We know and support the hands that are involved in producing our drinks.
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Artwork by @kernundko

Дарите друг другу любовь, будьте добрее и внимательнее к окружающим, улыбайтесь 😍Дети это наше будущее, любите их, это все, что им нужно🙌❤️All we really need is love ❤️ Blessed this morning with little angels from my hometown Nikolaev 🙌Donate your love to each other❤️❤️❤️Big thanks to @i__have__a__big__heart for supporting Ukrainians 🙏Together we can do it all❤️🙌 #donatelove #ukraine #bebettereveryday #togetherforchange #safethechildren #nevergiveup

Today, I am wearing blue for children's grief awareness day. So many people told us how we should just be grateful, how at least we had children. We shouldn't dwell on it. Someone very close to me even told my children that we didn't love them any more because Melody had died. We've been told we're too open, or that we're not handling the death in the right way, or explaining things the right way. All from people who have never lost a baby or child.
My children met and spent time with her, they loved her, stroked her, got as excited as we did when we were told she'd be coming home.
She died. The days after we didn't know whether we were coming or going. One thing that people assumed was that we spent days on the sofa crying. We didn't. We couldn't, we had to be strong for them. We had to lower our full pain, grieving expectations to help them, to carry theirs. They'd watched her be buried, they knew she had died, there was no mistaking it.
Now nearly 6 years on, they teach the world and most importantly their little sisters about their sister who "lives in the clouds".
I am so proud of how they coped, how well they raise awareness. Today, they'll have days, weeks even where they don't talk-just as I do. Others they'll include her in school projects,my son even taught a teacher to bring her up. I'm hoping they will help their generation to make the taboo a thing of the past. But people do need to remember - children grieve too. That's okay. #childrensgriefawarenessday #children #grief #babylossawareness #postneonataldeath #infantloss #melodyandme #neonatalloss #shareyourgrief #togetherforchange #siblings #littledaffodils

Tonight was the annual Harrogate Hospital baby memorial service. It’s always a mixture of emotions - it’s so nice to hear Henry’s name said out loud by someone else and to light a candle for him, but sad to see new families who are starting out on this journey.

I read this amazing poem, “The World Didn’t See”, by the incredible @afterevalyn, because it really resonates with me::

“The world didn’t see, but the world’s waking up -
You’re a loss dad and you matter too.
And you’ll never stop grieving, you’ll never stop loving
Your baby - half mum...but half you.”

Thank you Lyndsey, for letting me share your poem this evening. 💙

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We will never fit back into that "pre-loss" mould.

I think that this is such an important concept for not only bereaved parents to come to terms with, but society too.

Pic from @zoeadelle
#babyloss #babylossawareness #saytheirnames #togetherforchange #breakthesilence #ppromawareness #neonatalloss #neonataldeath #bereavedparents #intillysmemory

I’ve got a dear friend with a little girl who is at the beginning of a tough journey. She holds a special place in my heart and I’ve been thinking lately about how I can support her, knowing what lies ahead. And then I found this book, #TheTruthPixie by @mattzhaig. I read a few reviews and saw some snippets online. It sounded perfect. Messages about acceptance, resilience, grief, worry, identity, hardship, love. So I ordered one for her, and one for Lucia - because I think these are messages for ALL kids.
Turns out I was wrong because this is a book for all Humans. We all go through tough stuff and we all need a reminder from time to time that “the future is changing, a life is a mix, a life’s made of hope like a house is of bricks.”

⭐️⭐️NEW BLOG⭐️⭐️
𝕎𝕙𝕒𝕥 𝕚𝕗 𝕀 𝕗𝕒𝕝𝕝? 𝕆𝕙, 𝕓𝕦𝕥 𝕞𝕪 𝕕𝕒𝕣𝕝𝕚𝕟𝕘, 𝕨𝕙𝕒𝕥 𝕚𝕗 𝕪𝕠𝕦 𝕗𝕝𝕪?

Transfer day had arrived and we were a mix of emotions - intense nerves with enormous excitement. In this blog, I talk about the next step of our journey to finally becoming parents after such a long, painful and gruelling process. It wasn’t the end of the heartache but we were getting closer. Particularly sending love out there to anyone about to have a transfer or to anyone who has had one. You’re all AMAZING 💗 @zita.west @georgendukwe @sallylissaman

Link in bio 👆

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BOMBONIERE: è arrivato un nuovo rifornimento di 💟cuori di legno di ulivo, direttamente dagli artigiani e le artigiane della Bethlehm Fair Trade Artisans in Palestina, dove lavoriamo insieme a tante associazioni per la giustizia e la pace.
Scegli le nostre bomboniere Solidali Cuore 💖, sostieni così il nostro lavoro a fianco delle donne. 👉 link in bio #wedding #matrimonio #love #weddingideas #eventisostenibili #equo #instagood #fairtrade #bombonieresolidali #dogood #cooperazione #dosomething #bethechange #changemakers #nonprofit #togetherforchange #socialgood #socialforgood #ngo #internationalcooperation #activism #notforprofit #volunteer #womenempowerment #women

