schoolboy dreams ☁️

La Casa De Papel, 2017

“Too young to know how to love” ~ The Little Prince

“You wanna be friends forever? I can think of something better.” ~ Hayley Kiyoko

C A M I L L E \\ @sealegaspi

T O R J \\ @torjietoreja

C L A I R E \\ @clareinso

K A Y E \\ @kaye_cal

K I M \\ @kimbarik

S A R I E \\ @sarie.cruz

She's only gonna break your heart ~ Stranger Things

“flower girl fucc” 🌹

Support local \\ @dontblamethekids

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Cause fuck leaving alone
Let me take you home, I wanna take you home 🥀 — Special Affair - The Internet

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