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@__kiyara_ ye wo ladki hai jo global warming ke liye zimmedar hai😂 😂

When you come home from running errands and don't understand why your kitchen doesn't smell like Cuban beef yet.

Could it be that SOMEONE forget to turn on the Crockpot?


We survived. Our hands may have suffered permanent damage though. #toomuchwriting

yyyyyyeeeeeeaaaaahhhhhh!!!!!! ... super mixed happy screaming feeling..
the semester is finally done!!
yaani ata salon singeenda (lol)...
new loook for the next season.. hahahhahahha..
... #Ebenezer ...
...#Exam then
.... Holiday Holiday wwoooop :))))

In need of a fucking break.
#toomuchwriting #burnt #alcoholplease

I think someone is happy he was born in this great south land! 😍 We've got something really special here Aussie Fam. Just like any fam we've had our quarrels, differing opinions and fights. But I think there's one thing we can agree on - it is good to be Australian!

Not just today, but every day of the year I am so grateful that Australia is my home! Special thanks to uncle @jojotanttari for securing the best spot in the world to sit and eat snags.. 👍🏼 #HappyAustraliaDay #toomuchwriting #soznotsoz #Ijustloveourcountrysomuch

Got to hang out with my good buddy @carynorton today in Birmingham. Super randomly bumped into Instagram buddy @skullpepper at a coffee shop too. We got to meet some folks from @scoutbranding That Carla has followed on IG for years, too.
Cary shoots some amazing tintype work you can see under his @gusdugger account. He's been a great buddy for several years now and an invaluable resource as I've launched my business. Hate we don't get to see him more often. Also, he put us on to @fullmoonbbq Get there on your next trip to B'Ham. Birmingham, today you entered our list of favorite Southern cities to visit. Friendly folks, great art, and awesome food. #toomuchwriting #atetoomuch

this beard is OUT OF CONTROL. #BEARD #toomuchwriting #toolittleshaving

The top photo is what I have been spending WAY to much time on. The bottom one is where I spend my little amount of free time. #toomuchreading #toomuchwriting #moregymtimeplease


The top photo is what I have been spending WAY to much time on. The bottom one is where I spend my little amount of free time. #toomuchreading #toomuchwriting #moregymtimeplease

This homework really sucked...four pages of front and back writing! I am sure to have carpal tunnel b4 school ends 🙄#carpaltunnelsyndrome #toomuchwriting #pageafterpage #myhandhurts #108moredaysofthis #cantwaittobeanurse

Too much writing... I have a finger bunion! #openuniversity #toomuchwriting #needaplasticsurgeon

Doing my SIA course😆 #TooMuchWriting

This is what a true procrastinator looks like, a procrastinator who doesn't know which photo she should upload so 3 hours after she decides now, who didn't realise that she isn't just fluffing around polishing her $2 silver finds from the op shop so that she can wear them out soon or sell them for $28 dollars instead because she could use the money when she should be making 20 hourly artworks for uni!! but instead she's been unknowingly creating her art work in her own hands this whole time. duh back to my point about deciding on which photo. I thought why the fuck am i worried about which photo to instagram. I should be making art. Then i looked down at the earrings and all the time i had spent in polishing that one earring and the time that is going to be spent on the other, so why can't i do the same for the so called things i am most passionate about. Art, The planet, the welfare of others, why can't i be spending the time on those matters and subjects. anyway this has gone so far and beyond that i'm laughing about this post now. I hope u enjoyed. now what to do with my filthy rag. #frameit? #filmit? #actuallyhelpme #toomuchwriting #muchtoobaked

Aamulla yliviritin aivoni (ja kehoni). Mantelijugurttia, mustikoita, banaani, hamppua, maapähkinävoita ja manteleita. Apua!

#toomuchenergy #toomuchstufftodo
#smoothiebowl #toomuchwriting #toomuchtoeat #toomuchpeanutbutter #toomuchfun

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