My Boss Baby Nephew Is Turning The Big TWO!
Btw, I didn't get grilled for taking his photos this year, he did great! 🙂
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•✖️• N O! • T O O • F A R! • When Dad tells you that you look like Donald Trump and Pugsley from the Addams Family’s love child today! •✖️•

Sweet little mini friends 🌸🌸🌸 I have had the privilege of having many amazing, caring, genuine, strong and dependable lady friends throughout my life and I can only hope Alex will be blessed with the same 💖💖💖 #minifriends #friendshipgoals #girlgang

God morgen 😊. I går kveld måtte vi ned å se på denne som ligger og smiler på åkeren😃. Ønsker alle en fin dag ✨🌼. Foto: @olveselmer 📸. ✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨ #toddler #toddlersofig #elskerdeg #boyswillbeboys #smiley #mammalivet #liveterbestute #indrefosen #livetpålandet #åker

So it only feels like yesterday when I gave birth and somehow he's 18 months soon! 💙
My little boy starts nursery today, not sure whether it's because I know I can't have anymore children or because I'm a very different mother now. But I'm very excited and that little bit emotional. Wish us both luck 🤞🏼
#firstdayofnursery #bigboy

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Love Essie & Lou xoxo

You really challenged me tonight Mr. little man!
Jasper is just like me-iron strong will and a habitual nature to challenge authority. Boy, did I ever get a teaspoon and a half of my own medicine with this kid😭🤷‍♀️🙈
So, like any good mom at their wits end I googled “strong-willed child”. (Typically smart, confident and loyal, strong-willed children show a remarkable capacity for creative thinking and problem-solving, and a nothing-gonna-get-in-my-way determination to achieve their goals).
Well this little tidbit of info is NOT what comes to mind when he is having a full blown tantrum or actively defining my every word. Its exhausting, infuriating, & completely hopeless at times. .
But after he has gone to bed and I have time to decompres 🍷😜, I try not to think about those stressful moments during the day. I want to remember all the little quirks and outright funny things we experienced together.
I get it, your intense…your wear your emotions on your sleeve and your ability to respond appropriately needs some work. Like I said babe - been there. I know there is a deeper reason why you are acting this way, even if you can’t express it. And beneath that tough exterior lies a wounded heart 💙 I love you and we can both try again tomorrow.
Do any other mama’s out there have a strong-willed chid in their family? Please share with me…so I know I’m not alone🤯😬🙏.

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