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Look at that big smile on Lucca’s little face 👶🏼
This boy loves his local farm and was singing ‘Old MacDonald’ on the way there 🐔🐧🐴

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Simeon - Summer 2018
I just wish this amazing summer would never end!!
It’s been just mind blowing to see Simeon become a boy.
To see how he rapidly is learning to talk and creating his own words..!
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Epic photo by @kategaborphotography -
Linen dungarees from @tartine.et.chocolat , shirt by @mayoralmodainfantil

🍃Baby, it's Warm Outside🍃 .

This was one of my first attempts to take some #mamarazzi photos📸. My older one just turned Totally Toddler and ditched the last onesie 😣🙊🙊 so we decided to give him a little man makeover😍😍 I couldn't grasp the fact I didn't have any more buttons to undo when changing his nappy or putting his PJs on! This probably got to me more than the other milestones😐🙂 .

The little cherub, our second one, Naturally woke up from her nap right after the set was up😂😂🙈 You can see her Naughtiness Framed as she couldn't resist bombing the scene and making it that much memorable😆😆🙂 And now she just turned one overnight. I'm just a big human, standing over their sleepy faces wondering { all messed up due to the #nosleeping } where the heck have those years darted past🙈 and where have those cuddly moments vanished amongst all that crying and screaming? .

And now it's getting Warm Outside.🔥You've managed to outgrow these winter clothes. You're a little man now, ready for all these new adventures. And I want to be stuck in the mist of Winter. The echoes of your sweet baby sounds. 🌠

I love watching this little guy play and smile. Isn’t that every mom’s reward?

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