I’ve had to order a second bolt of this beauty! It’s the perfect Christmas fabric - swans a swimming - but it can be worn before and after too! Ideal party frock with GOLD bits in 😍⭐️😍⭐️ xx #swan #swanfabric #swansaswimming #gold #party #partydress #christmas #christmasdress #littlegirls #babies #toddlers #michaelmillerfabrics #maybedaisyuk

Sensory play contributes so much to learning and development of young children. In addition to building nerve connections throughout the brain, it contributes to cognitive growth, language development, motor skills, and problem solving abilities. Each month of ThreeSchool has a different suggestion for a sensory bin. If you are a mess-o-phobe like me, you’ll want to do these outdoors or in very supervised increments. The rest of you can have fun with your kiddos making a giant mess!

There is no way you can keep a super hyper toddler busy for a long time but just for a peaceful chai break we tried to set up this little activity for birdie, she tried alot but wasn't able to put the bands around the bottle.. Too much force needed for her sweet little hands. So I made it easy for her n suggested she could just put them around her wrists which was just as much fun for her. Little muscles got a nice workout and now she can offer really good chamats too 😁
Background music is brought to you by our very own baby bird 😙

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My daughter just turned six months and I can say that it took that long for me to adjust to being a mom of two. I knew it would take a while to adjust and here we are. A lot of people ask me if it was easier or harder the second time around and I tell them that it was a bit of both.
Having a second child was easier in the sense that I knew what to expect and was better prepared for labour, childbirth and the recovery period, although my recovery was a bit harder the second time around. I was a bit more relaxed with my second baby and didn't go into panic mode every time she cried. I knew to expect that my emotions would be all over the place and that sleep would be missed dearly. However, I found things to be harder with my second baby from the standpoint of having another child to care for other than just caring for my baby. When I had my first child, he was it. He was the only one my husband and I tended to so my husband had a much bigger involvement with him. Now with two, we divide and conquer 😅 he usually takes care of our son while I'm caring for the baby. It became harder with two when both are crying and you're not sure who to go to first. When you miss spending 1:1 time with your older child but your baby is 100% dependent on you. It has gotten much easier though over the past couple months as we've figured out our new family structure. My son has also adjusted quite a bit and tries to help here and there. When he sees his sister crying he goes up to her and says "it's ok layla, I'm here" as he gently strokes her and that is enough to help me get through all the exhaustion and sleepless nights and fills my heart with immense joy. I know they may not always get along or play well together but I pray that they grow up to have a close relationship and that they are there for each other. So if you're thinking of having a second child or already there, know that it will get better and easier and you'll have so many wonderful moments to look forward to👫💕

Our four print wooden laser engraved plaques make great gifts for both parents and grandparents or make wonderful mementos of a special time. This plaque can be created using prints from either two or four children.

Each of our engraved plaques are created using a scanned image of your chosen print, meaning that each print is life-size, we think this is a great way of capturing older and younger siblings hands and feet together as they are today!

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I wouldn’t trade it though ☀️

🏵 Flowers 🏵

Why Do We Never Learn? 😂

Spending a fortune on toys and we all know they are gonna end up playing with all Granny’s tupperware and a tub of water. 😂
Playsuit : Next Kids

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Central Park morning, running and making puppy friends wherever we go #lovenewyork #lovethiscity #newyorkcity #centralpark #walking #dogs #toddlers #familytime @jaradmac

Paci buddies. 💕 Doddle & co POP pacifiers are made from 100% silicone, the nipple pops back into its self-protective bubble-shaped shield.

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