Getting dusty in the garden. Frankie opens our back door and shuffles outdoors whenever he can. He then moves to a dusty patch of dead lawn next to the rosemary bush and just enjoys the dust and the rosemary and watches the bees. 😍🐝🌿 -
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β™‘ C E N Z O T I M E β™‘
Ryan is still at school. Some quality time with my lil boo β™‘
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Could this little diva be any more fabulous!? So much love for this look! The glam sunnies, the furry BFF, the essential little basket and of course her GORGEOUS Fini headwrap from @avaniandco_au πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ
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She said sÀl (seal) 😭😍

The Portable Micromesh Nebulizer has the following features: β€’ Handy and portable, perfect for travel β€’ Very low noise compared to traditional compressor nebulizers (great for kids who are scared of nebulisers) β€’ Can be used while sitting or lying down β€’ Perfect for babies, children, and adults β€’ Powered by 2 alkaline AAA batteries, which lasts 3-4 days with an average 15-minute 4x a day use β€’ Has a low battery indicator, and auto shut-off if not used properly, or if medicine is finished β€’ Low drug residue, and very easy to clean β€’ Made in Taiwan Each kit includes the following: β€’ Nebulizer unit β€’ 1 adult mask β€’ 1 pediatric mask β€’ 2 x AAA alkaline batteries β€’ 1 measuring cup β€’ Instruction manual β€’ Travel pouch

Perfect during travel!

Get one for your family now! Send us a message to ask for available colors. :)

When your two gorgeous besties take your son out for the dayπŸ’™ he had a ball thank you @gemma6891 @larissa.naidoo1987 😘
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In honor Sunset Cooperative Nursery School's first Open House of the year this Thursday I wanted to share what drew us to the Co-op life and why I love it!
1) Being in a coop comes with responsibility- as a mom who left work to stay home I knew having obligations outside of the home would be good for my sanity. Now, I'm on our fundraising team. I get to use my experience in event planning and fundraising to support my community - it's super affirming to use my skills to support a community I love. Also, I have a weekly parent help day - I spend one afternoon with my kid AND OTHER ADULTS and their kids. It's awesome.
2) Coops offer all kinds resources- as a new mom I was looking for support in better understand positive parenting: as part of the coop community I get to (and I'm required to) attend parent education nights. These education nights have been life changing. I feel like I understand my kid and myself so much more now that I've taken the time to learn more about her emotional world as a preschooler.
3) Shared responsibility creates community- like many moms my social life changed when I had kids and I was looking for more people in the same life stage as me who could journey with me and my family: being part of the coop has helped me grow my village of support. When my 10 m old son had cancer my coop community stepped up in a huge way; but cancer aside, my community is fun to be around. I love going to 3 yr old birthday parties, because I love the adults that will be there.
4) On a practical level - Coops are affordable. Yes, it costs less because you work more but I enjoy the work and as a SAHM I have time for the work, but I don't have the money for a private preschool.
5) Preschool gives me and my kid a break - I love my daughter and she loves me, but we are both a lot to handle full time. Being in a Coop she is getting to know loving and trustworthy adults and that is important to me. I also get 4 afternoons a week to spend with my twins - who usually nap during that time so I can get stuff done.
The Coops life isn't for everyone, but it's perfect for us. If your considering it I'd love to chat!
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...your AM workout gets gatecrashed for snuggles & pepper pig πŸ§˜πŸ»β€β™€οΈπŸ½πŸ‘ΆπŸ» #tryingtogetfit #mamalife #strongmama #livingmybestlife #toddlerlove #love #family #cuddles #us #youandmeforever #80percentnutrition

She is just everything to me ... Aaliyah means exalted, high, sublime and to ascend ... and her love and our journey truly has lifted my life and my being to a level of higher value ... even when our family grows she’ll always be special to me because she is my FIRST glimpse at pure , innocent and unconditional love πŸ’• (SWIPE) ☺️ #toddlerlove #twoyrsold #mysourpatchkid #minime #babygirl #aaliyahgrace

When it was your β€œfirance’s” birthday today 😯 He told me it was in 6 weeks lol #toddlerlove 😍 #besties #happybirthdayvesper

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