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Friday Working 📈❤️#shabbatshalom #tgif #weekend

Dear Evan Hansen we've been wAAAY too out of tOucH,,

Hi I love u guys

Artist: South-Creek

~ Cry 💀

#Repost @wizardsmagiceu ・・・
Here are just some of the silver-bordered FOIL tokens you'll be opening in Unstable packs, and using in your games come December 8th! #MTG #magic #magicthegathering #MTGUn3 #MTGArt #Unstable #mtgunstable #previews #MagicTheGathering #fantasy #fantasystory #fantasyart #fantasygame #game #gaming #tcg #tradingcards #tradingcardgame #brainiac #construct #dragon #faerie #gnome #goat #token #tokens

So, one thing about me is that when I’m given something I don’t necessarily get right away, you best believe I’ll be practicing for hours until I find my jushhh on it!! @ayhollywood class has always been a challenge for me, but I accept it and KEEP IT PUSHING! My determination has always been strong and I never give up period. He taught this yesterday and since I couldn’t get a round 2, decided to have a night session. @nerd @pharrell @badgalriri vibes.
*insta tried deletin it* 💀

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All American afternoon! Deffo some funny ones in here #token #blacksheep 🎄


Golem is still looking good for continued gains as price trends above the 8-day average(pink line). We have a recent 8-day average rise above the 21-day average(pink crosses above yellow)which is a buy signal as well as a rounding bottom formation and a rising MACD indicator below the chart. Lots of bullish signs all pointing to further price gains ahead.

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Blue Horseshoe loves Ethereum.  The expected outcome of the ascending triangle pattern was a return to $400 and then move above it, but this current rally is far more intense that I could have anticpated.  Not sure what is driving this sudden demand for Ethereum, but I suspect it may be due to Bitcoin just sitting around the $8200 level and not doing much this week as far as shooting for $9000. I see a lot of altcoins getting action this week as Bitcoin sits idle, which is a trend that may reverse at the first signs of Bitcoin starting to rise again as traders rush back into Bitcoin trade and ditch their alt trades.  Either way, nice to see Ethereum making new all-time highs near $460 right now. ●

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I know my worth and what I deserve. Celebrate YOU today and praise your value. 🤙🏽

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Moving to another country one often comes across the problem of a job search. What is relevant in this country? Where are your skills the most demanded? The Unolabo functionality will provide users with the possibility to determine in which country and what skills are in great demand.

Moreover, an interactive ad tape will show new notifications from the local experts and specialist about master classes. Also, your ads will be available to the local professional community.

For better  reliability, the entire history of your deals with reviews and a general rating will be stored in the blockchain integrated into the system. This will make it possible to cut off unscrupulous competitors since it allows you to confirm the authenticity of the information about you and your skills.

#Unolabo #ICO #token #Ethereum #bitcoin #ArtificialIntelligence #cryptocurrencies

What professions could not be replaced by AI and robots in future? You can take as a hint the news about the big tour in Asian countries by Mariinsky Theater from St. Petersburg. The ballet troupe will present the Sleeping Beauty in the choreography of Marius Petipa in Beijing, then the Cinderella in Shanghai.

What is more beautiful than art actually bringing you earnings? No robot will be able to replace the hard work of actors, who bring the world’s best compositions to life on big stages. “Seasonal work” in regard of ballet does not sound very pretty, although it is quite close to the actual point - any actor can find his viewers (customers of his artwork) in any country with the help of our platform.

The Unolabo team is confident that any profession can be demanded, that is why we are developing a platform, which will combine the widest list of skills and jobs. This will allow everyone to realize their potential, acquire a new skill or help someone to master your knowledge. The world will never be a place without any work, it is only important to try yourself in a variety of different roles and find the essentials - and then no robots or AI will not threat  you.

#Unolabo #ICO #token #Ethereum #bitcoin #ArtificialIntelligence #cryptocurrencies

Low competitiveness is the main problem for most people trying to find a job of their dream. After all, there are usually a ton of candidates applying for a single workplace, or even hundreds of them. How to stay on the trend and "grab" the luck by its tail?

The Unolabo team will answer this question. We are creating a freelance platform. Unlike existing resources, Unolabo Srillmarket offers an app with a whole list of useful features that allow you to learn new skills, improve yourself and always stay on trend. And then you will not have to send applications to employers, they will compete for you.

One of the most convenient features of our Skillmarket is an ad tape, which is constantly updating with messages relevant to the user’s interests. With this, you will always stay within the information field, monitor what is relevant in your professional environment, what is worth to be learned and what your competitors are offering.

Each acquired skill makes you more attractive to a potential employer and gives you a chance for a well-paid job.

