fixing this :)) and I'm often running late so instead of digging for my phone I know exactly where to check just how late I am (lateness is also very unSwiss but I'm trying 🙈) #justmovedtoswitzerland

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I hate to be alone. But. I guess. I'm not the only one who hate that. 'Cause who are we when we're alone? We're nothing when alone. Yeah, there's some people love to be alone, I don't dispute that, but anyways..
So what's an idea? Without this crazy dude I wouldn't probably go there. And first reason is a loneliness. It's always boring to me to do something without someone. But I'm always up for everything when there's somebody gonna do even some crazy shit:DD Like going without money to the most expensive city in Europe by hitchhiking, in my case:D And it's funny😅😀 You cannot always know what to expect, what you have to be ready for. I know, it's not always comfortable, but again, as I mentioned before it some sorta fun. You can spend a lot of money for comfort but you won't get as much fun, adventures and juice. It's what makes journey - a journey. It's a real travel. ------------------------------
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It‘s getting dark 💥. #zermattmatterhorn

I'm not sorry that it's spring and I'm still putting up Christmas pictures.

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