Choose joy everyday, for joy can bring a feeling of great happiness and happiness is desired by all!💙💙
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I hope you’re having a joyful Wednesday everyone!! #todayichosejoy #todayichosehappiness #ohhappyday

Einen schönen guten Morgen und einen guten Start in die kurze Woche wünsche ich euch! 🌸
Schon gehört wie das Wetter am Wochenende werden soll? ☀️ H A M M E R ☀️ hoffentlich bleibt es dabei!!! .
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#todayichosejoy. As Hannah Montana says “life’s what you make it”. Everyday is a magical moment. A blessing. Whatever your most joyous moments are...fill your bucket with more. #itsthelittlethings #fillyourbucket #blessed

This morning I had a choice to make.
I could either let the things of the world define me today and bring me down OR choose joy! I chose JOY🙌🏼

It was a rough morning for me, but thankfully I turned to the Lord and worshipped. During my worship, I was reminded that my joy is found in the Lord and him alone, but I first have to make that choice!

This has been a major struggle in my life the past few weeks but I am taking control and not allowing this to occur anymore. I have felt so overwhelmed with the pressures of this world that I have allowed stress and anxiety to take over. These two things combined are a pure example of the thief of joy! No more Satan👊🏼

I know many of you experience these times of struggle too because unfortunately we live in a world where the enemy is out to steal our joy, but it is up to us to choose joy and to not let him win! I would love to stand by you in prayer to help you find that joy again while I am on the journey to do so also!

Are you choosing joy today or letting the enemy in to steal it from you? It’s your choice! Which one will you make?
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Pequeños rincones en Bitàcola para inspirar a emprendedores

Julfest nr 1 ikväll men först ska jag fixa både tvätt och städ. Känner hela kroppen är fylld av fjärilar och just nu är lycka fylld till bredden. Tänk på att allt kan slås i spillror på en sekund men tar år att bygga upp.
Är lycklig och älskar att vara i detta lyckorus ❤

Beauty and Joy. This Universe is Amazing!!💜💫🙏 #lovemylife #todayichosejoy #thisuniverseisamazing #inspired #bethelight

These fun little wine glasses my Auntie picked up for me. They so fun! They say #peaceandlove and #todayichosejoy ❌⭕️❌⭕️🍷💫🤗

Do what makes your soul Happy! 😊
#todayichosejoy ❤️😇
#shotoneplus 👻
Pc_@omee02 👅

Good morning and happy Monday all! Today I woke up well rested and excited for the adventures the new week has to offer. Today I was fortunate not only to be given a new day to enjoy but also to wake up with a heart full of joy. I know that this may not be the usual sentiment on a Monday morning but we should make it an active effort to be filled with joy everyday as it’s such a beautiful emotion. If there’s something hindering you from experiencing joy you should try your best to change it.
ˈjȯi - the emotion evoked by well-being, success, or good fortune or by the prospect of possessing what one desires
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Lazy Sunday is just what the Dr ordered! #grownupcoloring #todayichosejoy #lazyday

не бойся носить маски. каждая из них вносит разнообразие, украшая тебя настоящего. но главное в этом деле, достигнув совершенства, не потеряться в своих образах 🅐

Found this treasure in my mailbox and man alive it couldn't have come on a better day. Been having a few heart to heart conversations this past week with My Jesus about JOY...my lack of it sometimes and my need for it. He often tells me to slow down and I often tell Him I can't because there's too much to do. I sweat the small stuff. Are you like me? Mentally I have lists (most unrealistic and probably more suited for someone else) and more than often I set myself up for failure from the get go. I have great intentions. And, do you know what that does??? Yep, sucks away my JOY!! So with that being said, I'm a work in progress. I'm going to listen more to My Jesus and talk less. (Well, you know what I mean...less of a back talker)
Thanks @redeemedjewelry!! You have made my day!!!

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