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"How was it?" Tom asked Harrison as he walked into Tom's apartment. "The long version or the short one?" Harrison asked. "Short" Tom said dryly. "We kissed" Harrison smiled. "What?!" Tom suddenly was very interested in the conversation. "We kissed" haz said again and sat next to Tom on the couch. "It was one of these moments you just feel it's right. I looked into her eyes and I just felt it, it was in the air" Harrison added. "And what-" Tom's phone rang, preventing him from finishing the sentence. "Wait a second" Tom walked to the other room and answered the phone. "You heard?" The voice that came out of the phone said. "Yes" Tom sad shortly. "And you're ok about that?" The voice asked. "Is it matters? My opinion matters nothing at this point" Tom mumbled. "Of course it matters," the voice said. "You just have to stop being such a coward and stand up for yourself," the voice said. "He's my best friend," Tom said quietly. "You liked her first" the voice said shortly. "But he said it first," Tom said back. "But she likes you," the voice said, and then silence. "What?" Tom asked shocked. "I have to go, I'll talk to you later" the voice hang up. "Haz I'm really sorry but I have to go," Tom said and stormed out of the house.
"You're what?!" Taylor shouted. "We kissed," you said shortly. "So you like him?" She asked. "Yeah, sure, why not" you shrugged. "This is not the answer I expected to hear" Taylor mumbled. "Still thinking about Tom?" She asked. "Yeah" you sighed. "I just remembered, I have to make a quick phone call. Be right back" Taylor walked into her room to make the phone call and you waited for her in the living room. "And you're ok about that?" You heard only a few little parts of the conversation. "You just have to stop being such a coward and stand up for yourself" you heard, even though you tried not to. Then Taylor lowered her voice and you couldn't hear anything "I have to go, I'll talk to you later" you heard her steps as she walked into the living room. "You know what? Let's just watch a movie and forget about the boys' trouble of yours" Taylor smiled at you. (CONTINUED IN THE COMMENTS)

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I cant believe I’m actually meeting this boy in May

This is the last chapter in the series! I’m sorry if it’s too cheesy! I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I did writing it!
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Part 36 💛
Don't miss the other parts ➡️ [#hollandsunshinefanfic]
You all borded the plane. You sat next to Tom, you were by the window and he sat in the other seat. Bryan was a few seats behind you. Tom held your hand and looked at you with a slight smile.
Tom: everything's going to be okay y/n.
Y/n: thanks baby.
He kisses your hand. The plane takes off. You fell asleep on Tom's shoulder after awhile. You were extremely tired and felt pretty empty after having many cry fests. After the whole plane ride you all got off. You packed your suitcases in your car and called your parents before you left. You got into the car, you were driving with Tom in the front seat and Bryan in the back.
Y/n: We're going to head to the hospital. Bryan do you want me to drop you off at your house?
Bryan: Do you mind if I come?
You could feel Tom's anger without him actually saying anything. You hesitated but said sure.
Once you got to the hospital you rushed inside. You saw both your parents in the waiting room. You hugged them.
Y/n: it's so good to see you guys. How is he?
Mom: were so glad to see you too. He's doing okay.. Y/n: why didn't you guys tell me? You didnt call me.
Mom: we didn't want to worry you.
Dad: we wanted for you to enjoy your trip. Also your brother told us not to tell you.
Y/n: of course he did. Can I go see him?
Mom: sure you can.
Before you walk up to the desk you see Tom introduce himself to your parents. After you tell the office Tom and Bryan come with you but stay outside of the room. Once you saw Kaleb you started to cry. His face was badly bruised and scratched, his leg was broken and his arms were basically swollen.when you walked up to the bed Kaleb partially opened his eyes.
Y/n: Kaleb. I'm so sorry.
Kaleb: y/n? What.. Why are you here?
Y/n: I came here to see you.
Kaleb: oh. I don't look to good do I?
Y/n: its not time for jokes.
Kaleb: Im sorry.
Y/n: what did the doctors say?
Kaleb: I'll be able to recover but it'll take a very long time. I'll have to be in a wheelchair for awhile.
Y/n: oh.. Kaleb: hey, its okay, the doc said I'll be able to recover.
Y/n: Ik, I just hate to see you like this. ...
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"Good morning" you walked into the kitchen. "Morning" Taylor said back while making breakfast. "What's the time right now?" You asked still a little sleepy. "10" Taylor looked at her watch. "Shit" you mumbled and ran back to your room. "You remember the cute guy I met yesterday?!" You shouted from your room. "Yes" Taylor shouted back. "He texted me last night asking if I want to meet up today" you said while dressing up. "Really?! That's awesome!" Taylor answered. "Do you want me to tell him you're coming too?" You walked out of the room half dressed. "What?!" Taylor looked up at you in a sharp move. "I mean, I came here to visit you, not meeting cute guys" you mumbled. "No, that's ok, I have to go to work anyway. I'm cool with that as long as you're mine at nights" Taylor winked. "Sure" you chuckled. At 11am sharp Tom was waiting for you at the care outside the house. "Hey" you smiled as you got into the car. "Hey, what's up?" Tom asked but his phone range before you could answer. "You can answer the call" you mumbled nicely and Tom picked up the phone. "Hey haz, what is it?" He answered a little bit coldly. "Seriously?" Tom sighed. "Ok" he said shortly, "bye" Tom added and hang up. "Harrison, my mate needs me to pick him up from somewhere. Do you mind?" He asked. "No, not at all" you smiled. "So... I thought" Tom said and started driving, "maybe I can show you around, if you haven't done this already with your friend already" he added. "If it was up to her, the only place I would know around here was the nearest bar" you chuckled, and so as Tom. "Well, that's the only place that matters" Tom joked. "We're here," Tom said after a few minutes and then a guy with blond hair and blue eyes got into the car and sat in the back seat, probably Harrison. "Hello eyes" you turned around to where haz sat. "Hey" he smiled back. "I guess you get that comment a lot" you chuckled. "Pretty much" he smiled "Harrison, but you can call me haz" he reached out and shook your hand. "I'm more of a huger but that's good too. y/n" You said back. You three spent the rest of the day showing you around. (CONTINUED IN THE COMMENTS)

