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@the_colourful_hiker enjoying her Meltshake prize🥤🍫🍦

Brought back homework for this weekend #2ndspeech #toastmasters #ssi #noideawhattotalkabout

FCT Meeting # 880

TM Nadia Belly evaluating TM Shoaib Sultan From WMC Toastmasters Club

#FCT_Bahrain #Toastmasters #toastmasterintrnatinal #Division_A #Area_4 #DISTRICT20 #leadership #public_speaking

Super inspired that a bank sees value in people development so much so that it has invested in multiple universities. Visited the Medan branch a few months ago and this is the Bandung branch with Allen.
#Repost @coachgangsar with @get_repost
Tks for your visit to Mandiri University, Bandung Campus.

#toastmastersclub #toastmaster #mandirian #mandirians #toastmasters

Tks for your visit to Mandiri University, Bandung Campus.

#toastmastersclub #toastmaster #mandirian #mandirians #toastmasters

Don't like to stand behind just because I'm tall) thanks, #toastmasters

Ini Rahasiaku "Duh gw ga pede lah mau ngomong di depan, loe aja deh... Kan loe orangnya ga tau malu..."
"Kok loe bisa sih deket ama dia, padahal orang orang males lagi ngomong ama dia, ini baru ketemu bisa langsung cair gitu!"
"Bro.. Besok kan ada sambutan dari Bupati MTB, jadi loe sambutan jg ya perwakilan dari kita..." Halo mas mbak om tante, pernah ada pengalaman serupa seperti diatas? Gabung yuk ke Toastmaster, di club ini kita belajar public speaking dan juga leadership skill loh. Dengan kita rutin datang, Insya Allah banyak ilmu yang didapat, teman teman disana juga bakal support dengan positive loh. Tambah lagi, karena english ga digunain sehari hari di pasar ikan disini, itung itung bisa sekalian latihan english conversation juga. Tapi ini bukan kursus ya... Ini Rahasiaku, apa rahasiamu?


We keep our tradition going! ✨This time, after our second regular meeting this year, we went to yet another new place that had just opened! 🎉 Coffee BOOM in Dostyk Plaza 🍪🍩🍨🥞☕️
Join us to explore new places with Almaty Toastmasters Club!😋
#almatytoastmasters #toastmasters #tmfamily #socialout #almatyatnight

#90 #OpenYourEyes

Yes. Today, I must admit that I was submitted by a #greenbelt (which is a step below a #bluebelt, but still above a #whitebelt) in #BJJ via a #trianglechoke . I was disappointed but it happened because I wasn’t careful.

I didn’t open my eyes to see what was happening.

If I was really paying attention to what was happening, I would have seen that he was getting into position for it.

This is why practice practice practice is so important.
It won’t happen again with a green belt. (At least that is what I am telling myself now.) #bepositive #traindaily #eatwell #livewell

Pic 1: Delicious #vegan dinner by my wife #chickenless nuggets, salad and rice.

Pic 2: Vegan burrito special

Pic 3: The rough draft of the poem I wrote for my #Toastmasters meeting this morning. I provided the toast. The theme of the meeting was double entendres. Can you find one in the poem?

Take steps to move to the right place
Open the door
Prepare yourself for the moment
Until you can no longer hold it anymore
Get ready to burst
Open up and release
The positivity

Retomando el discurso, siempre es un gusto #toastmasters

Planning all my own toastmasters inserts! I love love love toastmasters, can’t wait to see these ones come to life 🤗 #toastmasters #plannerlover #planneraddict #plannerinserts #planning #creative #creator

This crew tho 💜❤️💜❤️ Had a fantastic time visiting the #Broward Bilingual #Toastmasters Club to hear the always impressive Kevin Hacket’s talk on what to expect in the future of technology. #dalecarnegiecrew #kevinsaboss #professionaldevelopment #publicspeaking #technology #lifelonglearner

#throwbackthursday to Michelle‘s win for #BestTableTopics AND #BestEvaluator 🙌🏼 We all loved her story of that one time she saw Aaron Paul, and she gave great feedback as #GeneralEvaluator for our club. Congrats, @mimirosol 🤘🏼 You rock!

#sapspeaktolead #toastmasters had their new term club officers installation ceremony . Welcome club officers and all the best ! Hoping to see great stuff in this term !

My face this morning when I woke up to another BIGGEST WEEKLY CHECK EVER in my Beachbody Business and realized I can make a living out of giving! ***Warning Long Post Alert but worth the read.*** I really only signed up for the discount. I loved the products and the community. I had a great paying job and certainly didn't need to coach others.
My first customer came to me and saw how I was transforming my body with at-home workouts and she needed to know how she could be part of that.
My second customer was a friend who had tried and failed at P90X several times and I was able to get her on a less intense program that she completed and crushed.
My third customer was a running friend who needed something to do during cold Chicago winters.
And on and on it went helping people while I held down a full time job, and worked in the evenings helping people...usually just 1-2 hours a day.

After 25 months I felt I had enough momentum to quit my job and gosh...what I could do with EIGHT hours a day!!! But it took me awhile to realize it didn't really work that way. I lost focus. It became more of a to-do than a want to do. You really can't sit and coach EIGHT HOURS a day.
So I went back to work...part time...on my terms...and am loving the work I do with the pet people.

Now I work to help people @3 hours a day and my Beachbody Business is growing faster, stronger, and more lucrative by the week, especially after going back to work.
I built this as a PT coach. And I continue to do this as a PT coach. And I wake up every day LOVING my job.

If you have even 5 hours a week...you could do this too. I can help you. And if you have 1-2 hours a day, I can help you help more people faster. Your hours. Your pace. Surrounded by awesome people, but mostly from home in our sweats.
Next LIVE Opportunity Happy Hour is 1/29 but if you want to chat before, I'd love to talk to you about making a living out of giving. 📲 or 👇 .
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