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ʻAuhea ʻoe e ka mea uhi mālie iā Mauna a Wākea. E kau hālaʻi mai nei i ke aloha ma luna o mākou nei, nā pua ʻala onaona ou. He lā kēia e hanahano ai i kou inoa laʻa, Lilinoe Kauahikaua. Mai ka lā hiki a ka lā kau, mai ka hoʻokuʻi a ka hālāwai, he aloha palena a lua ʻole kaʻu nou e kuʻu wahi hoaaloha! E pāʻina kākou!! #hauʻolilāhānau #finally21 #oldladyfriend hahaha #loveyou #toplutoandback @lkauahik @lkauahik @lkauahik

I'm one VERY VERY VERY VERY lucky duder to have this birthday girl in my life!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY my love!!! I hope your day is filled with all things love and happiness!! I love you with all my HORT!! @serrano_pep #toplutoandback #JnBtilinfinity #PepperPotts #Birthdaygirl #gimmeeallthekeeeses

Me: baby boy, do you know how much I love u?
Baby boy: to Pluto and back... wait no - from earth, to the sun, to Pluto and back.
Me: yes Baby Boy, that much.
#ropescourse #babyboy #toplutoandback #newswimsuittho #noonefellin

Happy anniversary to my one and only. People search their entire lives trying to find what we have and I can't help but feel like the luckiest man on earth everyday I lay eyes on you. Its crazy how things work, I mean all it took was me taking a random Humanities course (It was my third for I thought ehhh what the hell, why not) to meet the woman I see myself spending the rest of my life with. The fact that all it took was one look at you to know that I was going to fall in love with you and you were going to fall in love with me. You've changed my life for nothing but the better and I'm so thankful that together we get to grow and face the challenges life will throw our way for I know that with you by my side nothing can stop us and I can't to see where this journey will take us. I love you Dominique, forever and always #ToPlutoAndBack

Mr.Piggy 🐷

HAPPY 2️⃣8️⃣ BIRTHDAY KATIE LADD!!! 🎉🎁🎈🎊😍❤️ Even tho we couldn't be together on your birthday I'm glad we snuck in a 20 min phone call before 8 am 😊 I hope today is filled with glass-like water 🚤, Bloody Mary's🍅, dance parties 👯with @lmat4, and just life on lake time. 👙🍺☀️ LOVE you!! ❤️❤️❤️#toplutoandback #katieladd #bestiesfortheresties #myperson

Thank you for the most special 18 months I could ask for💕 I love you more than words can describe #ToPlutoAndBack 💫

So you're still thinking of me
Just like I know you should
I cannot give you everything
You know I wish I could
Im so high at the moment
I'm so caught up in this

Ft.Stormtrooper shirt

happy birthday to my human😍 you make me better, in every way. thank you for being everything i never knew i needed, i love you😘 #toplutoandback #Lword

Our Laughs Are Limitless..
Our Memories Are Countless
Our Friendship Is Endless 💕 @kayydizzle
#ToPlutoAndBack #CabinLife


Her kisses are addicting 💞 this girl means so much to me and idunno how I got so lucky to get to call her mine but I thank god everyday for her 😘 #iloveyou#042317#lgbt#girlswhokissgirls#lesbian#toplutoandback

So, what happens when you cook dinner and something happens to make you feel like a shit mom? Strap the kid in the tula and get some fresh air!! 😣😢😭 #feellikeashitmom #tulatotherescue #toplutoandback

I guess after 2 years he's not so bad ❤️#myhappyplace #toplutoandback

2️⃣ Y E A R S and he still tries to throw me in the water every chance he gets...and still hasn't learned that I am stronger and his attempts will always fail.

"Yeah, that's my girl in the passengers seat. Windows down, dancing around causing a scene." No one makes the Macarena look as good as @mocommodore does. #getitgirl #3days #toplutoandback

Selfie Sunday with my love. Look at her eyes, aren't they beautiful? I'm one lucky chick 💓😍
#mygirlfriend #iloveyou #toplutoandback

Selfie Sunday with my love & baby Ant 😍
#mygirlfriend #iloveyou #toplutoandback #familyiseverything

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