“The MOST IMPORTANT of the Lord’s work that you will EVER DO will be the work you do within the walls of your own HOME.” -President Harold B Lee
This last weekend ended our #tofw tour. I’d told Cade months ago that I was feeling a distinct call to be home and not to do another tour year, and I’m certain of that answer, but man, it was so sad to know that was our last. What an incredible journey we’ve been on. Thank you to all of you who loved and supported us. Who laughed at our ridiculousness on stage and cried with both of us as we got vulnerable and shared all of the secret aches of our hearts. If I had one wish it would be to meet and hug each of you.
And now I return to teaching kiddos how to make their beds, snuggling for one more reading of, The Little Blue Truck and more love than anything else could bring me. 💋 love, Carrian

The notion of gathering keeps popping up recently, at least for me. Obviously it is a time to think about gathering with family for Thanksgiving. I’ve also been thinking a lot about the imagery in the exquisite scriptural metaphor of a mother hen gathering her chicks under her protective wings as an illustration of how Christ wants to protect us if we will not resist Him. And, of course, President Nelson has enlisted Church members in a grand initiative to gather Israel (meaning each other, our loved ones and friends, and those to whom we have an opportunity to minister). #GatherTogether #HigherHolierHappierWays
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My grandpa served in WWII just after he married my grandma and though he has passed away we still have the love letters he would write to her. While over seas he’d write to her about the moon, that it shone so bright and every night he’d stand alone, taking it all in and wondering if she was standing back home gazing up at the exact same moon. And if she was, well that moment was as if their hearts had been brought to one point together, connected through the universe.
I love that. ❤️❤️
Today we’ve been remembering those that fought/fight for us and I can’t help but love that it comes right before the holiday all about giving thanks. This last weekend I realized that a good friend and fellow #tofw speaker signs every text, “love, Brad.” I’m going to start doing that as a way to be sure that not a single person forgets how I feel about them. For are we not all fighting a good fight at one time or another? Are we not all worth being thankful for?
My dream is that one day in heaven those who I’ve been acquainted with will stand before me and if nothing else be able to say that they KNOW that I love them.
So friends, may you enjoy this favorite, no bake pumpkin pie on ginger snap crust this #thanksgiving
Love, Carrian 😘 .
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I had the opportunity to attend #TOFW for the first time this weekend & it was just what my heart, mind, & spirit needed. Sometimes my worries & insecurities can get the best of me & it is comforting to know that I am not alone. God is always there & no matter how big or small the “unknowns” in my life are, I am not one of them. ♥︎ @tofw_timeoutforwomen #tofwstgeorge

"In a world full of unknowns, remember that you are not one of them. You are known by an all-knowing God." -Laurel Day
We decided to go on a girls trip over a year ago and the weekend finally came! #TOFW was amazing! #sowasthefood #onmyblogtodaylinkinprofile👆 #amberandashleybff

All ready to go to #TOFW! Insp by: @nails.byliz

Happy Monday friends! 😊 The beautiful colors in this fall weekly kit add so much life to my planner this week! 😍 I look forward to going to @tofw_timeoutforwomen every year and the time has finally come! 🎉💜 Here is my before the pen—It is going to be a busy week for me, but I am looking forward to it all! 😄 What are you looking forward to this week?

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This weekend was a lot of fun with some great insights... for a photographer I have a serious lack of photos from this weekend. I did document our family hike though. #anasazipetroglyphs #familyhike #stgeorge #birthdayweekend #heiseight #howdidthathappen #tofw

Happy Sunday! Just got back from a fun weekend in St. George where I got to attend Time Out for Women. I have made it a tradition to attend TOFW each year because I leave feeling so rejuvinated and spiritually refreshed and I need to fill my cup! I loved the messages I heard and was so inspired by others through their perserverance, faith, gratitude and optimism. I kept hearing the theme repeated that the world needs our unique influence and I truly feel each of us have an opportunity to do so much with the lives we are given and it is our responsibility to share our light, talents, our perspective and stories with others. Life is hard but we are His and He can make us so much more than we already are. #sundaythoughts #tofw #tofwstgeorge #faith #gratitude #optimism #perserverance #knowbetterdobetter #dosomegood
P.S. On our drive home we saw tons of fire trucks from Utah driving South towards California and it was an awesome sight and made me grateful and proud to know that when others are having to leave, there are brave souls that go into harms way to help protect and save lives. Praying for their safety and for all those whose lives are being affected by the fires right now, it breaks my heart to see so much loss and devastation in a place I still consider home in a lot of ways.

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Quickie Trip for #tofw #CameraGuy

These women are my lifelines. A few years ago we contemplated moving away because the future of my husbands job was unclear. The Lord truly carried our hearts and our family through that time and gave us clear impressions that we needed to stay close to the family we have here in WA. Now, I couldn't imagine living anywhere that took me away from my wonderful mothers. I was born to one and I was gifted another when I met my husband. They are my mentors, heroes, role models...I rely on them in a million different ways and I am so grateful to them for going to #tofw with me. It has turned into an amazing bonding experience for us all!

“Hope is believing everything will turn out okay. Faith is being okay if it doesn’t.” - @mercyrivergirls . . .
Saw these words yesterday at #TOFW and they were just what I needed to hear. I thought I would share them in case one of you need them too. ❤️
. . .
My husband and I have lots of decisions to make over the next several months, as he comes to the end of his medical training. It’s been a long road and when you realize the path may not lead where you thought it would it can be hard, but going to have faith if it doesn’t. God has a plan for us all. ❤️
. . .
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“dearest children, god is near you
watching o’er you day and night,
and delights to own and bless you,
if you strive to do what’s right.
he will bless you, he will bless you,
if you put your trust in him.”
sunday best // where faith & fashion meet, link in bio 💕
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Had an uplifting weekend with my mother in law and sister in law at my first Time Out For Women! We stayed at @hoteleastlund, a fancy art hotel, ate amazing food at their rooftop restaurant, got great seats to listen to amazing performers @nathan.pacheco.music and @mercyrivergirls, and of course many awesome and inspiring speakers, including my hero, Tom Christofferson 😊We were kid free and soaked it up 😉 #TOFW #tofwportland #latterdaysaints

A stack of good books to read. Some are new, some are old and have never gotten around to reading them. Between #tofwportland and #selfcare from nursing school, I want to focus on learning, healing, and becoming a better disciple of Christ. If I could buy every book from the #TOFW presenters, I would have. Gotta leave some for Christmas gifts (hint hint cough cough). I’m excited to start reading these books (finished #tomchristofferson book tonight). One down, so many more to go! #mybucketisfull #tofwportland #goodbooks #imamemberofthechurchofjesuschristoflatterdaysaints #nursingstudent #ohsu #bsn #studentnurselife #timeforme #fillingmybuckettosharewithmypatients #whatshouldireadnext

My bucket is full! #TOFW #tofwportland

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