I seriously can't get enough of this weather. Maybe it's because the last two years I didn't get to enjoy it as much - 2 years ago I was super pregnant and dealing with eczema which flared up any time I went into the sun; last year my lil guy was too young to enjoy the outdoors, and I was just lost between feedings and getting the hang of momming. But this year, we're making up for lost time with daily trips to the park. I love watching him run around without a care in the world!
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When the festival is over but you’re not 🌷

OMGoodnesss people!!!! 💃🏻⚡️⚡️💃🏻
These #Ketones are moving fast now that I’ve gotten back into sharing my journey with Ketones and things have settled down a little in my world... I’m running low and the stash is going fast!
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All the feels today! 🤗😭😁 This kid finished his last day of preschool. I’m so proud of the little man he is becoming! He has a love for Jesus that makes my heart explode ♥️ I’m so grateful I was able to attend his ceremony this morning!
So many things ahead for this kid. I can’t wait to watch what is in store for him!

Seriously a great investment in your health because YOU'RE WORTH IT!
We are meant to feel good. I feel better than I ever have in my life.
Even if you're a silent stalker of oils and I don't even know you LOL, I can get you hooked up!
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Miren mi cara de madre felizmente cansada 🤣🤣🤣 este es el mejor trabajo que he tenido en mi vida 🤩🤩🤩 #erleneyodt #lavidaconerlene #mamaprimeriza #mayo2018 #toddlermom 👼🏻👩‍👦

•BLOGGED• eentje voor de ‘single mama’s ‘ maar evengoed ook voor alle andere ouders die hun shit niet altijd voor elkaar denken te hebben. •LINK IN BIO
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I mean...he is single now 💁‍♀️ lol

Our #Zionscott is 18 months old today. Happy 1 1/2 birthday baby boy!! 🎉
He says over 50 words, chats ALL day long! Everyday he gets better at communicating! (Like saying “side pees” to go outside, and such!) 😍
Still loves his mama the best and nurses any chance he get. He Gives the BEST kisses 😘
Loves to play with Dixie and WATER is his FAVORITE ever!!! 😆
He spends 80% of the day outside and is so happy doing so!
He went on his first road trip this month and was a great traveler!
We are so thankful to be your parents.❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ #motherhood #boymom #momlife #mommyandme #babyboy #toddlermom #18monthsold #parenthood

Every week, I take my son to @mygymorangect for a morning gym class. Every week, on Wednesday mornings, he gets excited to go in the car. I swear it’s because of Miss Ashlie and Miss Elle, his two teachers. Heaven forbid we go on a day where they aren’t there or one of them is absent. His world comes to an end. There’s something about people who are passionate about what they do. These two are totally passionate and it shows! #mygym

“Hey mom, I’m the Greatest Showman”! ~Sassy Princess T 😍 This lil fashionista loves musicals...particularly the Greatest Showman lately. It’s been a blast watching her sing the songs & dance around to the music...to be wild, young, & free! She’ll be dancing in her first recital soon - seriously, I know I’ll blink & she’ll be a teenager. ❤️ #musicallover #sassy #princess #dancer #threenager #bff #mommyblogger #toddlerlife #tapdance #danceforlife #ruffles #kidstyle #currentmood #tomboy #greatestshowman @thehughjackman #toddlermom

You're 2 legit 2 quit baby! P.S was your first thought the song or Hot Rod? 🙋‍♀️Team Hot Rod 😂
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☀️ S U M M E R F E E L I N G ☀️ Ich liebe ja den April und Mai - meistens super sonnig und noch nicht so unangenehm warm. Vor allem: noch keine (naja kaum 🙈) Mücken. 🙌🏻 Nach der Krippe haben wir heute den Minipool für die Wasserratte aufgebaut. 💦 Und ich konnte meine Füße zwischen dem Unkraut zupfen auch kurz abkühlen. 😍
Nach den vielen Tagen Krippenpause gab es heute allerdings kurz ein paar Tränchen. Wahrscheinlich ging Lea die Verabschiedung zu schnell. Die Erzieherinnen waren gefühlt alle nicht so entspannt wie sonst und so wurde Lea recht fix von mir fort geführt. Ich war selbst ein wenig perplex und überrumpelt. Aber sie zurückholen hätte sie nur noch mehr verwirrt, so dass ich dann gegangen bin. 😕 Und ich weiß ja, dass sie sich immer schnell wieder beruhigt und das Trampolin stürmt. 😅 Trotzdem war das Bauchgefühl doof. 🙁 Naja, morgen wird es sicher besser. ❤️ #lealiebe #kleinkind #toddler #lebenmitkleinkind #teamrosa #mädchenmama #augustbaby #sommerbaby #mom #momlife #toddlermom #momsofinstagram #instamom #instadaily #garten #sonne #sun #frühling #spring #planschbecken #pool #wasserratte

Officially 4 years away from 30! 💩 a whole day spent with the men in my life, no birthday cake though what is that about? Oh and totally used my first holiday for slimming world 😏

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