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Check out our good buddy @concordcarpenter
He built a pretty epic treehouse over this last bit.
He's been in the tool reviewing game for a long time. He's given us lots of advice and we always have a blast with him at events.
Building a treehouse for a client. Using treehouse supply bracket designed to move with the tree #treehouse #construction

Hitachi'a newest 10" miter saw #C-10FSHC. Has a really compact sliding rail system, dual bevel 15 A, LED and laser light all the controls are in the front of the machine, real nice system. Will be doing an in-depth review soon. #hitachi #mitersaw #toolreviews #toolboxbuzz

Comparison coming to my YouTube channel
#toolreviews #snaponvsmilwaukee

Something I read last night really annoyed me and I want to talk about it. I saw a post calling tool reviewers that are not contractors, plumbers, electricians, etc. or even reviewers that are in those fields but don’t post photos/videos of the tools in action on their jobs hacks and it really pissed me off. .
The beauty of the internet is that anyone can give their opinion on something whether they like it or hate it. Anyone can go to a store, pickup a product, use it, and give a review on it whether they used it once or they use it every day. Hell most online stores send out an email after you purchase something asking you to review it. Amazon is full of reviews from people that used the product once or twice and never needed it again. Most of us still look at the reviews before buying the item. .
I’m not a contractor, electrician, plumber, etc. nor do I pretend to be. I’m just a guy who spent a few years selling tools, has bought a decent amount of tools, and uses them to do projects around the house or help friends and family in his free time. I spend a few hours on most reviews by the time I’ve typed them up, checked spelling, grammar, and specs, and resized the photos. That’s one of the reasons I’ve slowed down writing full reviews lately and stuck to Instagram. .
I sure as hell don’t make any money from reviewing tools. I don’t have 100,000 followers or even 1,000. Tool companies are not chomping at the bit to send me there newest tools to try out and review. I don’t have contacts at the tool companies all of my questions go through contact forms on the companies websites and I have to hope I hear back. I have to pick and choose what newly released tools I can afford to buy to review and have to base that decision on whether it’s something I can use and not just something I think is cool. I have a running list currently of about $4,500 worth of tools I could use. Some are new releases and some are from 2015/2016. I don’t have that kind of disposable income to buy them all at once. It will likely be months if not years before I have most of those items. (Continued in comments)
#toolreview #toolreviews #milwaukeetools

The core 18v battery combined with the usb adapter. So far I've gotten 3 full charges on my Samsung Galaxy 5 and I still have 3 of 5 bars left on the fuel gauge

#core18v #bethepro @boschtoolsna @boschtoolscanada #toolreviews

Travelling with business cards made easy with #tanos #microsystainer

@toolaholic t-shirts and decals coming very soon.

#toolreviews #toolaholic #businesscard

This is what @toolaholic looks like in action! #toolaholic #dewalt #dewalttools #toolreviews #stafda


When you’re English and follow a load of American/Canadian accounts you wake up to see some good/funny content every morning , especially #humpday thanks to @just_build_it_ #tools #toolreviews #followtrain #followthem #morningroutine #alwayslearning #itsnotashop

Had the CLC lighted bag for a few weeks now, to date its my favorite back pak.

Pros: -WAY MORE ROOM, than klein, milwaukee, or veto paks.
-cool open bit storage
-the light

Cons: -no plastic bottom, just plastic feet
-didnt come with a phase tape older, the one seen i added

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It's here - the first part of our big YouTube impact driver review looking at the Dewalt DCF887 #dewalt #impactdriver #toolreviews #skillbuilder #construction #building #powertools #dewalttough #dewalttools #rogerbisby @dewalttoolsuk

For our #ff we are featuring some of our north of the border brethren. First up is the beard himself @krugerconstruction. Murray is a talented contractor and a badass tool reviewer. Next up are Ryan @macnwood (aka just came out of retirement) and Shaun @caskwoodworking. Both of these guys have some serious building skills and are always dropping some serious knowledge. Last but not least is the man, the myth, the legend Rob @stonecitywoodworks himself. Rob has some of the best IG stories around and this Texan likes hearing him say aboot (similar to about but done the Canadian way). Give these guys a follow. #canada #america #followfriday #builders #makers #contractors #toolreviews #goodguys

Ooooooo boy so I created my channel last night. I will be uploading a few reviews in the next few days to it. As well as projects I’m working on. Even though I have zero content right now go subscribe! #johnayalawoodworks