//part 9//
"I care why?" Maybe you were being a bit rude but Tom has been nothing but bad luck for you so far. "Look y/n I'm sorry." You only shrug and turn around. "Have you ever thought about being an actor?" "What?" You ask turning back around confused.
"I really thought you like me." You looked him dead in the eyes. "I thought so to." He steps closer placing his hands on your shoulders. "Then let me make it up to you." Looking deep into his eyes where you knew you were getting lost, you just wanted say yes. Please do. But no. Keep it together y/n. This boy has made you crazy enough. There was no way you were going to give in. That was at least, without getting even first. You smirked at him and in return he smiled. "Maybe." You said. "But your gonna have to try harder then that." And just to make sure it worked, you pecked him the cheek then strutted off.

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Part 35 💛
Other parts ➡️ [#hollandsunshinefanfic]
After taking the elevator upstairs you went into your room and started paking. After you called your parents, Bryan came in as your were paking and wipe a tear from your face.
Bryan: I'm coming with you.
Y/n: what?
Bryan: Well I stayed to tell you, I have nothing else to do here.
Y/n: okay.
Bryan: Do you need help packing?
Y/n: no I'm fine.. Thanks.
Bryan: Okay, I'll meet you downstairs then.
You don't answer, he walks out of the room. You feel yourself start to cry again, this time you can't hold it in your burst into tears and put your back up against the wall sitting on the floor. Their was a knock on the door it was Tom.
Tom: Darling?(he sees you crying on the floor and comes to sit next to you on the floor. You turn and cuddle into him, he rubs your back) I'm so sorry y/n.
Tom: Can I please come with you, I can't just stay here knowing you're not doing well. Haz and Samantha can stay if they want to. I need to be with you y/n, the way you are right now. Please.
Y/n: *you look at him* okay.
You hug him. After the long hug you tried to pull yourself together, bought the tickets and packed, you came downstairs in the lobby. Samantha runs up the to you and gives you a hug.
Haz: Can we come to?
Samantha: y/n, you need us.
Y/n: *smile* I'll be fine, thanks guys. You stay here and enjoy yourselves okay. I gave in to Tom coming but I don't want you guys to really have to be involved. Don't look at me like tht I know you don't mind.
Samantha: We don't, but I understand, be safe okay. We'll come to see you guys soon. I'm not leaving you there for that long.
Y/n:okay, thanks Samantha. *you hug again*
You hug Haz and say goodbye. After leaving the hotel with Tom and Bryan you take a taxi to Tom's place and he packs his stuff. You all arrive at the airport and wait to board. You sit in the middle seat between Tom and Bryan. You felt super awkward with them both here. It must have been weird for Bryan and Tom too. You just hoped they would get along and nothing would happen between them. You tried not to worry about that and just worry about Kaleb.
Hope you like it, what do you think? 🤔😊💘

