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✨BUBBLE FOAM✨ It's the cleanest messiest activity ever and how's that for a winning endorsement?😂 Bubble Foam is da bomb 💣 I hope this picture is doing it kind of justice⚖️ because this is so much more than just bubbles👍🏻 We got caught in that purgatory between lunch and nap time the other day, and after another award winning night of sleep (thanks Baby Matt), this is how I felt: 😱😕😴The day was dragging and time was actually ticking backwards⏳ Rather than give in, call it quits, and turn on Paw Patrol, I went for bubble foam🌟 Duh🌟 I first saw bubble foam on @funathomewithkids roughly 100 years ago- she's a genius 😘 It's so stinking easy to make. It's a 2 to 1 bubble bath to water ratio✨ So for all that's in our overused 31 quart bin, it was 1 cup bubble bath + 1/2 cup water (pro tip: use tear free for this age group - trust me...) 😭 Put it in a bowl (with food dye if you're feeling fancy) and grab the hand mixer🌪Blend on super high for a few minutes until you get "stiff peaks" aka magical bubble foam🗻oh and I definitely made this in two batches, I don't have a bowl that big 🙈 Since Sam (3.5) and Kate (26 months) can be a little 😬 about all things messy, I always like to have gimmick with play like this to get them going🙌🏻So, I hid their tiny plastic animals under all the bubble foam, added a small container of water and brushes for cleaning🌈Boom. Hidden Friends Bubble Foam 🐮🐷🐼 They had the best time playing with and in the bubble foam, finding the animals, and cleaning them off🚿Once they found them all, they hid them again on their own and I was like 🙌🏻Hallelujah, Bubble Foam FTW. Always. ALWAYS🙌🏻Yes, bubble foam got all over the place, but here's the thing: It's just bubble bath and water so my floors were arguably cleaner at the end of this than when we started😂 Also, if I wasn't taking tons of photos for the Interwebs, bubble foam is a great bath time activity🛀🏻 but not really the easiest for me to take pictures of📸 Anyways, if you need a little help making it through the day (like I do, always 😂), bubble foam is so fun to make and play with - the kids are gonna love it 😍

This morning Izzy and I made sensory bottles with the water bottles we drank last night. We lost power.. so no getting water from the refrigerator. Oh and it was so freaking hot in the house. I had Izzy stripped down to a diaper & shorts 😂 The power is back!🙌🏼 Look for a DIY later on the blog. ☺🎉
This cute board is from: @letterboardcompany .
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✨ BuTTon BoArD ✨
Reusing some cardboard packaging for this challenging but fun button board activity. .
This was her first time manipulating buttons in this way, so we focused on unbuttoning rather than buttoning, which is a little harder and she loved it😊! THEME: 🤔ProBLem SoLVinG🤔
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Painting with Frozen Paint! 😱❄️🎨 How fun does this look?! Pour paint directly into an ice cube tray, tap out any air bubbles, pop in a craft stick & place in the freezer until frozen! When you're finished (or when they start melting too much) just re freeze until next time! 🎨 Can't wait to show you the results!
Poster Paint + Craft Sticks: @educationalexperience #craftyliving #craftylivingkids #edexbrandambassador

Besides being able to rote count, it's important to help kids understand the numbers they are counting, that is to count rationally. In this activity, Xue (4yo) loaded and counted baggages (lego tiles) onto the baggage truck. A simple and fun way to practice rational counting!
P.S. You can find this printable in my Dropbox (link in profile 👆🏻). #airporthts #happytotshelf

✨Secret Notes✨ One of my favorite things to do is to write the kids secret love notes. They are always pleasantly surprised about what I write to them and it's just a reminder about how special they are. They could also add this activity during imaginary play time. They can pretend their superheroes and they are magically solving a clue or mystery by revealing the hidden message. 😂 To create secret love notes write your message on a white piece of paper with a white crayon. Then mix food coloring and water to make the watercolor paint. Don't tell your child about the message but ask her to paint over the full paper... 👧🏻 It's a sweet gesture and entertains them for a while. Do it this weekend. 👍🏻Have you tried this before?

Ooops ketauan ngambil butter...😋😋 #toddleractivity #babyeatsbutter #funybaby

Mbak Kinanti lagi berlibur di rumah uti, tiap hari mintanya jalan-jalan metik bunga sambil main ke TK #toddleractivity #ceritakinanti


Working on our @littlepassports Animal theme pack!

