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pay close attention to the #antifa tough guys who had come to pick a fight: (1) blue backpack punk (2) black hoodie punk (#TonySintic, boyfriend of "#Moldylocks" AKA #EmilyMitchell)(3) sleeveless tan backpack punk (4) bearded punk. Note: the "his lips are quivering" comment came from an antifa jackass.
An irony is that white males have always utterly dominated the (physical) fighting ranks of the extreme left. by taking up the cause of anti-white racism, they get to absolve themselves of the propaganda-based pathology of white guilt. but the vast majority of these young white "anarchists" have deep-seated emotional issues, extreme insecurity and disappointment in themselves. these are people who are very angry at the world, brimming with a desire to lash out and destroy whatever they can. to have these juvenile compulsions coddled, dignified and nurtured by obfuscatory propaganda from "anarchist" and Marxist stupidity outlets is a source of extreme satisfaction to them: it feeds the flames of their destructive anger with the pure oxygen of misinformed, idiotic self-righteousness.

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