You laid him down and out a blanket around him. You laid down next to him and you turned off the light in not even a second everything seemed to be so dark lonely and nothing else. You shook your head and closed your eyes. You seeing nothing wasn’t any better anyway, you didn’t know why you felt this way. You opened your eyes and looked at tom. You were lucky to have him, you were going to help him even if it was the last thing you would do. The story shall continue until it ends with you two in hospital beds holding each others wrinkled hands, with the knowledge of the wisest person and the spirit of the brightest person, hopefully even when you two are old, you would be together and you would have a new story to start with eachother. You thought about this long and hard, you Thought until you slowly fell into a deep sleep in the comfy sheets.
“I bet you still have feelings for him!” Harrison yelled. “It’s not my fault that the past is hitting me!” Clara yelled back. “You know what tom was right you are a slut!” Harrison said. “Oh yeah well that’s not what you thought in university!”. “That was different” he said. “I used to sneak out when I was at toms to be with you I don’t even know why I left him” she said. “I fucking hate you, I don’t even know why I thought this vacation would be a way to bring our love back” he said. “Well your not the most hated person on my list” said Clara. “That girl y/n is, the one you are all lovey Dovey about” she said. “I am not” Harrison said. “God I miss tom” she said. “No no even if me and tom aren’t friends anymore you cannot ruin their relationship too” he said. “Oh I know he misses me too he Just refuses to show it” Clara said. “In your dreams” Harrison scoffed. “You know what I don’t even want to stay here anymore” Harrison said. “What!” Clara said. “We are leaving tomorrow!, yeah you heard me!” Harrison said. “You wouldn’t” she said. “Oh you can stay here and rot while I go back without you” he said. “Fuck you harrison” she said walking away. “Feelings mutual” he said sticking up his middle finger. It wasn’t long before Clara came back in. “I’m sorry” she said. “You can’t tear me down too I won’t be like tom trust me”🌸

//part 3//
It's been a Week. All you've wanted was to text Tom. Tell him it was mistake. To say you regret everything. Or even just to say the simple phrase, I love you. But then again, if you did everything would be the same. Long lonely days and a boyfriend who's always away. Of course you did visit him. But he would always be busy. And you couldn't visit him often. He wasn't ready to tell the public about you. And now he might never be.
It was on a Tuesday when Harrison came knocking on your door. It hurt to hear the first thing he said "What did you do to Tom!?" You only shook your head and tried to close the door but Harrison's foot was in the way. You looked up into his eyes as he looked into yours. You could see he was searching for an answer but he got nothing. "Why??" His voice was now quiet and soft. You sighed. "I had to haz," you looked back down now. Afraid to look him in the eye. "It just wasnt working out anymore."
"But what if it was..."
"What?" Confused you had to look back up. "Your both so miserable without each other. Fly over to him! Make it right!"

As the warm sun set, the cave became cloaked in the darkness of the night.
While you slept, Peter Parker stood near the cave entrance, acting as a watchful protector. For hours, he’d simply stand there, thinking of everything that happened earlier. When he’s alone, his true seriousness shows, now that there’s no one to crack jokes at in combat.
Far, far away, a star destroyer hovered motionlessly over one of the now-ruined cities on this colony world. The buildings below burned so bright that the enormous triangular warship was cloaked in a terrifying orange glow.
The fact that star destroyers still exist is a testament to the impossible odds the Resistance faces––almost certain failure. The fact is that Leia’s paramilitary organization simply can’t save everyone. The situation on the this planet, called Thanos, proves it.
Peter was sent here alone by Captain Rogers to assess the situation. That was directly after Starkiller Base was destroyed. Only a week later, he totally lost contact with his peers. It wasn’t until he overheard it while spying on stormtroopers that he found out about the slaughter on Crait, and rumors of the appearance of the Last Jedi.
However, whatever’s left of his allies were hundreds of parsecs away––completely out of reach. And there’s people that need to be saved. He need to at least save someone, knowing that saving the remaining half of the populace is impossible alone. Since then he’s been harassing the local garrison, taking out patrols that directly threatened people.
Then he found you. You’re not the first person he’s taken away from the city to heal, but there’s something different about you… He just doesn’t know what. Even then, he’ll do anything to keep you safe. It’s just what he does. As long as you’re safe, he’ll sleep tight. And he does, letting sleep drown away the sight of that terrifying star destroyer.
Admiral Kosh Teradoc of the First Order awaited the approach of Agent Thanisson. One of his personal spies, who he sent to the Finalizer to keep a close eye on his political rival: General Hux. (Cont. in comments.)

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