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Happy Birthday To My Favorite Sister!!! Hope the kids made your morning tolerable. Love you!!! 🎈🎉🎁💖 #MuzaSisters #TommysGirls #SaraAnn

Today was life changing. Thank you for never giving up when it came to finding me. In return I promise to be the best sister I can possibly be. Our dad may not be here but we have each other, and that’s all that matters. #TodayWasPerfect #MyLittleSister #BloodSisters #TommysGirls #MiraclesDoHappen 💜

Happy Valentines - Red roses & chocs all round 🌹#tommysgirls #redroses #showtheloveevenmore 🖤#blackheartedboy

Maya's face 😂😂😂 #picturesfromdaddy #tommysgirls

Alright ya’ll, #failforward is a movement created by @medicineinmichigan. So here’s my story!

1️⃣In high school, I never applied myself. I was notoriously known as the kid who skipped. I graduated with a 2.8 GPA. I failed Chemistry. I almost didn’t graduate, somehow a Microbiology credit showed up on my transcript. Looking back now, I wish I actually took that class.
2️⃣ I was part of the Future Educators of America where I received credit for volunteering in a classroom. I ended up not continuing for a second year. And was never eligible for the scholarship because of it, my good friend was though.
3️⃣When my father passed, I took a year off and switched gears towards an EMT cert. I was a Vol EMT with the local fire department for 3 years. At one of my first calls, I almost passed out on a cardiac arrest; my chief had me go sit in the ambulance. Embarrassing. But I learned responsibility and the reality/wholeness of the statement “saving lives”. It wasn’t until this moment that I realized what I truly wanted to do in life.
4️⃣ I always hated the longevity of school, so I decided on going for my MA. Passed the class, loved learning, never got a job.
5️⃣I moved to TN, got married, had a baby, tried Dental Assisting- hated it. So I took a position at the local hospital for Telemetry/EKG Tech. I enjoyed it and all it had to offer, but always craved more. I had to quit after 7 months because I had no opportunities for daycare. Fail.
6️⃣At the age of 26, I applied for Nursing School. I was SO excited and ready, but ended up filling out my FASFA wrong and couldn’t start in the Spring. So I took a position at another hospital, horrible place, I quit on the spot.
7️⃣ BUT after an hour of quitting, I signed myself up for a CNA course so I can become a Nurse Assistant, and will be graduating March 2nd. I will also be starting my BSN in the fall.

I’ve always been confident in my abilities to swallow failure and use it to fuel my goals, no matter what anyone says. Consistently having a positive attitude is what made me who I am, so no matter what runs through my path, I will trust it, love it, and learn from it, because FAILURE DOESN’T DEFINE ME 💛

All love💙 #tommysgirls #missedyou

Daddy Daughter dance 2018 #PT #tommysgirls #tommyl1on #southbend

Working tonight and just got this picture! 💕💕💕 I guess this means I'm not sleeping in my own bed when I get home in the morning. 😂 #tommysgirls

This two little angels have my heart ❤️❤️ Peanut (Tommie) & Pumpkin (DeMayla) #TommysGirls #sisters

Our Gypsy girl ❤️🐶 #bedtime #tommysgirls #chowchow #chowchowpuppy

Been too long girl! Happy Birthday celebration and regardless the distance and time I will always be here for you! Hope you had an amazing birthday and trip home kell! Love you and miss you😘 #friendsforlife #maggies #tommysgirls #alwaysinmyheart #40andfabulous #getitonthefloor #dmx #happybirthdaytoyou

Happy Halloween 🎃 #tommysgirls #gogo #skeleton @dbrownie

If a lot of people love each other, the world would be a better place to live 🖤
-A Legend
#TheRoom #TommyWiseau #youretearingmeapartlisa #ohhimark #ididnothither #tommysgirls

Thank you! Thank You! Thank You! To everyone that came out tonight. Nothin but love for all of you. And to everyone that donated, you are all spectacular! #tommysgirls #everydayheros #fuckms #thankyou #muchlove

Weekend retreat at Ohope Beach Country Club celebrating 26 years of the lovely @soph_craig 🏸🎀🍸 #tommysgirls

I swear it's bigger in real life. I'm so glad I decided to take charge of my health before I got pregnant and during this pregnancy. Although I had Colombian empanadas and patacones last night for dinner. And cheesecake. 🙈🤷🏻‍♀️A girl's gotta eat. #mayaolivia #tommysgirls #pipapride

What can I say, these two have got me head over heels! #wcw #wce #tommyl1on #tommysgirls #PT & Shon D @blasianlocl1oness

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