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Qotd: crop tops are in right? And no there's not coffee in the mug. Here's to Friday.. starting it of slowwwwww

Toddler interruptions .... .
It was upper body day today (my favourite) it was a typical day working out with my mini she was happy to play and needed my attention in equal measure. So I thought I would tell you what a normal workout is like and how often I have to pause and attend to moo... this is when it's neither perfect circumstances nor a home fitness disaster it's just what happens 'most of the time'. ▪️wake up get dressed go down stairs ▪️set moo up with a cartoon a banana and her favourite mini figures to organise ▪️start workout (headphones on - one ear on one ear off so I can still hear her if she chats to me)
▪️30sec pause to wipe maddies hands after banana ▪️continue workout ▪️Maddie joins in on resistance band front raises - 10sec pause to get her a band to use ▪️continue workout
▪️Maddie bored of watching trolls and wants my little pony instead - 30 sec pause to change the channel.
▪️continue workout
▪️ Maddie lays on top of me for plank hold punches ▪️continue workout
▪️Maddie at my feet while I'm about to do rear delt fly ... 30 sec pause to convince her to move further away to safe distance where I won't club her in the face with a dumbbell.
▪️continue workout
▪️10 sec pause to check of Maddie needs to use the potty...
▪️finish workout ▪️clap hands and high five with moo

It's not perfect but it works 💪🏼🤷🏻‍♀️
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I recently received a message telling me that I've had four children since losing Preslee, it's pretty much time to stop sulking. Sharing my thoughts and response on the blog.
I'm so extremely grateful for my tribe. Though I do receive negative comments, the good outweighs the bad by a million miles. Love to all of you! 😘

Well if you're going to photobomb my picture, you have to wear something cute.
Being a work from home mom has its benefits and definetly set backs. One benefit is getting to capture some seriously adorable photobombing in my videos and pictures by Tommy. Thank you @luciephoto for snapping this unexpected gem.
Lucie came down to the cape to join Tommy and me at the beach and snapped a few pictures for me before sun and sand. This pic is for an upcoming leggings campaign. I'll share details in a few weeks on the outfit if you're curious.

Keeping him safe in the ☀️ Beach day must haves! UV protection clothes 🛡🛡🛡 @cabanalife 🙏🏼

"Ambie where is baby brother?" Ambie points to belly.... oh my heart. 💗💙 I wonder if all 4 of us will fit in the bath 🤔 Friday night and no where else I'd rather be. .
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Auf mein Wunsch wurden wir entlassen. Ich weiß das es Jasin zuhause besser geht als im Krankenhaus. Müssen nur drauf achten das er gaaaanz viel trinkt ,was bis jetzt auch super funktioniert. Und das alles direkt nach dem Urlaub 😭 ich bin echt am Ende ,körperlich & nervlich #finito
An alle die an uns gedacht haben ,ihr seit der Wahnsinn 😍 danke danke ❤️ #instadaily#krankenhausistdoof#instamama#toddler#toddlerlife#mama#kleinkind#mamablogger#instamutti#instamamagang#toddlermom#proudmom#mumlife#lebenalsmama#instakids#mamaundsohn#kidslife#instagood#mamá#mummy#instamama

Baby wearing is a blessing in so many ways. The toddler woke up from his nap all cranky and there was uncontrollable crying for a while, the reason obviously no one could understand. When no body could pacify him, baby wearing did. Proof- look at that happy face ❤️. Love this @anmol_baby_carriers SSC. Its super soft , light yet sturdy. I most often end up with a back ache after baby wearing but not once have I felt the pain wearing anmol. The straps and not bulky and feels great on the shoulder. Thank you anmol for this . I don't hesitate to wear him for long hours anymore. Would highly recommend this!
We love the colors on this one and he loves to nap in this ❤️#win #babywearingmom #toddlermom #happybabyhappymom #anmolbabycarriers


After a crappy morning on my part as well as the kiddos i feel like a food mom again. Spud helped mama cut and was berries for lunch as well as pick out who got what cheese and "Hot Dogs". #parentingwin #momblog #toddlermom #instagramfood #momof2 #sahm #parentblog #familyblog #familytime❤️ #lunchtime #mommyblogger #life #healthyforonce

Summer might be coming to an end, but all these awesome memories will be treasured forever!

