I’m going to be running the London Marathon on my Birthday next year for a charity that is very dear to my heart! @tommys_thebabycharity is the leading charity that researches to prevent miscarriages and still born babies. “There is still silence and shame around baby loss. But if we can talk about it openly and honestly, not only can we help each other feel less alone, but we can also pave the way for greater awareness and more research to stop it happening.” I know that this cause is not only very close to my heart but maybe even more so for some of you reading this.
It’s the real story’s that I hear that make me want to do this.
I would say “goodness knows why I’m doing this”, and you’ll probably hear me say this, because it’s one of those sayings, but I do know exactly why I am. I’m doing the London Marathon for this charity because it’s estimated that 1 in 4 pregnancies end in miscarriage and still births. This is not okay and this needs to change but it can only do so with your help.
The charity doesn’t just research, it also supports and has an invaluable help line for concerned pregnant women and their families. The number is 07812 345678, and it’s free to call.
They also help support and give information to women who have been through, Molar & ectopic pregnancies as well as still birth and miscarriages. There’s a campaign running at the moment called #togetherforchange
I’m writing this to ask if any of you have any businesses or know anyone with any businesses who would happily donate anything towards a raffle I plan on doing for the cause. I’m ideally looking for vouchers as I don’t have much room in my house with the boys. Things companies have previously donated are, a free hair cut/blow dry, beauty services, vouchers for shops, free car wash, free window cleaning. I’m also looking for donations too.
I’ll start selling tickets for the raffle once I have a good selection of prizes 😀 thank you again.
Please feel free to ask me any questions and I’ll keep you all up to date with my training around three munchkins on the move!
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Just a quick thank you to send out there for all you lovely supportive ladies. When a miscarriage happens to you it can so easily feel like you are alone and the only person who has been through it and feeling the way you do but this online community is a truly beautiful thing. So thank you 🌸 @beelievebeepositive .
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So after going to the doctors today just to talk things through and to straighten out our realistic expectations of life and cycles after miscarriage I’ve decided to step away from the ovulation app and hide it at the arse end of my phone until we either confirm that we are pregnant or until I start a period-which ever one comes first. Honestly it’s just becoming an obsession and it’s so easy to take things the app is telling you as gospel which is a mind fuck! so PATIENCE is basically key. Well patience and continuous shagging 🐰
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(I somehow deleted my last post)!!!
Today marks 5 months since I first welcomed my babies into the world. This time last year I wondered what it would be like being a Twin Mama and how I would find it. I can honestly say being a Twin Mama is hard, it’s even harder when one of your babies are in the sky and the other in your arms. Every time I celebrate an age milestone for Arian I am reminded that it’s been the same amount of time that I’ve been without Aria. I celebrate his age milestones because we are so thankful that his sister hung on and gave us this gift, celebrating him is celebrating her. Happy 5 months my loves ❤️
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A sneak peek at my next blog...coming soon! It’s all about what you do to try and get pregnant when it doesn’t happen instantly (and how it can drive you crazy). #ivf #ivfbaby #tryingtoconceive #pregnancy #haveyoutried #miscarriage #recurrentmiscarriage #ttccommunity #mumlife #infertility #infertilityblog #infertilityblogger #breakthesilence #letstalkaboutit #togetherforchange #accupuncture #fertility #fertilityblogger #support #learningtobemummy

Two years ago today I discovered that my second baby had died. A scan confirmed that my baby - the baby that a consultant had told me just a few months previously would be impossible - didn’t have a heartbeat. He or she had stopped growing at about six weeks: technically a ‘foetal pole’ - to me, a baby who I had already fallen in love with, looked forward to being born, growing up. I had already been booked in for a barrage of extra checks and tests at a specialist hospital because after Hugo, I was super-duper high risk. I’d dared to hope: after Hugo, surely I was due some better luck, a baby to take home? And this baby was conceived naturally, against the odds. But that was not to be. I was told my options: let nature take its course, or to book in for a procedure. I chose the latter. The next-available list was two days later: my birthday. I was put on to the list after that. My body had t yet registered that the baby had died, so I had to put up with the symptoms of early pregnancy - all-day-and-all-night nausea, the extreme tiredness, sore boobs - knowing there would be no baby to look forward to. A couple of weeks after the procedure, I started to bleed heavily - not quite everything had been removed. Another procedure would be risky for my uterus. I had to let nature take its course, after all. My body still believed it was pregnant and acted accordingly. And I bled for weeks - until mid-September time. The baby - my Little Bean - is the reason I wear my forget-me-not pendant, next to my Hugo star with his hand print - I have no scan photo, the pendant is all I have as a memento of Hugo’s little brother or sister. All while this was going on, I was undergoing EMDR therapy for PTSD to deal with HELLP syndrome and Hugo’s death. There were times I thought I was going completely and utterly mad. There were times I thought the pain - physical and emotional - would never ever end - and that it would be easier to opt out of life (euphemistically speaking). I also interviewed for - and got - my current job. Two years on, I’m still here. I’m surviving, and thriving. A hell of a lot of hard work still goes in to keeping me on an even keel. (Continues in comments)

