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So this was from an urban decay style area in the park. It strikes me that we can manufacture this look but do little to fix it in real life, anyway...#toodeepforinstagram #notmybike 📸@_angelabelt

#Repost @shanelcoopersykes with @repostapp.
I love you. So I need to tell you the truth... Any PHYSICAL moments that you have with someone who makes you feel like you are in HEAVEN is usually just an ILLUSION. Real love HEALS your spirit and brings you closer to God. Lust and euphoric moments are temporary. If that is all you've got with someone CONSIDER IT A SIGN that you have some personal work to do. If you are WISE, you will realize it is a nudge from God.
After the physical... THEN WHAT? Do you have a thing else to give?
Can you even receive more? You must heal yourself before you can GIVE YOURSELF to anyone else FULLY in the eyes of God. More on this soon.... #TooDeepForInstagram 👉🏼👉🏼 LIKE if you need to hear this further... Deep

the focus has always been on the reflection #toodeepforinstagram 📸 - @jaysondomingophotography

do we choose the pumpkins, or do the pumpkins choose us? 🍂🎃 #toodeepforinstagram

I've never posted just a simple serious selfie but there's a first time for everything...
I've always been quite critical of my looks (I kinda think everyone is in that same boat though). But I'm starting to acquaint myself with acknowledging beauty in myself. This isn't one of those cliche "beauty's all on the inside" posts. I just want to say that I like the wave in my hair and the curve of my ears - it's like God threw a dash of art nouveau into my Statue of Liberty face.

So thanks, God. I like my face. Which is cool to say.

#selflove #thoughtoftheday #bruhhhh #toodeepforInstagram

when life gets a little bumsville, all I gotta do is think about all the good stuff- like my moment with this little muffin man a year ago 🙃 #toodeepforinstagram?

..and as the sun set, I didn’t have your sweater near, but man could I feel your warmth. #Reflection #TooDeepForInstagram

I told Mack I would stay relatively connected today, and leave my phone on tomorrow in case our wedding clients need to contact us before their coverage starts. But as of tomorrow night at 10, until Tuesday morning, I'm unplugged. My soul needs it. My last two trips (and really, the last three months) have been junked up with energy-suckers and attention-demanders that have quite frankly left me feeling less-than-my-best. But life is an adventure, and sometimes you learn as much from the detours as you do from the map. :)
I'm grateful for the excited feeling I have getting back to work, and getting to hit a bit of a reset button this weekend. And then.... oh man, it's time to start counting down to our epic 3-week road trip with the kids!! So stoked!
Long caption short, I know I've been a bit of an enigmatic social media Debbie Downer lately, and that sad bastard BS stops now.
Let's SUMMER, y'all!!!
#instaintrospection #toodeepforinstagram #letsridebikes

What a strange world have created for ourselves. I filmed this at midnight in a gas station, waiting for an gnome like man to buy 20 coffee flavored milks on individual sales with a coupon. As I looked around I was distracted by how far we have separated ourselves from the origin of our food i also contemplated the differences between the reality of this physical world and our current existence. Then I paid for my $3 bottle of water with a piece of plastic and left. #toodeepforinstagram


I think it's amazing, all the different lives that go on around you, and you only get a tiny glimpse of what they are like. Only momentarily can you become part of someone else's narrative. For example, I high key took a photo of this guy right next to me and maybe that never happened to him before. Can I consider that brief, kinda awkward exchange as a collision of two worlds. Will he remember me? And does being remembered matter? #toodeepforinstagram

Unshackled. Discuss with meee. Escape these traps with meeee 🤗 #AlbertCamus #Liberation #Repressed #Dissolution #KnowYourself #IrrationalFears #TooDeepForInstagram

Enough 🧀ness for one day #toodeepforinstagram

Lillasyrran och jag kör en pannkaksdekoreringstävling så som vi gör varje torsdag.
På bild 1 ser ni min japansk-inspirerade tallrik där björnbär och jordgubbar balanserar varandra i harmoni för att ge glädje åt den som äter. Och mitt ben

Bild 2 är en modern tolkning av det svenska traditioner där man låter det nya komma fram som symboliserar förändringarna som har hänt och händer i vårt samhälle

Bild 3 är en pannkaka. En pannkaka som visar den råa sanningen som vi alla brottas med. Under ytan är vi alla pannkakor. Oavsett om vi smetar in oss i choklad för att dölja det eller försöker förändra oss för andra kommer vi ändå vara pannkakor 💔

Sista bilden representerar naturen och hur vi sätter oss i centrum av allt men samtidigt kopplar bort oss. De två strängarna av choklad ropar förtvivlat "hej då, varför lämnar du oss?" Medan vi vänder ryggen åt dem 😥

#detgåratttolkaalltpåunikasättommanvillochdetvillman #pannkaka #pancakeartist #japanese #chokolate #toodeepforinstagram #vissteinteomattdetvartorsdagförränjagkolladedetnu #pannkakorärocksåenfärg #ochmänniskor #gillaförmer #gillaförmindre #didntburnthehousedownyet #squareplates

Sometimes you look someone in the eye and you're greeted with a sense of unfamiliarity even when you've known them for years. You remember that everything is constantly changing. Feelings, thoughts, and opinions are shifting and evolving. This entire universe runs on diversity and transformation and you're naive to think you won't comply. Nothing is guaranteed. Not even your own damn existence. #existentialcrisis #toodeepforinstagram ? #ohwell

The Reaper gazing down on the bustling downtown street, patiently observing how everyone chooses to spend their most valuable possession: Time. #clock #time #commercialism #toodeepforinstagram

Nothing is static, everything is in motion.
Sometimes you focus on progress, not to go crazy about (non)-results (regarding different sets of goals) and it's a relief.
At other times you focus on progress and find that it's at the expense of pleasure; what a minute ago was the relief thus suddenly has turned into a burden.
It's as if when you focus too much on a certain expected outcome, the outcome will keep you captive, so to focus on something else sets you free.
But then again t h a t o t h e r focus, in time, may be the new jailer.
I wonder what the unexpected outcome of pleasure would be... 💭
And what happens when you expect nothing at all?
#progress #results #goals #growth #pleasure #wonder #toodeepforinstagram #semibuddhism #differentiation #ammlmqvstwisdom #noquote

Feeling so good about all my Monday Meetings 😍😍😍 I can't wait to share with you guys what's been happening for me lately. I'm fighting a cold and jetlag but still pushing for greatness because if you rest, you rust! Your love and support makes me want to do better than I've ever done before! BIG KISSES FROM LAS VEGAS RIGHT NOW 😘💋 #HappyGirl #MakingMoves #NothingCanStopMe #AllTheWayUp #NewBeginnings #Everyweek #Everyday #EyeOnThePrize #ThirdEye #Smile #WhatYouThinkYouBecome #TooDeepForInstagram #ModelMonday #Maxim #Playboy #Print #Commercial #Catalog #LasVegas #LosAngeles #NewYork #Global #LoveYouAll

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