Memorial Day Weekend means Summer is here! I hope you all have plans for rest and relaxation this weekend and also some “thinking time” to plan how you want to design your life the next few months. So how do you do things differently in the Summer, or do you? Do you work shorter hours or take Friday’s off? Do you take a vacation or even a month-long sabbatical? Do you work from your beach house or lake house for a change of scenery? Do you give yourself permission to work by the pool a few hours a week to lower your blood pressure and increase your vitamin d? And if all these options sound amazing, but none are a reality for you, why not? It’s time to start creating your life on purpose. All those dreams in your head, won’t just magically happen one day. You have to make them happen. Cheers to the weekend and to creating a life and business that you honestly love, not just one that pays the bills. You’ve got this, friends. Just do it!

I hate drama. At least with other people. And I consider my life a drama-free zone. But a few years ago I realized my perception of myself wasn't exactly accurate. I had a lot more internal drama, meaning in my head, than I realized. And that negative conversation I was often spinning with my thoughts was holding me back.

It’s easy to get caught up in a flurry of mental drama around your everyday tasks. Today, I explore the concept of internal drama and how it’s stopping you from achieving what you want.

While it’s difficult to see the drama in ourselves, I’m here to help you identify it, break down why it happens, and give you a technique to change any negative thoughts you might be having about any situation!

So tune in this week to The Design You Podcast episode #9 and answer an 11-question quiz I’ve created to help you establish if you’re living in drama! Then start practicing my tools to manage your mind and watch your business and life grow in abundance! (Link to podcast in my bio)

I get asked very often which Interior Designers inspire me. Tobi Fairley is my all time favorite. Her work is amazing, right up my alley, she appears genuine, she is southern, and she is who I want to be when I grow up. lol

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As Rosemary is to the Spirit, so Lavender is to the Soul 💜// Design by @tobifairley // 📸 by @nancy_nolan_photography @ruemagazine

It’s time! Summer time, that is. Today was the last official day of school, pool is open and hydrangeas are blooming. Patio is power-washed, cushions are out, umbrellas are up and this weekend will be spent right here, poolside, with the people I love! Hello, Summer! We’ve missed you. 💗

Being able to come up with “out of the box” ideas is one of those things that we all want to be good at. No one wants to execute the same old boring plan everyone else has done. I’m going to let you in on a little observation though: this is what most of us do. And it’s not going to help in your quest for your zone of genius!

Join me this week on the Design You podcast as I explore seven ways to think differently to drastically increase your financial results. These ideas are going to tackle some real mind management issues, and you might even have to go back to previous episodes to do the work, but conquering this concept is going to change your life forever! Link to podcast in my bio.

Raise your hand if you'd rather be here. 🙋🏼‍♀️ Another dreamy design by @tobifairley! 📷: @nancy_nolan_photography

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Happy Monday, friends. Mondays have become one of my favorite days of the week now that I design my life and my schedule in a very intentional way. In fact I look forward to them. And speaking of intentional, I want to start off this glorious Monday sharing a truth bomb about being intentional from Greg McKeown, author of the book Essentialism. “When we don’t have a clear sense of our goals and aspirations and our values we make up our own social games. We waste time and energies on trying to look good in comparison to other people and we overvalue non-essentials like a nicer car or house or even intangibles like the number of followers we have on Twitter or the way we look in our Facebook photos. As a result we neglect activities that are truly essential like spending time with our loved ones or nurturing our spirit or taking care of our health. “ Wow! I don’t even think I can add anything to this except asking the question, Do you have a clear sense of your goals, aspirations and values and have you mapped out a strategy to achieve them? If not, today’s a perfect day to make that happen to create a life you truly love. Welcome Monday! I’m so glad you’re here. 💚

Are you living the life you’ve always dreamt of? Are you as emotionally and financially free as you would like to be? I sure hope you are. And if not, my podcast episode today will help you understand why that is and get you to a place where you can start living your dream life. Life is short, friends. It’s time to live the life you really want! Link to my podcast is in my bio. Enjoy!

