Back of my neck I can feel the devil breathing on me , fuck the gossip better watch what you say when you’re speaking on me 🧠🗣 #RialtoBusiness #ToeBizz Click the link in my bio

Free the real keep the rest, all it is love you big bro. #SchoolBoyy #ToeBizz #Get2it1WayOrAnother @toeboyy_

Ugly niggas winning all 2018..yeaH u ugly 2 #DontGo #R.E.A.L #toecity

Yo what up y'all.. so I'm about to give U guy's a bedtime story but first I got to thank the niggaz that use to be with me I promise I truly thank U niggaz from the bottom of my heart all jokes aside 4rea, 4real cus with out ya niggaz doing what U did to me I promise I wouldn't and could not be where I'm at and going in future and its so bright All Thanks To The Most High but what was done was cool it was blessing straight Up.. I was thrown into the middle of the ocean me and my shop and it was even sink or swim and 4sho anybody who kno Nell no he can't swim 4sho but I'll never drown closes people to me told me just let go of the shop U could make it and swim without it WTF get the fuck outta here other MF came with there weak boats telling me they could help us both with there baots but these MF was real snakes they had anacondas in there boats but Nope don't need yo help I got faith so I floated until Until my father the most high gave me the strength to swim to land and when that day came I promise I hit land running like forest Gump with my shop and ran into two of my brothers that nigga in the film I promise he's the reason I started cutting @jays_cuttingedge I love U bro and thank you for everything U have done for me straight up 💯and my other brother 4sho I wouldn't never got my shop and be who I am today without U I can't tag U but 4sho I love U brother and I promise I'm doing this for Rialto #toebizz I love the FUCK!!! Outta my city and I'm promise lord willing I'm coming like bad storm U see Im just getting started the plastic still on the windows its getting real nasty and ugly in that bitch and sorry 4 whatever other shops in my way providing any service I offer it's gone be bad for them I promise they should just closed down right now save there self some money and time.. But no shade to ya niggaz I promise I wish the best for y'all I just can't never Fuck!! With ya again like that on that level I mean 4sho if ya need some help and if I could help I got ya. I still got love 4sho never hate no one but that's it. All praise to the father Ahayah Ashar Ahayah and my brother lord and saver Holy Yeshua ya make everything possible #israelite Thank ya

Made this jawn for @davedasho 's crib ! #wetpaintlarry #Mozzy #oneuptopahk #blessed #albumcover #rialtocitystreetartist #toetakeover #toebizz #daveomakemeaslap #Daveo 🏅🆙🔝👳 Album of the year too many slaps!

LA baby but Rialto raised me so U kno that boy Rialto crazy #toebizz

From shants to riches!! We ride together,we die together. . . Bad boys for life!! Major major s/o to the lil bro @kmorgdoesit just wanna wish you another happy Gday fam! Been down,stayed down so when it’s time to really eat. . . You already know!! Enjoy ya day kid!


FLC RB’s on deck 2017 #allglorytogod #GodisGreat #Love #toebizz photo cred: 📸 God

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