As I was going through the videos from today..... I noticed in my conclusion I cut my head off!!! Haha well I made some good points but I will have to reshoot this tomorrow. Hopefully I remember everything I was saying. All in all the @tacklifetools orbital is a beast it will sand anything and everything you need. It’s nice to find a tool company who makes budget friendly tools for the new “do it yourselfers” who’s not 100% sure they will like doing this type of stuff. The quality is also good so you’re not throwing away money on a budget friendly tool that doesn’t preform. I know we’ve all made that tool purchase we all regret. Either way @ridgidpowertools or @tacklifetools both are a win in my book #johnayalawoodworks

I am completely out of my comfort zone talking to the camera as you can tell. This is a snip from the @ridgidpowertools orbital sander and @tacklifetools orbital sander head to head review. Happy to say I am impressed with both of these sanders. They both have their pros and cons but everything was pretty evenly matched. Can’t wait to put the whole thing together. Shout out to @tigersharkabrasives thanks for the paper. #johnayalawoodworks

@tacklifetools sent me their new cordless screw driver. I have to say it reminds me of the old black and decker everyone had back in the 90s. So far everything looks good on it I haven’t had a chance to really test it out other then playing with it outta the box. I can see this thing coming in handy with some around the house projects. Nice right angle attachment will help I’m sure. Stay tuned for a video review in the next few days. #johnayalawoodworks #tacklife #tacklifetools #hometools #hometoolkit #toolkit #household #tools #cordlessscrewdriver #cordless #handy #hgtv #diy #hometools #home #homeowner #tools #tool #toolreview #toolreviews

The myth himself in action. My dude @toolaholic taking the world to school on the new carbide recip blades from @diablo_tools . Check out his feed and Diablo ! #diablotools

@protoolreviews (photos and article)
If there was an ability to pre-order these, I would 100% order this set already. I am very excited and will be looking forward to putting my hands on these. This is a game changer!! I was always (as we all were) slightly skeptical of a foriegn based product, but the PR team is top notch, and the fact that @southwiretools are bringing the hand tool line has me very impressed!
Bringing back the production while other brands are sending it overseas **cough cough** #klein... .
Commentary by @sparkyanonymous, photos and article by @protoolreviews

#southwiretools #protoolreviews #electricians #construction #electriciansofinstagram #electricalhacks #sparky #electricians #service #electrical #sparkylife #electriciansofinstagram #electric #tools #review #toolreviews #toolsinaction #tool #kleintools

Not sure when Lenox got into the tool box business, but this is an interesting box to say the least. This 52" Mirrors construction of craftsman/waterloo boxes, but while it is a relatively sturdy box, the biggest shortcoming is the lock mechanism on the most used drawer, the largest rop drawer is very finnicky and hard to use one handed. This was the case on quite a few models. .
Single slides, ball bearing, good smooth action with a soft close. 100 pound drawers. It has a very similar to craftsman "grip latch" but it is called "posi latch" so your drawers dont come open while moving. .
It's a good option for the price, 549 usd at your local lowes. A similar craftsman would have been 750-799 usd.

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Testing out the durability of the AccuBrush paint roller. 🥊 If you are annoyed by the AccuBrush ads on YouTube so are we. We tested the roller and this is what we decided it’s fate should be. #AccuBrush #l#PaintRoller 🇨🇲🇰🇲#AccuBrushPaintRoller #TerribleTools #ToolsToTrash #ProfessionalPaintingTools #ConsumerReports #PayLife #IdahoPainter #PoolTest #Distraction #SmashingTools #DIYTools #Boom #ScissorLift #ToolReviews #WePaintIdaho #BoiseIdaho #ToolsWeHate #ToolsFromChina @toolboxbuzz @toolaholic @tool_barn @toolpig @paintmanindustries @painter.iran 🍺

Last mail call of the day big huge thanks to @tacklifetools. I was talking to them and told them what happened to my other orbital and they went ahead and sent me out a new one. Going to have to see the two orange sanders head to head when I get my new hook and loop pad on the other sander. For some reason I can’t say random orbital sander. #johnayalawoodworks

Mail call @homerightps thanks for the shelter I look forward to using this with the airless. Super stoked for this portable spray shelter. Review coming soon. #johnayalawoodworks

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