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2IN1: Today was the happiest day of my life and the last 8 months have been the most exciting time ever. The man of my dreams and love of my life asked me to marry him today and we are one month away from welcoming our beautiful baby into this world. Words can't describe the feelings and emotions... Unreal. I'm the happiest girl alive and so excited about everything ahead❤️💍👼🏽👰🏼 #BestDayEver #Engagement #BabyShower #TooManyEmotions

And just like that, my baby girl turns 2.
#toomanyemotions #helloterribletwos #bubblebash

Parabens Duds... q vitoria linda. Vc merece muito... obrigado por ser esta criança maravilhosa e pela emoçao de hj #naoconseguiveraultimavolta #quasecaiuminhalente😂//// what a great P1 for Duds at the #floridawintertour ... I did not watch last lap 😂😂#toomanyemotions 🙏🏻🏆@ckn_live

It's been one of those days. #zypadventures #toomanyemotions

On route back from the most amazing weekend. Amazing for all the reasons we can tend to over look in lieu of aesthetics and appearances. Not only did I get to watch the two most beautiful human beings get married out in the French countryside, but I got to spend the weekend seeing them surrounded by so much love. By a community of their closest friends and family who all set aside their week to come celebrate two incredible humans and the love they have not only for each other but all of us present there to celebrate with them. I cried through my two flights and layover because I was so touched by the genuine emotions and kindness we as people are capable of. In a world filled with so many shallow agendas trying to separate people with hate, it was humbling to witness so much joy and happiness in a time where the world needs it the most. Forever honored I got to be a part of your wedding, here's to many more years of love. ❤️❤️
#gamuandjamiegethitched #frenchdays #lottaliinalove #somuchlove #toomanyemotions

WIN they win we have to smoke. @luciesilvas #toomanyemotions

Today we go home. 🙏🏻 Only a few of the many faces that made it possible. #ourangels #thankyoubrooks #toomanyemotions #wearegoinghome

Mood !!!!!! On 9/7 somebody put a ring on it !!!!!! #stilloverwhelmed #beencrying #beenlaughing #toomanyemotions


It's been one of those days. #zypadventures #toomanyemotions

Look at his big ears and his tiny little feet! #cutie #piglet #dumbo #toomanyemotions

@nataliyao sorry I ugly cried during my toast last night 🥂🍾🤦🏾‍♀️ #toomanyfeelings

The only person I would go out to Hoboken for 6 days before her wedding. I love my best friends. I missed you all so much and I can't wAit to celebrate on Friday!!!! #lastflingbeforethering #toomanyemotions #ilovemybesties #mygirls #perfect #takebiggirlsips #wewantwhitney #kmelfgetsmarried!!!!!!!

So I was her 6th grade poetry teacher. She was one of my best!! Then She transferred schools. I haven't seen her since she was in 7th grade. Now in 10th grade She found my old email and told me about the show. I didn't tell her I was coming and surprised her. I never knew how much of an impact I made until I seen her chocolate face light up tonight. The real surprise was when she told me she will be attending Texas Southern University on scholarship. Following her favorite teacher!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😫😫😫 #iCantDeal #TooManyEmotions #ForTheKids #BlackKidsMatter !!

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