Montag 🤔😄
Es ist einfach mal so kalt geworden 😟🌫
Aber ich freue mich schon wenn hier bald auch endlich mal Schnee liegt.. mal sehen wie es der kleine Mann findet 😁 da wird er bestimmt auch erstmal skeptisch sein wie als er das erste mal aufn Spielplatz war 😄
Da hat er den Sand berührt und direkt die Hände hoch genommen als ob einer gesagt hätte " Hände hoch oder ich schieße " 🤣🤣 Ich wünsche euch noch einen schönen Abend!💕
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Raise your hand if you've ever experienced "Mom Sleep" before ✋ 💤

Isn’t it funny how these little humans begin to show their own unique personalities and preferences? .
Audric’s absolute favorite thing is cars and trucks. Everytime we’re at a store, we always stop by the toy section and he directly goes straight to where the trucks are and pulls out the biggest one off the shelf. We don’t mind. He usually is good and lets us leave without the trucks with hardly any fuss. .
The other day was a different story though. We were at @target looking for possible Christmas gifts when I placed this little garbage truck in the cart to keep him occupied and compliant to return the huge trucks back on the shelf. While we were at check out however, instead of the usual return of the toys, he held this one tightly and refused to let go or for me to even touch him. He didn’t cry. He whined a little and looked at us with those big eyes that reminded me of puss in boots from Shrek and held his truck tight, just begging to take it home. It was both funny and incredibly cute that husband and I bought it as an early gift. How on earth can you say “no”? It was on sale and he doesn’t have a lot of toys so why not. Plus I knew he would like it. He jumps up and rushes to the window every time the actual garbage truck comes to take the trash away. That night, he played with it as soon as we got home and even took it to bed. .
The next day, when the big garbage truck came, he and his little truck had a front row seat to the action and he kept comparing both trucks pleased they look almost exactly the same. We tried getting him kiddie versions and he was adamant he wanted the “real” thing. .
Audric doesn’t talk much. He’s still@mostly on babbles and baby talk but I love the way he communicates what he wants to us. His eyes are incredibly expressive and I find it funny how he is so passionate about his favorite cars and trucks. .
Do you have funny stories about your little ones favorite things? I’d love to hear about them! .
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Somehow destiny comes into play. These children end up with you and you end up with them. It’s something quite magical.

My littlest one is about to turn 2 😳 they grow up so fast 😭
Yesterday she got to go to a big girl event, sip tea, eat far too many cookies and watch ballerinas dance. She had a blast! Love seeing them enjoy more and more things as they get bigger 😍
What did you do this weekend? •

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The innocence of children is what makes them stand out as a shining example to the rest of Mankind. — KURT CHAMBERS ———————————

The girls behind the account!
I'm Sophie (26) and these two cuties are Rose (2) and Lily (1) x x

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Me & my favorite girl 💕 We just got back from a quick trip to Maryland and I’m exhausted. Also because of the weather change I’m currently sick 😷 and today is the first day of potty training. As I write this caption Mas is currently playing with her potty instead of sitting on it 🤦🏾‍♀️ Wish me luck. •

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Lots of thanksgiving crafts going on here this week! I hope all of y’all have a good week, filled with lots of love, laughs and Food!!

We deserve and owe it to one another, to be honest about messy motherhood.. this year has been the loneliest, and yet most fulfilling.
the tsunami of feelings and growth come crashing in... the repressed emotion, the things I denied to protect my physical dimension.. the authenticity I hid to serve others, the judgments I avoid.. inadequately feeling as I’ll never be able to rise from the ultimate void.. playing comparisons on the life they live with their father, full of physical abundance and freedom, to my tight knit schedule and small paychecks.
the feeling that trying to grow takes so much effort and I’m just ready for something to be easy...
I know the name of the game.
‘Be grateful. It could be worse.’ All that jazzz but sometimes that emotion doesn’t feel so accessible.
As we’ve entered the dark season & Mercury retrograde in sagittarius (My sun sign 😪).. my mind and body have come to a complete halt, with no motivation to work out or move my body. Only desires to lay & create .. rest and rejuvenate.
These little veggie nuggets keep me on my mf toes!! But remind me of that ultimate source of pure magic.. to love, love love love. Even when it hurts... 🌈♥️⚡️ Today’s goals: invoking and setting up an alter for a lovely Orisha that has synchronized in my daily rituals.. 💫🍊✨🍋💫👁👑
Library hangs & decorating for Christmas! 🎄☃️ #messymotherhood #motherhoodunplugged #singlemomma #align #2019weready #growthmindset #toddlerhood #youworthitboo #selfawareness #selflove #honestmotherhood #energyexchange

Mondays are rough. Rough like, wake up and listen to your son ask for brownies, say no, ignore an over the top tantrum, and then spill your coffee rough. Like the banana you finally allowed him to walk around with, smeared across the couch, rough. Rough like, he finally takes a nap but must be nursing so I am stuck in the same spot, rough, with a million things to do, rough. I wake up and go to sleep every single day grateful for this boy and grateful for this life, but, man... Mondays are rough. Here's to letting it be what it is, sitting here because he needs me and "mama first", and starting over after lunch 😊.

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✨Mental Health Monday✨
Just a few things to say today. A year ago my life was completely different. Today I can finally breathe. A week ago I bought a car after not being able to drive since about... May because I couldn’t afford insurance. I also haven’t had my own car since I was pregnant. My new job and the car have given me the independence I have been craving. I finally feel like I can provide for myself and Ronan. I feel very productive and content in this new season of life I’m in. It’s very interesting when you feel like nothing is going right and the next thing you know all those things are okay. Time is such a blessing. It changes you and heals you. Makes things easier to bare. Some things will stay with you forever. The sting will always be there. It’s how you handle the sting. It’s how you handle the bad days. It’s how you handle the good. Realizing it’s okay to have bad moments and bad days.
Let me clarify. I don’t feel content today because I have a paying job and a car. (Although it has helped) I feel content because I’m removing toxic people from my life. I’m learning more about myself each day. I let myself feel. I let myself be human.
I know it’s hard sometimes to feel all the feelings. I know. But when you have the energy to, feel all the feelings. Let yourself.
Thanks for listening.
Hugs and love to everyone. 💛

New video up now #parents its a must watch. Lets get this dialogue going to help are kids do better in life and school. Alots been happening in schools so I wanted to start it off with my crazy storys my son has told me go check it out link in bio👉👉👉👉👉👉👉👉😯👉😮👉😮👉😮👉😯👉😮 #parentstalk #mustwatch #realconversations

Double tap if you’re raising your coffee mug to full Monday’s and to leaning in to savor the sweet simple things! 🙋🏻‍♀️🥰☕️

This popped up in my memories from 2 years ago. That one time she and Santa were discussing her list. ❤️🎅🏻

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