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Чувство, когда научился плавать 😅. #БургерДеборкадер

Бургер определенно превзойдет папу Гену в купании, да и в размерах уже близок 💪. Вы спрашиваете - возможно ли приучить котика к воде? Если с детства бы этому уделили свое время, то вот так смог бы и Ваш любимец. Бургер еще один пример!


Want your cat to sleep cozy at night!?
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Product Link In Bio ➡️ @purrfectanimal
Product Link In Bio ➡️ @purrfectanimal
Product Link In Bio ➡️ @purrfectanimal

Good morning🐱💤.
✅ zoubrothers Blog ✅http://ameblo.jp/zoubrothers 
💎zoubrothersのアメブロの公式ブログ始めました 💎.

Doing the foster parenting thing ATM - be back to regular programming soon 😊😊😊 you can see more of Thor with him meeting Didga and Boomer on our FB page, link in bio. 🐈🐈🐈

Rate from 1-10🐱 😂
Follow @kitten.gate for more awesome cats in your life 🐈

[Penny] IT'S WEEKEND 😸😸😸 #friyay #roar
If you're in the US. You're almost there! Stay strong 💪😹


There’s a cat on top of me, isn’t there? - Dallas 🙄 #bffs

Move oolong, Meowmy, there’s nothing to tea here!

Panthering around 🐾🍗 Volume up for mews 🔊💜

Pookie is Ebony & Ivory’s brother from the #notsofeistyferals. We weren’t able to trap him before yesterday so today he was neutered and rabies vaccinated. Turns out Pookie is polydactyl too with 3 extra toes on 3 of his feet! How super cool (and beautiful) is he? 😍

I see the weekend and it looks stupendous! 🙌🏼😺
Happy #friyay!! #autumndays #weekendvibes #boop

I like the bathtub and shower cap.. without the water 😹💖🛁

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