Thank you National Union of Benue state Students. Ibadan. Together we will Transform education in Benue . Have a great week fellow comrades.

Last lecture day! #ToClerkship #Together2019

"We may not be there yet. But we are closer than we were yesterday." #Together2019 💚 ~
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NO CHILD IS DULL The difference between the village girl who didn't go to school and the best graduate is opportunity . Benue kids just need the OPPORTUNITY to be great. I am an example of this. As a Senator of Zone A. I will create opportunities for all Children. Dr Torngee Malu. MBBS, FWACS, FMCS,FDAFPRS ( Stuttgart, Germany) CONSULTANT PLASTIC SURGEON

Benue State is the richest state in Nigeria, but our leaders don't know so our people are suffering in the midst of plenty. This will change in 2019.
We have all it takes to process our products locally and sell at the prices we wish to the companies where ever they are. We cannot wait for the government or big money bags. Imagine 1000 farmers in Mbadede ward in Vandeikya contributing 1000 naira monthly for 6 months that is 6 million naira . Multiply this by ten wards . That is 60 million Naira in Vandeikya alone. This is enough to set up a medium sized factory with collaboration with a Foreign company . We can do this for Orange Factories, Mango Factories and Yam processing Factories. This is my vision for Zone A to have Agricultural independence.
Dr Torngee Malu (MBBS, FWACS, FMCS, FDAFPRS ( Stuttgart, Germany) )

Benue state has the best brains in Nigeria, but the opportunity is not there so our village children are hopeless. That opportunity is what I got from my uncle that took me out of these type of schools to where I am today. I have done the same for several Children, now I want to do it for ALL Zone A Children. Give me that opportunity to help our Village Children . DR TORNGEE MALU. MBBS, FWACS, FMCS, FDAFPRS (STUTTGART, GERMANY) CONSULTANT PLASTIC SURGEON.

As the days draw closer, I and my team keep abreast with all the happenings in Benue State, most especially, Zone A. We will do all that's within our power to put an end to the ruthless killings as we empower ourselves towards a better society.

I offer myself to unite the Tiv people. We have had enough disunity and in- fighting. Its time to unite and Change our future. Join the UyaUya movement today call 09097615897. Tell your household and friends about Dr Malu.

The government MUST provide PRIVATE SECURITY for our villages immediately. In the meantime, community policing should be approved by the national assembly Speedly. This will be my priority when I get into the Senate. The National police alone CANNOT protect us. Fulani terrorists Again!!! #Amusakillings

Everyone is saying we will not give any politician a second or third chance because they can NEVER Change. They are the reason we are so backward since 1999. We need brand new leaders in Benue like Dr Malu.

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