Day 13 #januarywhole30 this day is HARD! I haven't gone grocery shopping since the day before day 1 so options are limited and I'm so TEMPTED by all the things for kids in my pantry!! All the willpower is giving me a headache 🤕
For breakfast I had a 3 egg scramble topped with salsa and lox.
Lunch was left over seafood gumbo.
Snacks were a banana and lots of nuts today...because I needed crunchy things that weren't crackers 😳
Dinner was thrown together. Stewed tomatoes, mushrooms, spinach and olives with tilapia baked right on top! Then sprinkled with pine nuts and crushed red pepper. Delicious and quick 😉

#whole30 #day13 #todaymademewanttobreak #stickingtoit #eatrighttofeelright #fitfamilynyc

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