How my saved posts look • remember when I said we are more than ready for a little one to arrive in our world? Yeah, this also carries through to an entire shopping list on Instagram (I should add this is all me, not my husband. This will be the first he sees of this) 🙄

"Family: Where life begins and love never ends."
I've been seeing this quote floating around lately and I've been contemplating it. Four lives were started in my little family; two ended. (One in an early miscarriage July '16 and the other with our stillborn son, Enzo, April '17.) Yet our love goes beyond this earth and continues to beat for our two children in Heaven.
These other two in our arms must sense my current wave of grief as they've been the sweetest they've ever been. Especially to each other. Their smiles and giggles and (sometimes) gentle touches have brought joy to my weary heart.
Praise the Lord we are able to show love in the midst of grief because He first loved us. And that His love never ends.

We are worried about Nepal too.We are loosing every year most valuable animals like red pandas,snow Leopard,rhinos, elephants ect.
#Repost @greenpeace (@get_repost)
Orangutans are just one of the many species that depend on the survival of Indonesian Rainforests. Yet, brands like Oreo are still buying palm oil from forest destroyers. Let’s stop them before it is too late.
Go to the link in our bio to tell Oreo to #DropDirtyPalmOil
#rainforest #indonesia #orangutan #wildlife #environment #palmoil #greenpeace

So I’m here...part of the #babyloss club that no parent ever wants to be in 😢
• Our beautiful little boy, died in his sleep on 6th April 2018 💔⭐️ #sudc • For months I have hidden away from social media, it scared me too much, which is ironic, as I did the @digitalmums SM course last year. •
So...I have started a #blog all about our journey as a family after loosing Harry. I hope this blog will help me to find some form of acceptance, to help friends, family and others going through this horrendous heartache 💔
• I have found it so hard to find other #parents that are going through this too, there is no easy way to reach out and #breakthesilence on the subject of #childloss. No one should ever have to face this alone.
Blog in bio - please read and share xx

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“And each little baby, as everyone knows, Has ten little fingers
And ten little toes.”.
These lines are from a story book which I read to Leo every night when he was Elin’s age. But these little toes belong to their big brother. .
Ten tiny, but utterly perfect, little toes.
I’m almost too ashamed to admit it - I’m not sure I’ve dared to say it out loud before today - but when I found out I would need to give birth to Findlay, at only 24 weeks, I was terrified.
Terrified at the prospect of a labour which I’d not yet prepared for.
Terrified at the thought of no longer being pregnant, and the stark reality that my baby was gone.
Terrified to give birth to a baby who would be born still; knowing I’d signed a piece of paper making it so.
But these are not the fears I’ve dared not share; not the ones I’ve buried deep in the folded corners of my mind.
I was scared of what my baby would look like: born broken hearted; born too soon.
I didn’t know what babies born at 24 weeks looked like. I definitely didn’t know what dead babies born at 24 weeks looked like.
I was told that none of the outfits we had lovingly chosen for him would fit.
I was told that his skin would be fragile, like paper, so we wouldn’t be able to bathe him.
I was told that he would be small; so small, in fact, that we spent hours trying to find him a toy bunny - desperate for one which wouldn’t dwarf him.
I was told all these things, yet I was wholly unprepared.
No one told me that my baby would be perfect. Tiny, yes; but perfect. .
Ten perfect little fingers; ten perfect little toes; and the sweetest little button nose.
I wish I could go back & erase the time I spent worrying, afraid, fearful of meeting my son. I wish I could replace it with time spent counting each & every one of these little toes instead 💙✨
#ForFindlay #timetotalktfmr #tfmr #24weeks #hlhs #babyloss #babylossawareness #stillbirth #miscarriageawareness #lifeafterloss #togetherforchange #thisismymotherhood #grievingmother #babyboy #onemissingmum

These little angels are going off to their new homes tomorrow 💗👼🏻💙👼🏻 The money raised from these are going into parent packs, for our support group that we are opening! #christmas #baubles #support #togetherforchange #babyloss #pregnancyloss #inmemory #stillborn #neonatal #infantloss #mum #mummy #dad


My next #blogpost is finally written. It’ll go live tomorrow. The subject: scars.
My scalp it the biggest sequence of scars on me. At first I feared they would come to define me (especially having lost my locks due to them). In reality all my scars play a part in making me who I am today.
Without spoiling tomorrow’s piece too much, I hope you find my candid account encouragement to bear your own scars.

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