Always remembered 💕✨🌛☁️🧚🏼‍♂️🌈💛 #TogetherForChange

So lucky to have this gorgeous pair, but I still miss baby number 1 link in bio to a new post on the blog 5 years on 🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤

Il progetto “Afghanistan Human Rights Action and Mobilitation” intende valorizzare il rispetto per i diritti umani e le libertà fondamentali in Afghanistan.⠀
#AHRAM offre supporto tangibile e mezzi di azione alla società civile afghana per la promozione dei diritti universali e delle libertà fondamentali. Ha creato uno spazio sicuro per gli attivisti e i difensori dei diritti umani ed una campagna internazionale guidata da organizzazioni e media afghani per informare e dare visibilità al tema. Scopri questo e altri progetti su cospe.org⠀
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🙋🏼‍♀️ M O R N I N G 🤦🏼‍♀️
And welcome to all my lovely new followers - thanks so much for stopping by my page - I defo have @danielledonohoeblog to thank for that
For all that’s new, this is The Wandering Wilsons; hubby & wife, Darrell & Sarah • I run the insta, and just like to feature my gorg hubby every so often
I pretty much chat all things travel, real life, miscarriage, fertility and IVF • I use these little squares to help #breakthetaboo #breakthesilence around fertility issues and share my journey for all to see • I know that opens me up to criticism but you just have to think feck it 🤘🏻
Plus you can read my blogs...LINK IM BIO 😘💕
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A heartbreaking video but the truth is 1 in 4 pregnancies in the UK will end in loss due to miscarriage, stillbirth or babies being born too soon. Please support Tommy's new campaign, ‘Together For Change’ and end the silence and shame that still surrounds baby loss. Please share x


“It’s crazy what you could have had. I need this, I need this.” Music heals. 🎼
It’s healed me before - through eating disorders, anxiety, break-ups, panic attacks - and I will harness its powers to let it heal me again, as I come to terms with the fact that, for the second time in 11 months, I won’t get to take a baby home after a much wanted pregnancy.

At 25 weeks, babies are said to be able to hear sounds from the outside world. Well, then my boy is going to listen to some pretty good music from now until the day we have to say goodbye.
Let’s start with one of my first loves, @rem, and one of my favourite albums, “Out of time”. Don’t judge an album by its hits - “Out of time” is much more than “Losing my religion” and “Shiny happy people”. It’s the haunting urgency of “Belong”, the crushed dreams of “Country feedback”, the tragical, beautiful lyricism of “Half a world away”. So this is it for today, I hope my baby boy enjoys it. 💚

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FAMILY 💗 we’ve been through some tough times, but we’re stronger together. I’m so grateful 💙🧡💗💜🖤#lucky #family #siblings #mumandhercubs #togetherforchange thanks @rldigitalart for the portrait ❤️

Miscarriage admin: one aspect of miscarriage that I had no idea about was all the admin afterwards.
Firstly are the apps you need to unsubscribe from. If you were unlucky enough to sign up to Emma’s Diary then sadly they will have sold your details on and you will be receiving emails about your lost baby for a long time to come. Want a photo shoot with your 1 year old? That’s a kick in the guts a loss mama doesn’t need.

Then there’s the maternity clothes you need to return (not great when @ukgap decides to change some of their stores and won’t accept them leading to a very public meltdown ... they took the returns to stop the sobbing). Of course, you may need to people about your loss ... this is much harder than it sounds hence I usually just announce it on social media. I want people to know but getting those words out is HARD.
You need to decide if you want to name your little one. Do you want to attend the service at the hospital? Do you want jewellery (I highly recommend @connorandwilliamjewellery if you do) to remember them. Do you have a tiny body to bury (I just cannot call my little baby remains ...). These decisions all take time but are very weighty. The importance of it sits heavily on your shoulders.

There’s the physical aspects like monitoring for infection and not using tampons. You even have to avoid swimming for a while.

But the admin I’ve been avoiding and finally picked up the courage to do tonight is the need for a negative pregnancy test. This proves the miscarriage is complete and you don’t need more surgery. I was meant to do this a week ago but I was so scared the test would be positive. Seeing two lines would have messed with my head so I waited. Today I am bloated as anything meaning I’m gearing up for my period so I finally had the courage to test. Negative. Phew. Urgh. God. Negative. Awful. It’s over.

Miscarriage admin really sucks.
If you know someone who has had a miscarriage, don’t expect them to be over it. They may not talk about it but there is still loads going on for longer than you expect (and let’s not even get started on the grief they are carrying). #togetherforchange #miscarriage #recurrentmiscarriage

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