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Baking attempt. 👩‍🍳
Recipe credit : @toggle_sg 's #PattisserieFighting
#brownie #我的甜蜜革命 #TogglePF

Would @chrislee1111 prefer being a pole dancer or masseur? Watch the hilarious answers he gives when we asked him a series of rapid questions.
Catch him alongside Kit Chan in baking comedy, Patisserie Fighting!

Deciding to fulfill her childhood dream of being a baker, will Yu Tin (#KitChan) be able to survive a mid-life career change? Binge-watch all episodes of Patisserie Fighting now!

Learn how to turn a simple dessert into a fanciful one with simple decorations! Watch the full video now!

Hsiao D's (@chrislee1111) ex-girlfriend shows up with a request for him. Would he be able to help her? Find out in the last episode of Patisserie Fighting tomorrow!

The mysterious woman whom Hsiao D (@chrislee1111) sends pastries to every week will finally be revealed in the last episode of Patisserie Fighting. Don't miss it this Friday!

Love baking? Challenge yourself by making a mille-feuille! Get the full recipe now: http://toggle.sg/pf!

Hsiao D's (@chrislee1111) "sweetheart" is finally revealed! Patisserie Fighting ep 7, out now. Catch it on Toggle!

When life gives you lemons, make tarts out of it! Full recipe on toggle.sg/pf 🍋

Yu Tin (#KitChan), Monica (@prexixi) and Hsiao D (@chrislee1111) were interrupted by a mystery cupcake deliverer! Who could it be? Get the revelation in Patisserie Fighting ep 7 now!

Did Hsiao D (@chrislee1111) finally give Yu Tin (#KitChan) his first stamp of approval? Catch Patisserie Fighting ep 6 now!

"Sometimes, making a pastry that can touch someone's heart requires more than just technique." Patisserie Fighting ep 6 out now!

In the first of our "Meet the Dean" series, join chef Dean Brettschneider as he teaches you how to make an easy raspberry sauce! Full video up now!

The secret ingredient that Hsiao D (@chrislee1111) used in his pastry blew Yu Tin (#KitChan) away! Catch Patisserie Fighting ep 5 for more amazing baking tricks sprinkled with a pinch of humour!

Can Yu Tin (#KitChan) successfully clinch the deal to supply her homemade pastries to a cafe? Don't miss out on Patisserie Fighting ep 5, out now!

Enjoy the rest of Labour Day 😉

Is it a sign of things to come as Hsiao D (@chrislee1111) turns up the heat by teasing Yu Tin (#KitChan)? Don't miss ep 5 of Patisserie Fighting tomorrow!
Meanwhile, give yourself a sweet treat this long weekend by binging on ep 1-4 now!

Without a recipe, how will an overwhelmed Yu Tin (#KitChan) tackle the challenge of baking a perfect lemon tart? Catch ep 4 now!

Patience is a virtue. Will Yu Tin (#KitChan) ever learn to slow down in life? Catch ep 4 of Patisserie Fighting now!

連紅毛報都報導 #我的甜蜜革命 #patisseriefighting #togglepf #toggleOriginals #Togglesg #Toggle ☺️🙃👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

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