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Last night I got to talk and pray with my favorite preacher.
I put Mr. Nolan second to Billy Graham.

Tony has reached so many people through his testimony and the messages he preaches.

He wrote my favorite Christian book, "Gasp!."
The book is about the difference between head knowledge of the gospel and a heart knowledge.
He makes it perfectly clear that if you don't repent and trust in Jesus with your heart, you will not spend eternity in Heaven.

I tell people that if you aren't saved, his book will scare you to death. And if you're saved, it will convict you to get out and witness to everyone you meet!

Repentance is something many MANY preachers leave out, but not Tony.
He never leaves a crowd without explaining the full plan of salvation.

Keep on serving the Lord and shining your light Mr. Nolan. :)
I can't wait till next time. :) #TonyNolan

One of my favourite Christmas presents this year has to be this signed copy of Hull Born & Bred. Thank you Dad 🙂🙌🏼 #hull2017 #hullcityofculture2017 #tonynolan

Such an honor and blessing meeting Evangelist @tonynolanlive!! Praying that the Lord continue to use him to reach thousands and thousands of lost souls, and that even more youth come to know Jesus Christ as their Savior tonight as he preaches his third and final session at @xtreme_conferences!! “The fruit of the righteous is a tree of life, And he who wins souls is wise.” Proverbs‬ ‭11:30‬ #xtremewinter #tonynolan #soulwinner #JesusSaves #newyearseve

@tonynolanlive sharing the Gospel to 20,000 at The Palace. Such a real, gritty but hope filled testimony. Thank you for your words of redemption.
@winterjamtour #preach #tonynolan #winterjam #speaker #eventphotographer

Sorry for a double post but I had to brag about my awesome job. Working at E-Camps for the past four years has given me such great opportunities to meet and work with really awesome people. This week was no exception. Getting to work right along side of @tonynolanlive and @bradwhudson was an unforgettable experience!

@crowders_ridge #crowdersridge #Ecamps2016 #elevationworship #tonynolan

Big thx & love to everyone of you beautiful people that have made this tour an incredible journey so far, and have allowed us to be a small piece of music speaking to our culture. Thank you! #winterjam #tfk #tonynolan


59!! A few of the 59 people who accepted Christ today. What a phenomenal day!! #Grateful #OnlyJesus

Church tomorrow is going to be NEXT LEVEL! Can't wait for us to experience all that Jesus is going to do @freedomchurchtv. See you there!
Acworth: 9:45, 11:15, & 5:00
Kennesaw: 9:45 & 11:15

Got this rad show this weekend with some rad people. It'd mean a lot if you came out.
Saturday, May 20th, 2017. Admission is free. Gates open at 12:30pm. Our set is roughly around 2pm. Point mallard park in Decatur Alabama.

"We all live in a bad neighborhood. It's called earth and it's getting worse." This man brought the house down tonight, friends. I was blessed and I know everyone here was blessed as well. Come out tomorrow for the last night to hear Rick Gage speak. #GoTellMinistries #TonyNolan #AthensTexas

I know @winterjamtour is already over but here's more
1. I love seeing @itsbrittnicole it's my first time seeing her. Also fanpages i put y'alls on screen.
2. I love seeing @tonynolanlive this will be his last year of joining WJ. Thank you Tony for an amazing preacher! There's more i'll have it soon. #brittnicole #yourworthmorethangold #bethechange #togetherwecanbethechange #winterjam #winterjamhouston #winterjamtour #winterjam2017 #tonynolan

Forgot how much you are worth to God? We'll let me introduce you to this guy, Tony Nolan. Love this guys story, and the passion and excitement he had when he was talking about Jesus, I found his message to be a great uplifting reminder, so thank you Tony.😊 #winterjam2017 #tonynolan #speakingaboutJesus #youhaveworthtoGod #awesomeguy #onfireforGod #suchaninspiration❤️

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