#Unolabo #ICO #token #Ethereum #bitcoin #ArtificialIntelligence #cryptocurrencies

Freelance becomes popular in almost all industries. Unfortunately, there is not any sufficiently simple and honest resource, where a newbie could find a project to earn without serious losses - both in time and finances. It seems like greedy freelance exchanges set a goal to earn literally on everything, and first of all - on young specialists.

This is a global trend, which people have already begun to fight against on the state level. And first of all in the Asia-Pacific region, including Australia and Oceania. The Australian government has allocated a large grant of 8 million Australian dollars to promote any specialist in the blockchain branch to develop energy projects. The project has an important mission: learning how cities can use blockchain and other technologies for the distribution of energy and water systems. This will not only affect the energy sector, but also the environment, as well as the regional labor market.

Unfortunately, the project is not the most extensive and cannot include all of those who express interest. But is it better to get a one-time grant or find a job for life? That is why we are offering to look into our development Unolabo Srillmarket, which will provide you with the desired vacancy and contribute to personal and professional development.

#Unolabo #ICO #token #Ethereum #bitcoin #ArtificialIntelligence #cryptocurrencies

Unolabo Skillmarket is an ecosystem that will contain a global database of people's skills, their ratings, and portfolio. In order to use it, you need a smartphone, tablet or any other device connected to the Internet. Our task is to create a freelance platform with the widest possible skill exchange, where each user is able to learn an unusual skill and eventually earn on his skills and experience.

In order to find out which skill is the most relevant, you will no longer need to study a large number of services yourself, spend time and money on unsuccessful searches. Our system will independently notify you of skills with the maximum demand in the labor market, job postings or master classes.

You have a chance to choose the best work in your country and abroad, and if your qualification does not meet all necessary requirements - develop yourself and still get the best vacancies. The future with Unolabo Skillmarket is a bright future for everyone.

#Unolabo #ICO #token #Ethereum #bitcoin #ArtificialIntelligence #cryptocurrencies

There are a lot of problems in our world that can be solved with the help of innovations.

For example, one team develops the program which prevents the extermination of rhinoceroses because of their horns.

The biotechnological Pembient startup wants to solve the problem of wild animals trade. They want to artificially produce with the 3D-printer rhinoceros horns from a keratin which will be genetically identical the real one at the macroscopic, microscopic and molecular levels.

These are examples of how new technologies can solve old problems. In addition, people were able to find an unusual and useful profession in the conditions of the 4th industrial revolution.

These are same principles that Unolabo perceives, working on its platform which combines blockchain and other innovative developments in the branch of work search. We intend to solve a number of social problems in the labor market and not only here. Primarily in developing countries, where there is a lack of both qualified staff and opportunities to have the education.

Our team is confident, that the world is constantly changing - old professions are dying and new ones are appearing. And only together with Unolabo Srillmarket, you will be aware of all trends.

#Unolabo #ICO #token #Ethereum #bitcoin #ArtificialIntelligence #cryptocurrencies

Nowadays resume is the most widespread way of employee selection- either digital or paper. Rarely it could be a portfolio. Even rarer - video or audio fixing. And only our platform allows not only to expand the functionality  of the freelance exchanges but also to make this format reliable and protected not worse than bank services.

It is allowed due to a blockchain. This technology gives the chance to save key information on transactions, skills, rating, etc. All this allows the customer or the employer to see a real story and evolution of the applicant.

Going to any country, you will be able to show the profile which confirms your competence and percent of possession everyone with the acquired skill. Such simple, but the innovative summary will become the convincing proof of your qualification.

Unolabo is a symbol of reliability and transparency in the sphere of freelance.

#Unolabo #ICO #token #Ethereum #bitcoin #ArtificialIntelligence #cryptocurrencies

The Payoneer payment system which is popular among the freelancers conducted its own research regarding the world freelance market. They especially seemed to be interested in the freelancer's demography and the level of their earnings.

The results showed that an average salary per hour is $19. Outsourcers with a degree have an income several times higher than those who have completed a secondary education or have received a bachelor's degree. Apparently the most well-paid are lawyers, whose average hour salary turned out to be $28. They also have less working hours a week.

The research results have clearly shown that freelance work is quite equal in terms of payment for a regular desk job. Working on a remote basis you have the opportunity to independently plan your work schedule and combine it with other things. But with the Unolabo platform, all our customers will not only be able to combine the above advantages of outsourcing, but also have the opportunity to master new professions without losing touch with production.

The higher education is no longer necessary in order to improve your qualification - Unolabo Skillmarket will be just enough.

#Unolabo #ICO #token #Ethereum #bitcoin #ArtificialIntelligence #cryptocurrencies

Introducing our #RMOB Token that will be the centre of our ecosystem. Follow us to stay informed on upcoming dates. Sale.rewardmob.com #wavesplatform #blockchain #gamesforum #esports #mgf2017 #bitcoin #token #tokensale #btc #ethereum #ether #waves

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