Gaya yang tak sengaja karena girang dikasih coklat yg idam2kan dr tadi sore 😂
Layer top sm celana kulot beli di @double_pu 😍😍 recommended baneettsss 💙💙love ngetss deh kaos macem lenkbong kinyis kinyis gini 😂cocok buat bocah yg gampang gerah😂 makacih ya Ranaaa 😘😘
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💖Ice cream shop role play!💖
I love encouraging Masons creative development through the use of pretend play! It's great for storytelling and imagination!
This set up includes:
💖Till with money, notepad and pen, phone and lanyard for the shop keeper
💖wooden donuts, ice cream tickets from @flyingtigeruk, salt and pepper shakers filled with coloured rice for pretend sprinkles, tubs, scoops and sweet stand from @flyingtigeruk and plastic ice creams
💖 Shopping basket and purse filled with real coins and fake cards for the shopper
⭐️Here's a teacher tip for you setting up a role play area that you'd ideally like to keep tidy and not scattered across the lounge...draw around the items on a piece of paper so your child knows where they do. I've done this for the ice creams and for the minute it takes to do it'll be worth every second trust me!!
💖Could you set something like this up for your little one? Don't forget I have all this stuff 1. Because I'm obsessed with play and collect it but 2. Because I run this page and like to show a range of ideas! 💖

#latepost - Anak kicil ini happy skali dengerin dongeng dr kakak @rabbitholeid sampe ikutan maju nunjuk2 buku, joget & nyanyi brg2 tmn2 @bcjune15 😊😊
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Sensory Goop Recipe⠀💚

4oz bottle of Elmer’s glue⠀
1/2 teaspoon borax⠀
4oz warm water⠀
Green food coloring⠀

1. Pour your glue into your bowl⠀
2. In a jar, mix 4oz warm water and 1/2 teaspoon borax⠀
3. Pour your water/borax mix into bowl of glue⠀
4. Mix for a couple minutes (it may look like your goop isn’t turning out, but be patient)⠀
5. Now start mixing with your hands, kneading for a couple more minutes (the more your knead the smoother it will become)⠀
6. Your goop is now ready for play!

Another easy bin for both of my LLs - pom poms, toilet paper tubes, spoons, and trucks. 🚛 #bigideaslittlelearners

💛For me this is my favourite time to set up a play activity for Mason after he's woken from his nap! I'm just setting something up now so check out my Instagram stories for more info and I will be posting a video shortly! 💛

There are moms who can write blogs on how to engage a toddler and there are few clueless moms like me who know nothing about parenting. So this water bottle shall keep him engaged for ten minutes or so now! He will also explain you the procedure to twist the cap if you can understand him 😂 #toddleractivity #keephimbusy #nivinandme #toddlerthings #lazyparenting #camerasmile 😂

Although I like a clean and tidy house I still let my toddler have fun! Today we tried these new glitter glue paints, she loved them. When doing crafts/drawing with toddlers just let them do it! Do not attempt to 'help''. If you want a perfect drawing make your own one...I do 😂Imagine how you would feel if someone kept taking over, painting on your paper or telling you to keep inside the lines. 🎨🎨🎨🎨 let them be independent

Ummu sodorkan worksheet ini. Karena fayruz suka nya matching, search and find jadi ummu cari printable yg bisa find words.. pake glue colour ditandai huruf nya. Semua diselesaikan?nggak baru huruf A smp selesai. Huruf a nya udah gak mw. Gapapa...
#25mfayruz #toddleractivity #printtable #alphabet

My Little Learner loves to help me make energy balls, and I love to see him eat such good things like chia seeds, flax, coconut, and honey! Do your little learners like to help in the kitchen? 🍯 #bigideaslittlelearners

Poster shalat

Ummu print 2 lembar poster shalat dari @mungilmu. 1 jadi poster 1 lagi ummu gunting jadi flashcard dan bs jadi puzzle juga. Pas banget beberapa hari ini fayruz mulai diperkenalkan shalat ke masjid jadi lagi turn in. Setiap denger adzan minta ke masjid. Tp baru diajak shalat magrib dan isya aja kalau Abu udah pulang sama Abu tp kalau belum pulang sama kong aja.
#25mfayruz #sahabatmungilmu #momenmungilmu #toddleractivity

Blooming flowers 🌸🌺🌼🌻 .
Hasil mewarnai bunga kmren d gunting2 buat main ini..😆 .
Ayuk khayla seneng bgt liat bunga hasil mewarnainya kmren bermekaran, warna warni cantiiikk katanyaa..😍😍 .
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