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New scores! 1984 #tomgroholski #jerseydevil #og and first release @shutnyc assault vehicle 1988?. Been looking for both of these since i first started collecting in the 90s🤳


A lot of skateboarding went down here. Wearing mandatory wrist guards (wo the plastic). We lived across the street with a bunch of skaters and white trash. My portion of the rent was seventy two dollars, I had a bike and ate a lot of Taco Bell. We didn't have to pay for computerized devices or anything so we hardly had to work. We just skated as much as we could.

#sk8svs @robmertz @joexmosh @lennysk8s @montynolder #tomgroholski @heykook #everybodyelse

The Skate Army aka the Psycho Platoon.
#chuckhults #jinx #tomgroholski
🎥 Psycho Skate. 1988
#psychoskate @chuck_hults @martyjimenez

Everyday Is Saturday. @griffun_ having some fun in the new bowl. @doublewide_theskatebarn @permavaca #skatedifferentskateeverything #tomgroholski

Thanks to everyone that helped pack up the PA house, unpack into the FL house and help us stay entertained in the middle of the hellish, ongoing mess!! @petittbilt @wpkennedy3
@snapsnapperson @daniellebits @mikeyclassic @babyg_nbt_dogt @riconeill99 @lady_squindo #tomgroholski #solarbowl #groholskiappreciationsociety


Found my old @juicemagazine in the garage. Lots of great interviews and photos. @ben10schroeder @kenfillion #tomgroholski #craigjohnson #poolspipespunkrock #keepskateboardingacrime

Found this gem. #vision #skateboarding #tomgroholski thanks to my Aunt @lisamolchon for hooking it up back in the 80s

Thanks to everyone that helped pack up the PA house, unpack into the FL house and help us stay entertained in the middle of the hellish, ongoing mess!! @petittbilt @wpkennedy3
@snapsnapperson @daniellebits @mikeyclassic @babyg_nbt_dogt @riconeill99 @lady_squindo #tomgroholski #solarbowl #groholskiappreciationsociety

Heavy throw back Thursday! This is #tomgroholski and Wilkes shredding the ol' @islandwatersports ramp in St. Louis when IWS was world wide. Check out @mittsta page for more rad finds.

Friday Fun featuring Tom 'Fidget' Groholski.
How many spinners can you find? 😂😂
#tomgroholski #visionskateboards #madridskateboards #skateragsad #fidgetspinners #coolerthanyou #fun #skateboarding #dbedits #legendary #lovethisshit #thankyouskateboarding
Shout out to @holy_sk8 for the OG photo

#tbt / ...memories of life in jahpan. Here's a foto of the @stevecaballero board that i mentioned in my previous post pertaining to @yoshirohigai 's book, "JUDO AIR."🙏🏽💥💫 ...in all actuality, moving to Japan from NJ during my "junior year in high school was a real bum-trip. I had already been hardcore into skating vert everyday in NJ with my best homies & crews like #steveherring #bradconstable @woundedkneeskateboards #quantran #tomgroholski #underdognyc @russiglay @sardean732 #cherryhillskatepark -local @chucktreece & a gang of other radical skateboarders when my parents told me that we were moving to Northern JP(Misawa AFB, Aomori ken). Our fam lived there from '82 til' the Winter of '84, then we moved to Hawai'i. During all the time that we lived in Misawa, i never saw or met another skateboarder, japanese nor american. With no vert to skate anywhere, i once joined the high school basketball team only because i had heard that the team would get to go to a US Air Force base in Korea to play... in which i had also heard-had a vert ramp. I played halfway into the season, with dreams of a chance to skate it. But when i had heard that the ramp got torn down, from someone who had just moved from there, i quit the team. I remember the coach and my parents were pissed & confused that i quit half way through the season haha! The winter climate was "RUFF"... #billyruff is what i use to say... i would go snowboarding every winter on my early Burton "back hill" model, and peeps would trip hard since no one was snow board'n there... yet! Being that there were no other skaters where i lived, i would turn all my friends on to skating, skim boarding, snowboarding, and to punk rock ha! I'd look for spots, build ramps, and hand down my used equipment, just so I'd have someone to skate with. The coolest thing was that there were already Japanese surfers at a nearby beach in Misawa. They were older dudes and were super cool, I'd hang with them... first peeps that turned me on to my love for jazz music. I've always thought that moving away from NJ f*k'd up a chance at being a better vert skater, but it prob helped me as a street skater ha!!! 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🌀🍃⛩⛩⛩✨💫

Late April of 2016, @roweboard caught some healthy smiles from a few of my favorites at New Smyrna Beach Skatepark. Smiles for miles. Smiling is an action so this is an action shot. #actionshot #smiling #skateboarding #skeletonkeymfg #nsb #newsmyrnabeach #florida #darrennavarrette #joshrodriguez #tomgroholski #jimmywilkins #creatureskateboards

#budharajuku #skaterags #tomgroholski #oldskate #80s #vintage

Seeing Tom last weekend at @jgcrun #letshaveasession inspired me to share an old shot of Tom at Mt Trashmore in 1985.... photo Drew Munn #tomgroholski

Stopped by "Let's Have a Session" at Chelsea Skatepark in NYC put on by @jgcrun!!! Look who I bumped into after decades of not seeing him, legend #tomgroholski #chelseapiersskatepark

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