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Well...that’s all she wrote! My 2017 season has come to an end (minus a couple weddings in December). I now retreat to my editing den and will re-emerge in 2021. 😬I have sneak peeks to still be posted...a new website in the works...and a SUPER big announcement coming (sorry for the vague-stagram...I’m just not allowed to talk about it yet). Oh what an exciting time to be alive! 😂 Yesterday I shot the wedding of my pals @nowhereisworse and @oldirtybenson. These two were made for each other. Like really and truly the best dang combo you can think of. Thanks, Justin and Ashley, for such an awesome day. It was such an honour to document your day and to feel comfortable to openly swear with a couple. 😂 a special shout out to Justin for sticking with my 10 gang sign limit. You’re a champ. Love you guys. And thanks to all of my pals at the wedding who cut a MEAN rug. That was one hell of a dance party. Oh! And Justin’s awesome hotdog shop @maydaydogs is opening this week!! Go and support this rad fella! And a MASSIVE thanks and I love you to my dear pal @sharon_litchfield for second shooting. I couldn’t life without you. #newdirtybenson

i’ve always wanted to do a first look in a tree house. yesterday all the dreams came true 😍

...let your fingers crawl up the back of my hairline, let them lose themselves and be amnesiacs to where they came from. let my hands wander across the geography of your skin, let them lose the map that told them where to go. give us explorers for fingertips ~ tyler knot gregson
#dvlop #weroamtheearth #connection #chasinglight #exploretocreate

All my photographer dreams came true on Friday when I got to photograph st the @urbancowboybnb 🖤😭 I've been trying to shoot there since I've moved here. If you haven't been to this place, it's the most beautiful bed and breakfast you'll ever see. This iPhone photo won't do justice!!

Welp everyone!.. she’s resting. 🚐

This is always a bittersweet time of year for me. I love winter and currently, I excitedly wait for the first heavy snowfall. You know, the one where you know it is here to stay?!. 🤗 Unfortunately, this also means Lenny Blue has to be put away into storage.

I absolutely love #vanlife. With every ride, we get to take in the most epic views, on our way to places, that constantly keep us properly grounded and invigorated by the outdoors. Every time we arrive, we are reminded to keep things simple. With every challenge comes a discovery and when we treat challenges as such, each discovery eventually turns into an adventure of a lifetime. Lessons are gifts. Worry is mindful. All irrelevant possessions are forgotten and we are free. And every time we leave, we become overwhelmed with awareness, over just how valuable our one beautiful life truly is.
Forever grateful for the adventures and memories we make, every time we take her on the road.✌🏼

Can't wait to share the tiny home session we just photographed in LA

When I grow up.... @deeee123 and her little fan. I've had a wonderful week celebrating both Diwali and Halloween! Carving pumpkins today for the first time here in Vancouver, hope everyone's having a great weekend whereever you are!

It was a good day. ✨#taylormade

So far today: I slept until 9, didn't get out of bed until 10, blasted my R&B music, sang in my Alicia Keys/Whitney Houston/Mariah Carey voice that no one ever hears, took a shower, danced like a fool, jumped on the bed in my underwear, laughed at myself for how silly I must look, and realized I don't really care because I'm happier today than I've ever been. I don't care who else likes me because I LIKE ME. 👊🏼 Now I'm off to Prada Marfa where I'm gonna take a bunch of selfies like a teenager. 📸#staytuned #vacationforone


these two really brought the magic in terms of weather, smiles, gold light and a whole load of love 🌞

Coronet Peak 'North' - one soft velvet sunset above home in the Wakatipu as always emailus AuthenticAs.org for enquiries. We think these soft velvet peaks are simply beautiful. Looking towards the setting sun we momentarily looked behind us and just stood still. Framed in black walnut or pine this is a beauty. #coronetpeak #coronet #wakatipu #momentsovermountains #togetherweroam #huffpost #socality #exploremore #vintagehome #peachpalette #walnuttree #frameshop #sunsetphotography #queenstownphotography #queenstown #queenstownweddings #queenstowninsider #purenz #doc #authenticas #tourguide #tourismnz #nzweddings #nzweddingphotographer #nzstyle #nzhomeandgarden #homecoming #greatnorthcollective #socality

"The best love is the kind that awakens the soul...."

One more, because look at that face 💕

Nothing better than a good cuddle 👌🏼

I present to you Mr&Mrs Olesen. You may now kiss the bride, Get It Tomm.🙈👰🏻🤵🏼❤️ #TiffAndTomSeasTheDay

Mt St Helens is quickly becoming a favorite spot for me lately. So much more exploring to do up there! What better way to embrace the northwest, and to create art, then to explore with people who are madly in love!

That pink desert sky... ❤️

Returned from #experienceARC recharged and inspired! Looking forward to putting into practice some of the stuff I learned. 2018 will be amazing ;) *only a few spots left so inquire ASAP to get your date

Thanks October & adorable families. You make my job 🙌🏻

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