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The moment her butt hit the seat, she was attacked by a lot of random questions that she could only answer a few. She looked at him and frowned when she saw that he was wearing his Deadpool mask with her and he never did that before.

Marvel e Insomniac Games si sono unite per creare una storia di Spider-Man originale e fedele allo spirito dell'originale. È uno Spider-Man mai visto prima. Avrai a che fare con un Peter Parker più esperto nel combattere il crimine di New York. Allo stesso tempo, deve gestire la sua caotica vita privata e la sua carriera, mentre il destino di nove milioni di newyorkesi grava sulle sue spalle. Si tratta di un universo di Spider-Man completamente inedito, con personaggi noti in ruoli inaspettati. Prendi il controllo di una doppia vita complessa, nei panni di un giovane con grandi poteri... e relazioni in evoluzione.
Dondolati liberamente per le strade della New York dell'universo Marvel e scopri situazioni ricche di azione, una trama epica e personaggi memorabili.

Two days later and with the same stolen car, Wade was going for a ride in New York when he saw Wanda walking on the streets. He stopped and honked to her, he screamed at her to go where he was and she obeyed with a smile.

Peter ran up to Wade, very proud of himself for what he did. Wade told him how somebody would steal the bike no matter if he wrote a note and left him there. Peter looked confused at him but didn’t follow him, or didn’t do anything when he stole someone’s car.

Wade sat on a car and watched as Peter was being the most awkward hero he ever seen. He laughed at him and said how pathetic he looked, receiving a glare from a few fans that were around him, making Wade flip them off.

While they were talking Peter saw a guy stealing a bike. He told Wade and he simply screamed to the people that they were in danger, because someone was stealing a bike. After that, he went behind Peter watched what he was going to do with the guy.

We all are ducklings. We live in Downey's kingdom! 👑🖤
(I've made a whatsapp group of downey fans! DM me if you wanna join! We already got 52 people from all around the world.)
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I promise I will post my Last Jedi review later today but for now I wanted to show you my fancast for The Human Torch for a potential MCU Fantastic 4 Film. // #infinitywar #avengers #spidermanhomecoming #justiceleague #captainamerica #ironman #thor #deadpool #flash #spiderman #superman #batman #dc #marvel #mcu #xmen #dceu #logan #bodybuilding #guardiansofthegalaxy #wonderwoman #dragonball #galgadot #comics #hulk #tonystark #fantasticfour #blackpanther #tomholland #avx

Peter jump to where Wade was standing and Wade asked him what was what they were going to do today. He clearly didn’t feel like saving lives, that’s why he was hanging with Peter today. Peter shook his head telling him that Tony wasn’t letting him do anything too extreme, making Wade mutter an “old man” under his breath.

While looking around he hears a voice coming from up the building. When he looked up, he saw Wade sitting there. He rolled his eyes at what he said thankful that Wade couldn’t see him. Peter told him that it was his fault that he decided to go there sooner than the time they agreed on.

Once he was ready he looked around to find the person he was going to “save New York”. He couldn’t think of saving the world at the moment, it was too big for him and he knew that perfectly.

Who’s your favourite Chris?
Evans, Hemsworth, Pratt or Pine? 😛

Back to Queens, Peter was getting ready to get his suit on. He could help but think what Wanda would say if she saw how much he worked out the past few month. Only to make himself cringe at that.

Watching the Infinity War trailer again!!!!!
So sad to see Tony like this!!!
He has gone through a lot!! #tonystark #infinitywar #thanos

Wanda knew she had to come back but right now this was her priority. She told Clint that she would come back once they finished this case, so he should hurry and help her.

Clint told her how she should leave the case and go back with Peter, try to have a normal life. She understood what he was trying to do but there was a serial killer on the run and she didn’t have time for that now.

*actual first avenger*
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Meanwhile in another part of the world, Wanda and Clint were investigating a case of a serial killer. Clint saw how depressed his adoptive daughter was, all this cases were destroying her, and she was pushing people away from her. He wanted more than anyone for her to be with Peter and have a normal life. While Wanda was so focused on the cases, she didn’t think of anything else.

He ran up as fast as he could making sure no one was around to see him or hear him. When he was out he made a joke of himself but soon realize how awful that sounded and made a mental note to never say it again, while running towards the place they have to meet.

The next day at school Peter was going to hang with a friend and he had to leave College sooner than normal. The teacher looked at him with suspicious but he let Peter go, making sure to call his mother after that.

Tom can wear pajamas and still be cute like I can’t even. •

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Ned was already waiting for him in the house, Peter walked in and took his phone out to see Wanda’s IG, to stalk her one more time. Ned cringed and told his friend that he should stop since it wasn’t going to make her come back sooner.

Peter told her how much he missed her and how he wanted her to come back, while Tony said that he would murder someone just so she could come and investigate the case and be with him. After he send the video, Tony left him in his aunt house, for him to stay some time with her.

Tony tried to cheer his son up, he saw how sad and depressed for not seeing his girl. He told to Wanda jokingly that he would send bombs to her position if she didn’t come back soon, making Peter look at him with a concerned look. He certainly didn’t want his girlfriend to die.

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Wanda is hired by a secret organization similar to the FBI and such, to fight against criminals and serial killers. With her powers she’s very useful but all the things she has to see leaves her heartbroken. She had to leave with Hawkeye to solve another case leaving Peter behind, it’s been months and they haven’t talked, making Peter worried. He tries to message her and sends her videos but she ignores him. {DT to this wonderful people: @xjenillax @sophie_pointy @rapha.ld @natasha_stargaryen @nazliimizrak @stark.yes @theiron_billionaire }

This man is a work of art, and needs to be put in a museum 😍
vc: @hypnotic.hd ❤️

"Ya sabes hemos estado adelantando a Thanos desde la primera película de los vengadores. Recuerdan el final dels vengadores donde se gira la silla y te das cuenta que algo malo se acerca. Hemos estado adelantando eso desde hace años y lo difícil es cuando el adelantas que vas a hacer algo durante tanto tiempo. Así que dentro de los primeros cinco minutos de Infinity War la gente comprenderá por qué Thanos es el mayor y más malvado villano de la historia del UCM"
Estás fueron las palabras de Kevin Feige en la última Comic Con Experience Brasil.

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