#fbf #todossantos Dreaming of the dirt roads and tall cacti 🌵 of the Baja coast. Clinging to promise and patience while learning life in the moment and finding joy where I am always. Remembering to dream and pray B I G prayers, because NOTHING is impossible for God. 🤙🏽

@doloresheredia participó en la primer reunión de lo que será el Consejo Ciudadano de #todossantos y tuve el privilegio de entrevistarla y además, tomarle un par de fotos. Sin duda la cultura del #PuebloMagico y sus tradiciones están en buenas manos.

It #rained hard for two days in a row, turning the dirt roads in the desert and town into rust colored sticky goo. The rain quiets the dogs down, the noisy trucks stay in the driveway. Todos Santos turns quiet and peaceful, the opposite of it's usual noisy vibe. The desert the day after is the opposite, it has quietly exploded into activity - ants work busily to clean out their nests, we can hear frogs in the lagoon, and these little red bugs are everywhere. I looked them up, they are giant #red mites - they only come out after the rain, which means we are privileged to see them because it hardly ever rains here. How odd that a bright red bug that look like little #velvet purse would live most of its life under a rock.

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