This week has been a week of self care.
My husband is out of town, so I'm momming it on my own. As a result I had to take time off work because my day home can't cover my evening shifts.
So instead of just sitting at home and focusing on parenting this guy, I booked myself with appointments to keep care of myself and made sure I got to bed at a reasonable time every night.
I put him in care twice this week, even though I didn't have to go to work. Instead, I went to physio and counseling to take care of my physical and mental health.
It is so important that we as mom's take the time we can to care for ourselves so that we can be the best mom's possible. And no, that doesn't mean being the "perfect" mom, that means showing up and doing your best and recognizing that your own needs matter as much as your children's needs.

After school lunch date with my main man. Love this boy so much. 💙 #toddlerlife #toddlermom #boymom #momlife

Lucia and Opa building a closet, because daddy's schedule is nuts, mommy is caring for two little girls and the house being covered with cardboard and boxes has been driving me crazy! 🙈
I feel so blessed to have our family so close by! Currently we live 15 minutes from both sets of parents and our siblings live in the area! #blessed #thankyouikea
Who else lives near their family? 🙋

Have you tried champagne grapes for the kiddos? 🍾🥂 They're only around for a couple of weeks each year, but I love them for snacking. Keeps 'em busy, taste delicious, and no worries about choking because they are so tiny. 🍇 Also wish I'd caught her sooner....it looked like 4x speed! She was going to town! What are your favorite summer snacks?

Älskade lilla 💗 Lova 💗
Kärleken går inte att beskriva med ord 💗🙏🏼💗

Snacky lunch while we watch a movie today, because that's the kind of mood I'm in as a mother. 🙃 Cheddar cheese, teddy grahams, a clementine, chicken in a biscuit crackers, cucumbers, a pickle, and a Hershey's kiss. #toddlermom #whatifeedmytoddler #whatmytoddlereats #whatmykideats #toddlerfood #toddlerlunch

#dragontime sounds freaky right? Well I've been rubbing it on my belly close to where your ovaries would be to aid in ovulation {{sorry dudes, this is a girls girl kinda account}} that plus eating healthier, exercise, and a new medical regimen and I have a promising cycle. Oh and can't forget my support system full of praying peeps. I don't want to jinx myself because the next few days are crucial, but ultrasounds are showing huge improvement. Here's to {{hopefully🙏🏻}}not overdoing it 🥂!
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I spy with my little eye something small and squishy... 👦🏼 (I'm sad that I had to upgrade Finn from the baby emoji 👶🏼 . Seeing as he'll be two next month 😭) But look at that bountiful haul from my organic garden 😍nom nom! We've already made zoodles with 3 of the zucchini for two different meals! Stay tuned for a look at my chicken zoodle soup! Nom nom soooo good! I've already had two big bowls! And we do tomato/basil chicken and zucchini noodle pasta 😍. I've been toying with writing my own cook book and including my story with it. My food journey and how it's become what it is. I don't eat - gluten, dairy, legumes, beef, soy , eggs or corn. And in the last year I've added back in nuts, tomatoes, and have tried fish here and there. And tried legumes but its was not the best.. basically, my story is complex 😂. But the food is good and I love to eat (and actually be full!)

Thank goodness for exhausted, busy mamas 🙋🏼 that life is sensory! Taking a "Listening Walk" with your baby, toddler or preschooler is a suuuuper simple sensory learning activity. Eloise - 20 months - is working on the one year old auditory skills 👂🏼 of sound localization, recognizing familiar sounds 🐶🐤🚒✈️ and imitating sounds. All I have to do is encourage her to listen and model those skills for her as we stroll our 'hood 👍🏻. I share tons more ways to keep your one year old busy, happy and learning without being a Supermom in my upcoming course, Meeting Milestones & Making It To Bedtime. 🌟Don't miss the CanDo Kiddo insider discount when the course is available in September - click the link in my profile to sign up! 🌟

I'm so excited! My @hogwartsrunningclub Team HufflePuff shirt came today! :D And just in time for my first team event (: #hufflepuff #hangryhuffles #hufflescuffle #hogwartsrunningclub #toddlermom #girlmom #mamabear

Playing with my girl ❤️✈️ brings back childhood memories. 😁

Endlich wieder mal genäht! 🙌🙌🙌
Es müssen noch schnell ein paar Urlaubssachen her, bevors das erste mal ans Meer geht! 😍🌊
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