She’s known by one name: Tobi...learn more about my latest interior design crush on @styleblueprint (styleblueprint.com) ...the multi-talented @tobifairley. #interiordesigncrush #tobifairley

Tobi Fairley had me at #blackandwhite and #wallpaper and #blackdoor and #artwork and #tulips !!!
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Design: @tobifairley

@tobifairley is a fan of bold patterns and bright colors, and we're big fans of HERS! Can you blame us— look at this kitchen! 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 Click the link in our bio to meet our newest interior designer crush! 📷: @nancy_nolan_photography

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Color and patterns are part of the design aesthetic of interior designer Tobi Fairley, which is why she is our newest interior design crush. #interiordesign

Do you think about what you want? I mean what you really want? Do you plan the precise choices and steps that will get you to the life you dream of 5.10 or 15 years from now? Most of us don’t. For many of us its been 20-30 years since we really mapped out a specific plan for our future. We likely haven’t done it since we settled on a college major or a career path. As an interior designer my job is to help clients think about exactly what they want their homes to feel like. We plan and create so the light floods into the breakfast room in just the right way each morning. Or the bedroom feels like a respite after a hard day. As a coach, I love helping people decide what they want their life to feel like. Because most of us don’t really want things or even experiences, we want the feelings we think these things and experiences will give us. We want to feel happy or inspired or connected or at peace. And whatever you want to feel, won’t just happen by taking whatever life throws you. Just like in a room, it takes careful planning, doing and editing to design the life we want. It takes dedicated time to map it out, to make a strategy and to follow through on carefully creating the life you envision. Are you being that careful? Are you making the time? Are you taking the strategic action so in 1, 5,10 or 15 years from now, you have no regrets about the life you created? It’s up to you.

In design, many times the most beautiful spaces are successful because of restraint. It’s what you don’t add in, more than what you do, that makes it work. Like in this kitchen, where the whole space is wrapped in just one color...one. Yet most of us don't realize this philosophy is true for our lives and businesses too. How often we say yes to things that don't really matter to us, determines whether our businesses and lives really work. When we feel exhausted, overcommitted, and maybe even burned out every week, it’s a sign that we aren’t using any restraint with our schedules and commitments. The solution to this is learning to say No almost all the time. I've been learning this practice for a few years, and my life and business have changed drastically for the better. In this blog post (link below), I’ll help you discover why learning to say No with a smile will transform everything. And just like a successfully designed room, you will see why in your life, less is truly far more than you can imagine. (Photography by @nancy_nolan_photography) https://tobifairley.com/life/why-saying-no-is-life-changing-and-5-ways-to-do-it/

The morning light is so pretty coming in my entryway, even on a cloudy day. Mornings...what do you think about them? I am a morning person--when I want to be. And I want to be 99.9% of the time. Did you know that you can train yourself to be a morning person? And that morning people get so much more done than everyone else? Today I was up at 5:30 (my favorite time to get up), had 90 minutes to journal, think and plan before my family woke up and because of it my life, my work and my family’s life is so much better. How do I make myself get up? Well I plan reasons why I won’t say no to myself. I plan something that I really want to work on, plan or read about. And I get out of bed, make a yummy cup of coffee, turn on lights in the house, light candles, turn on music--soft of course since my family is still sleeping--and I completely indulge in this time to ease into my day. And all day long I feel calm, prepared and happy. Which is the opposite of how I feel when I sleep in, hit the snooze 2-3 times, drag myself out of bed, rush around and hurry my family, already feeling late before the work/school day has officially started. Is it hard to become a morning person? Only for a short while and only if you believe it’s hard. It’s a choice i gladly make for the payoff. Even after forming a habit is it hard on some days to get up? Sure, but I make certain that I have rewards waiting for me so it’s worth that 2-3 painful minutes of getting out of bed and then it’s pure bliss and quiet time. Are you willing to try it? What if it was THE thing that moved you to the levels of success and financial freedom you’ve always wished for. It’s possible. Happy Friday Morning friends! I’ve already had 3 amazing hours of progress. It’s going to be a great day. 💕

It’s getting awfully close to the half way point of 2018. Will you have accomplished half of your goals for the year by the time we hit mid-year? Or do you need to get serious? Today, I have something that can help you be more successful with your goals and, if you start using it right now, will make a big difference in you achieving everything you’ve set out to finish in 2018. What I’m talking about is the power of having just one goal at a time. It’s on today’s new podcast episode and it’s the approach I’m using to kill it this year more than any year before. To listen, go to the podcast link in my bio. It’s time to reach our dreams. Let’s do this!

Tobi Fairley’s rug design, Keyed manufactured by New River Artisans, Inc in Pandora’s Manor in High Point NC. #tobifairley, #newriverartisans,

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