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Jadi mas bjoo lagi di hunus?? 😊 .

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Topp Dogg's Hansol worries fan with suicidal statement.
During the live streaming,he reportedly said, "I want to kill myself," and also showed cars passing by and commented, "That could probably kill me." (This live stream screenshot is in the order of today,15th & 13th)

The picture is not that good for the caption but I don't give a fuck I'm tired to hell I just wanna go home and sleep. I'm unmotivated for everything..I don't even eat anymore because I'm too tired to get up. *overdramatically* I HATE MY LIFE *throws chairs on the floor* LET ME LIVE MY LIFE! *sits on the floor and starts crying loudly* WHHYYY MEE GOD WHYYY
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What is going on? -
Taken from @fansdrama

I feel so bad for Hansol he has social anxiety 😞 he started crying when he got rejected by the people 😩 ahhh please protect him at all costs 💕 #toppdogg #staystronghansol

I don’t usually post things unrelated to BLACKPINK, but this is important.
Hansol from ToppDogg did a livestream on Instagram during which he said that he wanted to kill himself, even showing cars passing by and saying they could probably kill him. He had tears in his eyes but he was smiling while saying all of this, and then the livestream just ended.
This is a very serious and scary situation, and even though I'm not familiar with ToppDogg, it breaks my heart to imagine what he must be going through. Please, it would be amazing if you could leave nice and supportive comments on his Instagram (@official_marykiko).
Here are some Korean phrases [from klmwooshln (Twitter)]:
힘내세요. - Cheer up. (Stay strong.)
포기하지마. - Don't give up.
희망을 가져요. - Be positive.
한솔오빠는 강하니까 극복할수 있어요. - You (Hansol oppa) are strong and will get over it.
걱정마라요. - Don't worry.
괜찮을꺼야. - It will be okay.
몸조리 잘하세요. - Take good care of yourself.
항상 응원해줄게요. - I'll always support you/cheer you up.
이 세상 그 누구보다 널 사랑하겠어. - I love you more than anyone in this world.
기다려 줄게요. - I'll wait for you.
우리가 오빠랑 함께할게요. - We will be with you, oppa.
우리 언제나 널 사랑해. - We will always love you.
Please help him out through this difficult time, whether you know Hansol/ToppDogg or not!

im so scared. im about to cry. if u didnt know kim hansol is my precious baby and i love him with all my heart. im so worried. i knew for a while now that something was up with him and he showed signs of depression but now this... im so heartbroken. shook. idk what to think. i wish i could tell him how he's worth it and how ppl appreciate him. im sorry you're going through this Hansol. i trully hope you can get the help you need. pls pls pls talk to someone , friends,family. i believe in you. you can get through this baby. ❤️ #kimhansol #hansoltoppdogg #toppdogg #wearewithyou

I'm a little late on this situation, but honestly I don't even know what to say. I've known toppdogg since their debut, and it breaks my heart seeing a member in such a sensitive state. Sadly there isn't much that we can do but pray and hope that Hansol gets better. Please watch your health and eat well Hansol! Please!!❤️❤️


I hate it when I have to do this layout but IG won't let me do the other one
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"Don't mess with me when I'm getting my makeup done"
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🌼 we love you hansol 💞 🌼
(oui j'ai mis la photo du papillon pour moi c'est un signe, tout con mais c'est un signe)

him being happy is one of the best things on the planet earth i stg 😭❤
- ang 💁🏻
Group: Topp Dogg
Member: P-Goon

Jongup (BAP)

Hansol please Stay Strong❤️ •Tae's bbypanda•#KimHansol #ToppDogg#StayStrong#ParadiseIsHere

guys look at this angel♥️ i didn't know when to post about this but i'm just really concerned. he's really not in a happy, stable place rn and he needs help😔😔

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i can see the sparkle in your eyes whenever you talk to her
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