Lily is one happy kitty. School Holidays Day 1 and she’s getting all the smooches from her 3 lil humans totally tucked up warm and cozy watching Netflix. The girls shopped for new dance-wear and did artwork at Nan-Nan’s house, while Nate did whatever it is they do on Fortnite with his buddies, so much noise and excitement and no mess to clean-up afterwards!! Coco-Sabine was super excited to go on the first of many planned sleepovers tonight, my beautiful mama made us Lasagne for dinner and Willa is busy making posters. It’s been a #happymonday with our fave #furbaby #tonkinesecat

Sunny Sunday morning visit with the smooth and cool Elwood. #coolcatsofinstagram #tokinesecats #tokineseofinstagram

This is Mika, he's been our #Tonkinese #cat house guest since mid-December. His hooman went to travel the world, and Mika came to visit us. ⚪️ Now, Mika probably did not sit around in his home daydreaming of driving across the 405 in a plastic cat box so that he could meet strange new cats, but that is what he got for Christmas, and he rolled with it. We gave him his own Cat Ball® cat bed, and he loved it, in fact, he sometimes just hung out inside while this gullible hooman spoon fed him fancy canned cat food. ⚪️ Today we asked Mika to model for us, and dang, this guy is good! He doesn't have many different modeling faces, most of them are pretty serious, but we caught this moment and found it charming. #guestcat #catsofSeattle #blueeyes #tokinesecats #bestmeow #catstagram sent via @latergramme #topcatphoto

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