I've been trippin' 'bout some things, can't change

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My favourite part about running @refusetoconformclothing is getting to meet new, amazing people! It’s always so good to meet you guys in person. Also! Huge shoutout to @hsphotography29 for making everyone feel comfortable, for your cracking skills, creative ideas and delivering bloody good content so quickly. Much love. ❤️ Where to next?

It's a cartoon comic day... bit chilly around the willy and windy! #tomboystyle

Everyone sees the world in one’s own way.

Познай сиддхи😎

When someone first approached me with this magic unicorn 🦄 drink that made me lose weight without working out, I was PISSED and INSULTED.
Doesn't this person know me? Don't they know how much I value putting in the work? How showing up every day saved my life? Don't they know that I know that there is no quick fix?? So I wrote it off, I talked shit and put it in the back of my mind. 😡

It wasn't for 5 more months that I learned about it again, but in a different way. It wasn't a quick fix or magic, but a bio-hack that went ALONG with what I was doing...not in place of. It wasn't about being lazy and using a drink to do the work, it was about expanding and clearing my mind, operating all aspects of myself at a higher level, and learning how to use science so that my mind and my body ran at its optimal state.
I'm not mad at how it was first presented to me. The truth is, I probably wasn't ready to receive the information at that time but when I was ready...damn did it change the course of my life! Higher vibration all around! I guess the moral of the story is, don't let one persons opinion or description be the end all be all. They may just not be speaking your language. If I hadn't been open the second time around, I'd still be in the same place doing the same thing...

Пожалуй, одно из самых любимых занятий, расслабляет лучше всяких йога-тайм и лопанья пакетиков с пупырками💁🏽

Закат уползает в объятья обрыва.#summer

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