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,,, this is still the purest video ,, my five puppies i raised them all and watched them grow to the men they ar today so proud so grateful so touched

I can't believe that Louis believes having bad voice when his voice transmitted me peace and happiness, has a voice as most beautiful angels and is one that is breaking 😭 help it creates in the 😭 😊 #welovelouis

Can you please stop reposting my manips?? If you do PLEASE TAG ME! it's my work and I put little watermarks cause I don't want them in the way but this doesn't mean you can ignore them... Don't make me use a bigger one. This was reposted on IG at least 4 times today already, even before I posted it here! 😔 #larry #larrystylinson #larryisreal #larrymanip #larents #larryaf #harrystyles #louistomlinson #louist91 #tomlinson #onedirection #otplarry

What do you mean? I'd be practically dying from joy if you were around. @harrystyles

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When your man looks so good you need to wear a knitted sweater of that good stuff 😩😩😩

When step?😭


263. Rehab: China.
You went to see the Great Wall anyway. He wasn’t going to ruin this day for you. This trip was his idea, but you planned it all for a to z and you weren’t going to let him ruin this day for you. You walked on your own, looking around at the view.
You stopped at some point and leaned on the wall, deep into thoughts.
“Darling,” you heard his voice. You thought you were dreaming, you turned your head in direction of the voice. There he was slowly walking towards you, his hand into his pockets.
“Leave me alone, Harry,” you sighed, standing back up and walking away. He followed behind you.
“Can we please talk about this?”
“It’s already been a long day and it’s not even past noon and I want to have a good rest of the day.”
“I am sorry, alright? I am fucking sorry. I couldn’t help myself. I saw this guy on the street and the next thing I know is that I am giving him some money for a couple of bags.”
“A couple of bags? It wouldn’t have lasted you this long, that I know. You must’ve bought some in New Zealand and Australia and Japan.”
“I knew you were going to react like this that’s why I didn’t tell you.”
You stopped dead in your tracks and turned to him, “since when are you lying and hiding things from me?”
“I am not. I am not lying and I am not hiding things from you - I mean except for that.”
“When you find a valid reason to hide things from me, we’ll talk. Until then, I am going to try and enjoy the view and try to make this day better because it can’t get worse.”

My little boy. So proud of him. I can't wait to hear "Back to You"
#Louis #William #Tomlinson #Tommo #Lou #BooBear


Cutest baby

niall appreciation bc this man is thriving and living and i love it

i mean i ship larry 100% mate but this shit is kinda true and it makes me sad. both louis and harry are so much more than a homosexual relationship, that's why i don't post all the little shit and theories some of y'all come up with. whether i think it's real or not, i don't believe that EVERYTHING comes down to larry? it completely disregards the music they make and work they do.

Oh honey why is your brain not working today. They are still under them 🤦🏻‍♀️ also Colton Haynes yeah his company told him if he came out nobody would love him ☺️ #larrystylinson #louistomlinson #harrystyles #harry #styles #louis #tomlinson #larryisotp #onedirection #larryfamily #larryshipper #larryest2010 #larryhugs #larryisreal #larryaf #larry #stylinson #larents #directionerlarry #AIMH #alwaysinmyheartsincerelyLouis #endbabygate #endbabygate2k17

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