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Two years ago, I finally experienced what I’d been dreaming about for years. People tried to describe the feeling to me, but nothing compared to seeing my chest for the first time. The pure elation and feeling of congruity will forever be engrained in my mind. Every ounce of struggling to get to that point was worth every bit of it.

I have been having the most annoying week, but today my @underwearexpert box came and my spirits were lifted significantly! Who doesn’t love getting presents every month? And who doesn’t love the feel and fit of new boxers?? If you use my code STARSABLAZE you'll get 55% off your first month-- that's a pretty good excuse to try this subscription out For yourself 🤙🏽 ((Also who wants to come be my photographer cause these low quality selfies are not cutting it)) 😪

I am rare. I am original. I am young. I am gifted. I am brave. I am a person. • no matter what characteristics are the building blocks of who you are as a person - you will always belong. We are not freaks, we are not weirdos or monsters. We aren’t dangerous. We are filled with love, compassion, empathy, caring, understanding & so much more. Our community is a family & no matter what differences come between us, we must remember to love & support one another, because there might come a day when this community is all we have ✨ be kind to those around you, appreciate people’s uniqueness & differences. Ask questions, discover new things about your friends, get to know people for more than their surface level. You might find something truly magical if you take a minute to just listen ♥️ / shirt & design by @together.we.belong, check out this amazing LGBTQ+ clothing line & order a shirt today to show your pride 🏳️‍🌈 #queerpride #queer

I see, I own it, I play for keeps 💲💲💲

Did you know that 8/10 TBLGQ students have reported bullying or harassment? Did you also know that today is #SpiritDay in honor of the stand against TBLGQ bullying and named after the purple stripe in the pride flag that represents 'spirit'? Today I am a little over 3 weeks post-op and I still can't fathom that this is my incredible body. But I am also reminded of the bullying I've encountered because of it. That being said, no amount of bullying, put downs, or any harassment can make me ashamed of how far I have come, or make me any less proud of what it has taken me to get to where I am today. TBLGQ bullying happens every day, even right here on my instagram page. I'm still gonna delete your negative comments and shout it from the rooftops - I'm queer, trans, and proud, can't bring me down.

March '16 - October '17
1.5yrs and ten-ish pounds later. Feeling k, but still feeling scrawny most days 🌱
Comparisons help out along the way.

#throwbackthursday #ftm #ftmfitness #topsurgery #testosterone

IS THIS REAL LIFE?! It's starting to become real😩😩😩 just a little over a month away until freedom! Wearing a binder for 14 hours a day is seriously taking a toll on me. But it will all be worth it!! Thank you to everyone that has helped me so far!! My GoFundMe link is in my bio!!! I have have a few weeks left to pay for surgery!! Anything from a shad to a like to a donation will help me reach my goal!! ALSO!! @macksoaps is doing a 10% off special with my promo code: KELLYN at checkout! TODAY IS THE LAST DAY!! Check out @macksoaps & help a brother out at the same time!! Much love! Xxx

Now there's a homerun from Dr. Mclean! Stunning results after only three weeks.💪🏻--------------------------------------------------------- Answers to frequently asked questions pertaining to top surgery can be found by visiting our webpage www.topsurgery.ca
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I’m 9 weeks post op today #topsurgery

One of my favourite tranny’s and a dude I look up to a lot personally @ryan.stalvey 🏳️‍🌈 look how happy he is man!!
#transguys #transmen #transgender #ftmtransgender #transpride #topsurgery #ryanstalvey #ftm #transboy #pride

Idk y’all. New underwear are so nice. Use the code STARSABLAZE for 50% off at @underwearexpert

Since i just posted a chest workout figured id post a
Flashback to my chest @ 1 yr post op and not tatted up yet. Electric Forest 13' (also FTR was abusing my T)

#flashbackfriday #ftm #femaletomale #ftmtrans #ftmtransition #transition #transformer #transgender #ftmfitness #ftmfit #transguy #transman #selfmademan #thisiswhattranslookslike #transisbeautiful #transandshirtless #xxguy #transman #transguysofig #transmasculine #topsurgery #postop #vitamint

I’m doing a lot of waiting but I think it will pay off. -Maxon
#lgbt #topsurgery #ftm #transboy #trans #waiting

You remind me of a song
Got it on an old cassette
Sounded like an angel singing
About a pain in her chest

But she sees the future
In mysterious ways
She started talking backwards
But nothing good it brings her
So next time that she sees him
It'll be peace sign, middle finger ✌🏽•••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••
I hope you guys had a killer Friday night - this tired boy just got off of work & is about to watch parks & rec until I pass the hell out 😩💤 I’m seriously loving my new job even though it takes me away from my kitten so much (I think he misses me a bunch when I’m gone). I’m starting to really feel like my adult life is taking form & I couldn’t be happier. Now if I could just get my dumbass to commit to going to the gym every day & a healthy diet....🤔

Feeling amazing post surgery <3
#ftmtransgender #topsurgery #cute

It has been a very long two months without my love, #testosterone. I have never felt worse in my life. I can't wait to start feeling like myself again #💉
#ftm #trans #transman #topsurgery #selfmade #vitaminT #nonbinary #inked #tattoos #tboy #queer #lgbtq #transmasculine #femaletomale

Listen. I set top surgery dates- link in bio for update details. ❣️🎉🔪🔮 #ftm #topsurgery #transdude #transgender #transman #transition #thankyou #connection

lol I just really liked this picture of me pooping 😉

This is how I sleep now and it feels like I'm in some kind of cockpit or something.

Soul healing

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