This is an actual photo of my face from a decidedly uncool moment I had with a chair this weekend.
Ok, no. It’s not really.
But it might as well be.
For any of this to make sense, you’re just going to have to go read today’s post, which you know you want to anyway. *
So, go. What’s stopping you? *

#whattowear 👜 All the stores, all the options to choose from, and figuring out what you'll actually end up wearing can be overwhelming. As a stylist, my goal is to make shopping fast and easy for you.

🙌🏼 In one hour I put clothing on hold at three to four different stores. When you arrive, everything is ready for you. •

💎Today I got to shop with one of my longtime clients, Melinda and helped her find clothing to wear on her trip to Europe. We got colorful, comfy tees, a beautiful casual skirt, sandals to walk in for miles, light weight cardigans, and an evening look.

📱If you ever need help shopping or figuring out to put together outfits just DM me and we can set up a date 💕 #lotsofshopping #newclothes #travelclothes #functionalfashion #clienttime

That awkward hand 👋🏼 Is it just me who can’t stop wearing a piece of clothing when get a new one? That leather jacket is taking over my feed 😎

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#springfamilyphotos ☀️ It's that time of year! The sun is out, flowers are blooming and there are tons of fun colors to shop for. 👟Check out my blog on tips to coordinate your Spring Family Photos. Link in bio ⬆️

🌷If you'd like an affordable mini session, my friend and fabulous photographer Missy Connell is offering $25, message me for a special discount code.

📷 Photo below by @missy.palacol #springphotos #seattlephotographer #springphotoideas #seattlephotos #coordinating

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