Skull & webs made by @johnnynokela @tomb_tattoo πŸ•Έ

Space spider made by @2kittenpawz @tomb_tattoo πŸš€

Traditional styled sleeve made by our guest artist @die_draak πŸ”₯πŸ‰πŸ”₯

Mermaid made by @johnnynokela @tomb_tattoo 🐟

Chest piece made by @aapskeloerder_tattooer @tomb_tattoo 🌺

Rat made by @johnnynokela @tomb_tattoo πŸ€

Mystery Machine action today on Nick! @kingsleyonyx thanks for the gamble!!!!! #mysterymachine #tombtattoocapetown

Handpoke by @mettie_closeout @tomb_tattoo 🦈

@tomb_tattoo has got some fresh new gift vouchers! Pop in and spoil that special person with the gift of ink πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

Bad luck cat made by @johnnynokela for @africantails fund raiser 🐱

Made by @nicholasmudskipper for @africantails fund raising day @tomb_tattoo 🐢🐱

Made by @2kittenpawz for @africantails fund raising day @tomb_tattoo 🐱🐢

Heart made by @nicholasmudskipper @tomb_tattoo β›“

@aapskeloerder_tattooer 😁When you go visit your homie with a belly πŸ˜„

Made by @aapskeloerder_tattooer @tomb_tattoo ⚰️

Blazed turtle handpoke by @mettie_closeout @tomb_tattoo 🐒

C3PO made by @nicholasmudskipper @tomb_tattoo πŸ“€

Handpoke by @mettie_closeout @tomb_tattoo 🏺

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